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The Best Way to Hold Airlines Accountable

Airline complaints can be a necessary evil. They’re a way to hold airlines accountable for unsatisfactory service and can be a great way for airlines to improve the passenger experience. Didn’t like the booking process? Let them know. Had a disagreeable in-flight experience? Airlines should know about that, too.

In addition to airline complaints about service, passengers should also complain about airline issues related to the flights themselves. Depending on the airline and route, flight disruptions can qualify for mandatory compensation, making airline complaints worthwhile.

In the USA in 2022, the airlines with the most complaints were American Airlines, with 6,491, and United Airlines, with just over 5,135 total complaints. Approximately 30% of these airline complaints were directly related to flight issues. For the same period, in the UK, the airlines with the most complaints were easyJet, which had 20,906 complaints, and TUI Airways, which had a total of 10,494. In the case of the UK, all the complaints were flight-related.

When it comes to airline complaints, UK airline passengers who encounter flight cancellations, flight delays, denied boarding, or missed connections may qualify for up to £520 in compensation. This is based on Regulation UK 261. Similarly, for EU carriers, the same types of disruptions can entitle passengers to a maximum of €600 (dictated by Regulation EU 261) just for filing official airline complaints.

Is your airline not based in the UK or EU? Don’t worry. Making airline complaints is still a good idea as long as your flight departs from an airport in either of these areas.

How do I file a complaint against an airline?

It’s simple: just select your carrier from the list below, check out all the pertinent details, and click on the link that applies to your situation. Then, after submitting your flight information, we’ll take care of the complete airline complaints process on your behalf.

How long do airlines have to respond to complaints?

The response time for airlines will vary based on factors like location and the type of complaint. Some airlines will respond in as little as 24 hours, some within 10 days, and others will really drag things out. For any airline complaints related to flight interruptions in the EU, airlines have 30 days to respond to complaints. This is specified in regulation EU 261/2004. Given this, 30 days is a good international rule of thumb before you look to escalate the complaint further.

Airline not responding to a complaint? Here’s what to do

For any flight disruption airline complaints that are stuck without a resolution, your best option is to partner with us at AirAdvisor, and we can use our years of hard-won expertise to bring the complaint to a resolution on your behalf. We have a better success rate than passengers who file airline complaints themselves, and we don’t collect a fee unless you win, so there’s no risk.

Not interested in filing airline complaints yourself? Stuck without a resolution? We can help you with the entire process. Click here to get started now!Check Your Flight

Additional Airline Complaint Resources

We have tons of information throughout our website to help you with specific issues that you may experience. We focus on airline complaints about flight disruptions and also provide details on baggage problems, where the Warsaw  Convention and Montreal Convention determine your passenger rights.

Knowing your rights is paramount to successfully resolving airline complaints (as is partnering with us). If you know what you’re entitled to, you can complain for that exact amount.

Some airlines will welcome feedback, whereas others make it somewhat difficult to complain about airline issues. Although each one is different, major airlines tend to have feedback forms on their websites for different categories. This can be anything from general feedback to luggage issues to flight interruptions. As a rule, online forms are the best airline complaint method, but if you prefer to send an airline complaint letter by post or an airline complaint email, we have handy templates you can use for flight delays and poor service.


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