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Emirates Delayed or Cancelled Flight compensation and refund

You bought one or more tickets from Emirates Airlines and found yourself in an unpleasant situation: the flight was delayed or canceled or denied boarding? Do you still not know if compensation is due in your case?

You could claim up to €600 from Emirates Airlines. AirAdvisor makes claiming compensation easy. If we claim your compensation, we charge a fee of 30% from the amount you receive from the airline. However, we get paid only if we successfully claim your compensation on your behalf.

Amount of compensation from Emirates

The length of your trip and the duration of Emirates Airlines delay determine the amount of compensation you can claim.



up to 1500 km



from 1500 km up to 3500 km



from 3500 km

How it works

Submit your claim

It only takes minutes to finish it! That way you’ll find out your preliminary eligibility – and the size of the compensation.

We fight for your rights

Our experts will be checking your eligibility in depth, contacting the airlines, working with the authorities and so on.

Receive your compensation

Once we receive the compensation, we will transfer the money to you, minus our fee. You don’t pay if we don’t win.

What happened with Emirates Airlines clients

Recent Comments

Anthony from United Kingdom (Emirates Airlines Flight cancellation)
September 20, 2020, 12:25 pm

Fight canceled, there was no warning, no notification. I had to phone newcastle Airport for status on the day of the flight

Armando from Portugal (Emirates Airlines Flight cancellation)
August 12, 2020, 8:39 pm

After rebooking the flight three times, Emirates never gave me a notification that the flight was canceled!! I had learned that my flight by calling the airline three days before. And this happen two times in a row! I had to book my flight with another airline in order to get to my destination. Also i lost money with other flight and train tickets due to these rebooking and cancellations. I wish a refund asap! Thanks in advance, Armando

Fuyumi from Japan (Emirates Airlines Flight cancellation)
August 11, 2020, 4:35 pm

Initial my returning to Japan flight was on 7th Aug departing from Athens with Emirates. I have received a flight schedule change on 28th July that the flight schedule will be changed from 7th Aug to 6th Aug and next flight to Tokyo was in 4 days. I had had already booked my flight from Santorini to Athen on 7th Aug as well as hotel booked from 5-7th Aug which was non-refundable. To change the flight from Santorini to Athens from 7th Aug to 6th Aug with Volotea airline, it cost me additional 42.9 euros as well as hotel which it was non-refundable but could just changed the date from 5-7th Aug to 4-6th Aug and therefore, my friend couldn't change the schedule and I had to fully cover the hotel fee on 4th Aug which cost me 237 euros per night. On the date of departure from Athens to Tokyo on 6th Aug 2.5 hrs prior to the flight schedule, I was denied by Emirates to on-board as I was not holding a Corona test negative result which was not required for me on the way from Tokyo to Athens on 23rd July flying out from Tokyo to Athen (arrived on 24th July). Also Emirates had emailed me with very light communication which didn't catch my attention for the requirement of corona negative test result due to regulation change in UAE wef Aug 1, as I didn't have a test result when I checked in on 6th Aug 2.5 hours prior to the flight schedule, they had denied me on-board. Test result would have taken at least 10 hrs and I had no way to catch a flight with them, also next flight to Tokyo was in 4 days which I couldn't wait due to my work schedule hence I cancelled the flight with Emirates and re-booked a new flight with Qatar which didn't require me a corona test result as well as next day of 7th July was the departure date which cost me extra 690 Euros. Emirates told me that I can get a refund back through Travel Agent in Tokyo where I booked my flight ticket through but I am contacting them to proceed with the refund on my return flight portion but NO response from them after my 4 or 5 emails hence no refund was received.

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