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Claim Air Canada EU261 Compensation for Disrupted Flights

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Last Updated: February 19, 2024

For example, you may have to deal with a Air Canada flight delay, leaving you waiting a long time before take-off, or a Air Canada flight cancellation. If this happens on a Air Canada flight in Europe, EU261 might be able to help you. Read on to learn more about this EU directive and EU261 compensation.

What Is Air Canada EU261 Compensation?

EU261 is a part of EU regulation that protect passenger rights in Europe. It's also referred to by a few other names, like EU 261 2004 and EC261. So, if you see any of those names, don't be confused, as they all refer to the same thing.

In simple terms, this rule is designed to help passengers in case their flights around Europe have any kind of problems, like a delay, overbooking, or cancellation. Passengers who encounter these kinds of issues can claim flight delay compensation or cancelled flight compensation (valued up to $620 per passenger), and it’s all thanks to EU 261.

 Passengers waiting at the airport after a canceled Air Canada flight

Types of Compensations Covered by EC 261

There are lots of things that can go wrong with a flight, but EC 261 is ready to protect you in a wide range of cases. If you find yourself facing any of the four problems listed below, you should be able to make an official EU261 claim for Air Canada compensation.

  • Flight delay - Passengers can request compensation on EU flights that get delayed by 3 hours or even longer.
  • Canceled flight - Passengers should also be able to request compensation (as well as a flight refund) if their flight gets called-off.
  • Overbooking - EU261 also applies for overbooking. This occurs if the company sells an excess amount of tickets and has to deny boarding to one or more passengers.
  • Missed connection flight - Missed a connection because of a delay earlier in your flight plan? If so, EU261 should be able to protect you.


What Should You Do in Case of Air Canada Flight Delays or Cancelations

  • To start off, you’ll probably want to know what’s happening with your flight. Find a Air Canada desk and chat with the staff to see what’s happening.
  • Next, it’s a good idea to put together some evidence to prove what happened with your flight, like photos, tickets, and so on.
  • After that, you might like to get some food and water while you wait. This is allowed under your passenger rights, according to EU 261.
  • Next, you might like to know how much Air Canada delayed or cancelled flight compensation you could get. Use our Compensation Calculator to find out!

A delayed Air Canada flight in the air

Air Canada EU261 Compensation - How Much Can You Claim?

So, how much EU261 compensation can you actually claim for? Well, that’ll depend on the length of your original flight. Here’s how it all works out, with approximate prices in dollars.

  • A flight less than 1,500km - Approximately $260 per traveler
  • A flight between 1,500 and 3,500km - Approximately $420 per traveler
  • A flight longer than 3,500km - Approximately $630 per traveler

It’s all based around the length of the flight. So, if you had a really long flight to the other end of the world that got delayed or canceled, you could get more money thanks to EU261.

But, before you celebrate or make your claim for an EU261 refund, you’ve got to make sure that you are fully eligible and meet all of the relevant requirements. 

Our flight delay checker can help with that, showing if your flight delay meets the criteria. You can also test out our flight delay compensation calculator to see if you’re a contender for compensation after a bad delay.

In cases of cancellations, our flight cancellation compensation calculator is the tool to use. You just have to enter some details about the flight, and the calculator will tell you if you can make a successful claim or not.


Air Canada EU261 Claim Form - How to Fill Out

To receive any kind of EU 261 compensation in the UK, the CA, or Europe, you’ll need to spend some time filling in a form. This form can be pretty complicated, and it requires quite a lot of detailed information about you and your flight.

If you’ve not filled in the EU261 form before, you might be a little lost at first, and many people make mistakes that can then impact their chances of getting the money they’re owed. If you prefer not to take that risk, choose Air Advisor.

Air Advisor is a dedicated EU261 Claim Help Center service. We have our own experts who have helped lots of travelers get the compensation they deserve, and we can help you, too! Get in touch today with some info about your flight and our team will work for you to make a successful claim and get the Air Canada compensation you deserve.

 A canceled Air Canada flight at the airport

What to Do if Air Canada EU261 Form Not Working

Usually, you should be able to find an EU 261 form on the Air Canada website. But if it’s not working, just head over to Air Advisor. On our site, you can fill in the same form and start your claims process. Plus, our experts will be standing by, ready to help you.


FAQ / Common Questions: EU 261 Compensation

How to claim EU261 Air Canada?

You can start the claims process by entering your info into the claims form on the Air Canada website. Or, to make things even easier, use the Air Advisor site to find out exactly how much money you could get and start your claim with expert aid.


Has anyone received EU261 Air Canada compensation?

Yes, lots of people have received the compensation they’re owed from this airline after overbooking, cancellations, and so on.


How to claim EU261 compensation from Air Canada?

To claim some compensation from Air Canada, just fill in the form on the Air Canada website or on Air Advisor’s website.


Should Air Canada compensate under EU261 for strikes?

Many people wonder if EU261 applies for airport strikes. It does not. Strikes are categorized as “extraordinary circumstances” and don’t fit in with the usual EU 261 criteria.


Why can’t I fill EU261 on Air Canada website?

The site might be down or having technical issues, so you can simply head over to Air Advisor and fill in the form there instead.


Does Air Canada pay EU261?

Yes, even though Air Canada is a CA airline, it still has to pay out compensation for people who were affected by delays and other issues on flights out of European airlines.

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