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LOT Polish Airlines Complaints - Procedures, Typical Issues, Contact Info, and Your Rights

LOT Polish Airlines Complaints - Procedures, Typical Issues, Contact Info, and Your Rights

Amy Lancelotte
Written By Amy Lancelotte
Last Updated: May 23, 2024

No one sets off on a flight expecting there to be problems, but with all the moving parts and busy airspace these days, things are bound to happen. When you need to file a LOT Polish Airlines complaint for things like poor service or LOT flight interruptions, you need to know what to do. We’ll outline:

  • Typical LOT complaints.
  • Your rights as a LOT passenger.
  • Contact options.
  • Steps for successfully resolving your LOT complaint.
  • How we have helped thousands of passengers just like you.

What are the Typical LOT Polish Airlines Complaints?

Many of the most common LOT complaints relate to interrupted flights. This can be anything from flight delays to cancellations to denied boarding. In some cases, these interruptions will result in mandatory compensation from the airline, so it’s definitely worth filing a complaint.

For flight delays, LOT may be required to issue compensation when your flight is delayed by a minimum of 3 hours at your destination. Flight cancellations require a minimum notice period of at least 14 days to qualify. And if LOT bumps you from your flight, you could be entitled to compensation as well.

To give you an idea of the frequency of flight disruption complaints, here is a table showing LOT’s track record from our research into the top European airlines:


On-Time Percentage

Cancellation Percentage







With an average of approximately 85,000 flights annually, even a small percentage can mean a lot of affected passengers who need to make LOT complaints.

Aside from flight disruptions, another common complaint relates to the service passengers receive. Complaining about difficult booking procedures, poor in-flight experiences, or anything unsatisfactory is also worthwhile. This gives LOT the opportunity to improve and to say thank you, you may receive some type of voucher or travel credit.

Lastly, there are compensation requirements for mishandled luggage as well, so if LOT loses, damages, or delays your bags, it’s worth making a complaint for up to €1,300, depending on the route.

LOT complaints - knowing your rights

LOT Passenger Rights

For flights that are entirely within Europe, ones that take off from an EU airport, and ones that arrive at an EU airport, LOT is required to honour something called Regulation EU261. This is what will dictate the amount of compensation you’ll receive for your LOT Polish Airlines complaints about flight disruptions. On the other hand, mishandled bag regulations are specified in the Montreal Convention.

For flight interruptions, there are certain criteria that need to be met to qualify for a range of compensation from €250 to €600:

  • Flights must be delayed at your final destination by 3 hours or more.
  • A cancelled flight needs to be cancelled less than 14 days before the scheduled departure.
  • For denied boarding, you must be a ticketed passenger and not agree to the “bump.”

Have you encountered a recent LOT flight delay of at least 3 hours? Check your compensation eligibility today!Check Your Flight

Expected LOT Compensation - An Example

Here’s an example of the amount of compensation you should receive for delayed LOT flights, depending on both distance and delay time:

Delay Time @ Final Destination

Total Travel Distance

Flights under 1500km

Internal EU flights that are over 1500km

Non-internal EU flights between 1500km and 3500km

Non-internal EU flights over 3500km

Less than 3 hours


3 hours or more





Checklist for LOT Polish Airlines Complaints

When you know you’ll need to make LOT after travel complaints, here are a few things to remember:

  • Don’t take too long. To avoid losing precious details or documents, the sooner you make your LOT Polish Airlines complaint, the better.
  • Keep what matters. In order to validate your claim, the airline might require certain items, like reference numbers, boarding passes, photos, correspondence, or anything else pertinent to the situation.
  • Make it easy for LOT to get in touch. Make sure you provide a phone number you can answer during the day (if possible) and an email that gets checked often.
  • Stick to the facts. State the facts clearly in your LOT complaint and reference the compensation requirements of EU261 as needed.

Contact Options for LOT Polish Airlines Complaints

LOT Complaints Email Address

LOT does not have an official email address for complaints. An alternative option is to contact them using WhatsApp.

LOT Complaints Phone Number

In the UK, the London phone number is +442037888001. In the USA, it’s 1-212-789-0970. You can also reach the Poland-based contact centres at +48225777755 and +48224917755. Each of these options is open 24 hours.

LOT Complaints Form

Using the LOT complaints form online is the best way to contact the airline for official complaints. It’s found in the “Claim after departure” section of the forms. Note that there is a special separate form for passengers who travel to or from Spain.

LOT Live Chat

LOT uses Messenger to chat with customers. You can find the link on the website in the bottom right corner of most pages. If there is no one available, you can still leave your question and await a response.

LOT Polish Airlines complaints - a step-by-step guide

Steps to Easily Resolve LOT Polish Airlines Complaints

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your LOT flight info on the homepage.
  3. Proceed to “Check Compensation.”
  4. Add any additional information and click submit.
  5. Let the experienced AirAdvisor team submit everything and follow up on your behalf until the complaint is resolved.

Using AirAdvisor saves precious time, and for this convenience, we only charge a small fee (as a percentage) on successful complaints. If LOT doesn’t issue a payout to you, our fee is 0.

Want to take advantage of the 5 easy steps above? Click here to start your LOT complaint now.Check Your Flight

FAQs: LOT Polish Airlines Complaints

What’s the best way to submit LOT complaints?

For flight disruption claims, the best (and easiest) way to submit your LOT complaints is through AirAdvisor. We’ll handle everything with just a little bit of information from you. Alternatively, using the LOT complaints form online is the next best thing.

How do I contact LOT Polish Airlines with a complaint?

You can fill out the LOT online complaint form, and to communicate directly with an agent, you can call +442037888001 in the UK or 1-212-789-0970 in the US. WhatsApp and Messenger are also available on the website.

Are LOT Polish Airlines complaints worth it?

Yes, especially those that involve flight disruptions like cancellations, delays, and denied boarding. By simply submitting a LOT Polish Airlines complaint, passengers can receive up to €600 in compensation.

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Flight Compensation Calculator

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