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Emirates Group Headquarters, Airport Road, PO Box 686, Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Emirates Complaints: Contact Number, Email, and Form

Emirates Complaints: Contact Number, Email, and Form

Amy Lancelotte
Written By Amy Lancelotte
Last Updated: May 24, 2024

Unfortunately, a flight that involves Emirates after travel complaints isn’t ideal. But things happen, and you may find yourself needing to make a complaint for any number of reasons. To focus your efforts, we’ll explore the top Emirates complaints that may trigger compensation and how to navigate the entire complaints process.

At AirAdvisor, it’s our mission to assist passengers by providing resources like this, as well as hands-on help when you need to start a claim or complaint.

What Can Passengers Complain About?

As an Emirates customer, you have the option to complain about anything, really. But not all complaints will get you compensation. When you want to seek reimbursement or payment to alleviate the inconvenience, these are the most common scenarios:

  • Flight delays - Emirates is required to pay flight delay compensation depending on the length of the delay, your origin, and the circumstances. As long as the delay is 3 hours or more and was the fault of the airline, it’s worth submitting an Emirates complaint form online.
  • Flight cancellations - When Emirates cancels a flight without enough notice, you could be entitled to rebooking or a refund plus compensation for expenses directly related to the disruption.
  • Denied boarding - What if Emirates overbooks your flight and won’t allow you to board? Make a complaint, and you may receive compensation.
  • Luggage issues - Whether your bags are lost or delayed, it’s a good idea to file an Emirates complaint to get compensation.
  • Lackluster service - Emirates provides a website form that requests your feedback. Using this to complain about poor service, from the booking process to in-flight services, might prompt the airline to offer vouchers or discounts, depending on the severity.

Have you experienced a flight disruption when leaving the EU or UK on an Emirates flight?Check your compensation eligibility easily now!

Recognize Your Passenger Rights

Even before you hop on an Emirates flight, knowing your rights is good. Depending on your itinerary, it’s possible that either Regulation UK 261/2004 or Regulation EU 261/2004 can apply. These regulations apply to flights that leave from an EU member state or the UK, even though Emirates is based in the UAE. 

In general, this legislation protects your rights in the case of denied boarding due to overbooking, flight delays over 3 hours, and flights cancelled without 14 days prior notice. For these types of Emirates complaints, passengers can expect to recover from between £220 (€250) and £520 (€600). These regulations even address delayed and lost baggage.

How to complain to Emirates

Emirates Complaints Checklist

The Emirates complaints procedure can be a little overwhelming when you go it alone, so here are some things to remember to include:

  • Flight information. This includes the flight number, both departure and destination airports, and the date of travel. Emirates will need this to find your reservation.
  • The incident details. Keep things clear and simple when recounting the subject of your Emirates complaint. Be specific about expenses incurred, the reason for the flight delay, and anything else pertinent to the situation.
  • Your contact info. Don’t forget to include your contact information - full name, email address (or mailing address), and phone number. You don’t want Emirates to have an excuse not to reach out to you to resolve the complaint.
  • Documents. You may need to submit supporting documents to validate your claim, so save photos of damaged luggage, receipts, luggage reference tags, and boarding passes.

How Do I Contact Emirates With a Complaint?

There are multiple ways to contact the airline, from filing an Emirates complaint form online to calling. 

Emirates Complaints Email

There is no complaints-specific email for Emirates, but their online contact forms essentially function as an email. You simply choose the reason for your complaint and then fill out the Emirates complaint form. There is a specific option for a complaint follow-up. 

Emirates Complaints Phone Number

When you need to voice your complaint by phone, you can contact Emirates in the UK at +44 344 800 2777. In the US, the number is 1-800-777-3999, and there are options on the website for other countries if needed. 

Emirates Complaints Live Chat

Other than submitting an online form, which is only good for Emirates after travel complaints, the best way to contact the airline is by using the live chat function. You’ll start with a bot that will ask you for details like your name and flight information, and then, a live agent will join to assist you further.

