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Last Updated: June 07, 2024

Flight cancellations are a common problem that affects the plans of millions of air travellers every year. Cancelled flights mean significant material losses during business trips and can easily ruin perfectly planned holidays.

Check if you are entitled to flight cancelled compensation or refund in just 2 minutes.

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Woman checked and found out that her flight got cancelled

So what are the flights cancelled today? Has my flight been cancelled? How to check if flight is cancelled?

Here come useful flight tracking apps such as FlightAware and FlightStats. Their main goal is to offer detailed live flight data and information on airlines cancelling flights.

These apps - easily downloadable to your smartphone, tablet or even smartwatch - not only track your flight and show weather conditions. They also act as flight cancellation checkers helping to find out if flight is cancelled.


Flight tracking tools are an efficient way to check will my flight be cancelled or not. However, you can also contact your air carrier directly to understand the situation.

What if I’m experiencing flight delay? How do I check if my flight is delayed? In this case, you can also use FlightAware or FlightStats websites. They are good tools as flight delay checkers as well. 

Find out if you are owed compensation for a cancelled flight.

Flight cancellations: when are you eligible for compensation?

Now I can check if my flight is cancelled. Is my flight cancelled? If your answer is yes, try to keep calm.


The responsibility of any air carrier is to make sure that you arrive at your final destination on time. If your flight cancelled, an airline has to offer you an alternative flight or a full refund of the ticket.

You can check the status of your flight with any flight cancellation checker mentioned previously, or on the website of your airline. If your cancelled flight qualifies, you could be eligible for compensation of up to €600 (£510)

When am I eligible for compensation?

The European Commission introduced flight compensation regulation, Regulation EC261. It enforces the rights of air passengers in case of delay or cancellations.

The Regulation includes the list of criteria required to be eligible for compensation.

European Commission enforces rights of air passengers in case of flight cancellations

It does not matter what your citizenship is or where you live. According to the European Commission, you are entitled to compensation if these three conditions are satisfied:

  • you are sent a notice about flight cancellation less than 14 days before the departure date
  • your flight is operated by an EU airline, no matter if the flight arrives or departs from an EU airport (ex., British Airways flight from New York JFK airport to London LHR airport), or your flight departures from an EU airport and operated by any airline (ex., American Airlines flight from London LHR airport to New York JFK airport)
  • you experience flight cancellations due to the fault of the air carrier (operational and flight scheduling problems, technical faults, etc.)

Flight cancellations due to extraordinary circumstances

Sometimes air passengers experience flight cancellations due to extraordinary circumstances. It is when an air carrier does not have to pay the compensation.

Extraordinary circumstances are:

  • bad weather
  • air traffic control
  • terrorism
  • airport employee strikes
  • civil unrest
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How to check if UK flights cancelled and get a refund?

How about UK flights? How can I find out if my flight was cancelled? You can check flight cancellations for UK flights with the flight tracking tools as well.

Just enter your flight number, airport and departure date in the FlightAware or FlightStats app. The system allows you to check if my flight is cancelled.

When will I know if my flight is cancelled? Usually, air carriers notify their passengers about flight cancellations.


So, you don’t have to wonder how do I know if my flight is cancelled. They would usually send you an email or text message in case of cancellation.

During these ambiguous coronavirus times, many passengers worry about unexpected flight cancellations. Air carriers cannot make predictions either.

How to check if my flight is cancelled then? Closer to the departure date, get in touch with your airline and ask them was my flight cancelled or not.

Contacting an airline directly is the easiest way to answer your question of how do I find out why my flight was cancelled. 

The amount of compensation for flight cancellations

The amount of compensation for cancelled flights depends majorly on the travel distance of the flight - the longer the distance, the greater the compensation.

You are eligible for compensation if you are sent a notice about cancellation less than 14 days before the departure.

And yes, the UK flights cancelled qualify for the same compensations as any other EU cancelled flight.

Here are compensation amounts offered to air passengers in case of flight cancellations:

  1. Up to €250 (£210): for all short-haul flights (under 1,500km), ex. London - Berlin
  2. Up to €400 (£340): for all medium-haul flights (1,500km - 3,500km), ex. London - Kyiv
  3. Up to €400 (£340): for all internal EU long-haul flights (more than 3,500km), ex. Reykjavik (EU airport) - Valencia (EU airport)
  4. Up to €600 (£510): for all non-internal EU long-haul flights (more than 3,500km), ex. London (EU airport) - New York (non-EU airport)

you can check flights cancelled today on timetable

The amount of compensation differs in cases of an alternative flight offered by an air carrier. Then, you should consider:

  • travel distance of the flight
  • timing of the cancellation notice given to you by an airline
  • the arrival and departure times of the new alternative flight offered (compared to the original flight)
  • if your flight is made only within the EU or not

You can check the exact amount of compensation depending on your situation with our free flight cancellation compensation calculator.

Flight cancellation refund vs compensation

An important thing to remember is that you can get a flight cancellation refund anytime your flight is cancelled. Flight cancellation refund is just the ticket price that an air carrier will pay back to you.

On the other hand, you can claim your cancellation compensation only if your flight qualifies for it (meeting the three conditions mentioned above). On our website, you can check if you are eligible for compensation

Connecting flights and compensation

You have connecting flights within a single ticket (same reservation). They would be viewed as a whole by the European Commission.

It means that the whole flight with all connections is eligible for compensation, the same as a direct flight.

It does not matter if your connecting flight departed from an EU or non-EU airport. However, your initial flight has to satisfy the three conditions mentioned at the beginning of the article.

man in airport is thinking how to check if my flight is cancelled and if he would be eligible for compensation

I decided to cancel my flight due to Covid-19: can I receive flight cancellation refund?

Nowadays, the common reason for flight cancellations is coronavirus. Sometimes air carriers decide to cancel flights due to low demand. In this case, air passengers shall have the right to compensation and a full flight cancellation refund from an air carrier.

Sometimes air passengers themselves would like to cancel their flights because of coronavirus. What to do in such a case?

Firstly, get in touch with your air carrier, travel agents or travel companies. Then, contact your travel insurance company. They will advise you on how to proceed with flight cancellation.

Each airline has its own rules and policies about flight cancellation refunds and deadlines. Thus, it is also a good idea to contact your airline directly. The right to flight cancellation refund and its amount depend majorly on the type of ticket you booked.

Historically, even with basic fare (nonrefundable tickets), air passengers could claim a refund of airport taxes and fees. However, with the beginning of coronavirus, the situation has changed.


Most air carriers offer Flexi fares that are far more flexible for changes and cancellations. 

Why AirAdvisor?

Our company has long-time expertise, advanced technology and broad partnerships in the aviation industry. It includes a team of professional lawyers.

Currently, without lawyers intervention or in-court collection, the average passenger has a low chance to get compensation.

Due to the severe Covid-19 impact on airlines, it is far much more difficult to do even with a team of lawyers than what it used to be before the pandemic.

Our goal is to help you get your flight cancellation compensation in a timely and cost-effective manner. We do not take any upfront payments for our service. It is completely risk-free for you.


The only thing you should do is to check the amount of compensation you can get. Use our free flight cancellation compensation calculator to do so.

Then, simply relax and wait patiently. We will take care of all the processes. We will collect all the data, communicate with air carriers and legal authorities. We will do everything that is needed, updating you along the process. 

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