How to Complete an Emirates Complaints Form Online for Flight Disruptions

AirAdvisor is your best friend when you need to make an Emirates complaint about a delayed or cancelled flight. Just follow these simple steps and let us handle the rest!

  1. Head to our homepage and enter your flight information (departure and destination airport) then click on “Check Compensation.”
  2. Follow the simple prompts, and you’ll get information on your preliminary eligibility. 
  3. Additional information may be requested if your request meets the minimum threshold for compensation. 
  4. Leave everything in our capable hands. Our agents will review everything and submit your Emirates complaint on your behalf.

Assuming your claim is successful, which it usually is when you partner with us, we’ll charge a small percentage. If your claim is denied, we don’t collect anything. 

Start a new Emirates claim today for a flight interruption!

Emirates Response Window

Emirates does not guarantee a specific response time for complaints submitted online, by chat, or by phone. But if you have not received a response to a written complaint in more than 8 weeks, it’s definitely time to escalate the issue.

Emirates Complaints FAQs

How do I contact Emirates to complain?

The ideal way to communicate with Emirates is online using the contact forms on their website. They are divided into categories, and the live chat is available if you need help choosing the appropriate one. If you prefer to avoid filing the complaint yourself, AirAdvisor can help with complaints related to flight interruptions and luggage.

Does Emirates ever issue refunds?

When an Emirates flight that was leaving from either the EU or the UK gets cancelled, the airline is mandated to issue a full refund or find you a suitable replacement flight. 

Can you sue Emirates?

It’s possible to pursue legal action in some cases, but it’s best to consult a legal professional for advice before starting any legal proceedings.

Does Emirates have a live chat feature?

Yes. Before you chat with an actual agent, a bot will ask you for some details. Once you provide the details, you’ll be connected to a customer service representative to discuss your issue. Based on our attempt to contact them this way, Emirates was extremely responsive.

Flight Compensation Calculator
Flight Compensation Calculator

Flight Compensation Calculator:

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Free Instant Check

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No Win, No Fee


Hendrik Stephanus Van Der Westhuizen

we arrived in the Netherlands 3 days late on flight EK145

May 24, 2024


WE were due to leave on 18 April 2024 at 19h10 on flight EK764 at - were delayed for 12 hours with no offer of accommodation - arrived in Dubai at 17h00 19 April, had missed the connecting flight to Amsterdam, Only departed on 21 April 2024 at 4h15. Arrived in Amsterdam at 11h00 without any luggage. Luggage arrived repectively : 1 off 3 bags on 5 May 2024 in Amsterdam 2 off 3 on 9 May 2024 in Amsterdam 3 off 3 on 20 May 2024 in South Africa Words can't describe the disappointment with Emirates' crisis management, our fears, frustrations, trauma, suffering and deprivation, We were forced to make unplanned expenses buying clothes, amenities, and prescription medicine. Our holiday was overshadowed, obstructed and spoilt by the ordeal.
Preferred solution: Compensation, Refund, Reimbursement
Loss: 1000 EUR
Christine Beaton

Issues experienced in Dubai 16th April

May 21, 2024
Complaint Ref LON/X/AD/050524/8045000 I've tried many many times to get this response uploaded on the link in the email that I received, but failed every time with a message that made no sense!!!! Thank you for your response in relation to the problems that we faced on 16th April. Whilst we accept that the weather was unique and unprecedented, the lack of any meaningful response during this event was extremely disappointing. As I wrote previously, once we got in front of a member of your staff, things began to happen, albeit slowly, which was understandable. The hotel that was arranged for us in Dubai was very comfortable. Your offer of the airmiles is appreciated. With regards to the loss of my duty free (£120 worth of malt whisky), is there any possibility of compensation? The bag was clearly double-sealed and identified, thus I was surprised that the airport staff, who, I accept, aren't your members of staff, confiscated this item, even although this was the third time that we passed through this control point, the first 2 occasions being allowed through with no comments. I would have thought that, given the circumstances, some form of allowance could have been made. We await your response. John and Christine Beaton
Preferred solution: Compensation
Loss: 140 EUR

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