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Ryanair Complaints: Contact Number, Email, and Form

Ryanair Complaints: Contact Number, Email, and Form

Amy Lancelotte
Written By Amy Lancelotte
Last Updated: June 11, 2024

It’s never fun when your travel plans are so bad that you need (or want) to complain to the airline, but unfortunately, it happens fairly often. If you’ve had an unsatisfactory experience with Ryanair, there are a number of ways to file a complaint and even more things you can complain about.


We’ll take you through the various Ryanair complaint options available and reasons you should complain, especially as related to your passenger rights, and discuss how we can help make Ryanair complaints even easier.

Valid Ryanair Complaints

The term “complaint” is a broad one, and technically, you can complain to Ryanair whenever you feel wronged. But, this ultra-low-cost airline isn’t known for customer service (you only need to browse their Twitter account to confirm), so you should stick with complaints that are likely to have a resolution. Here are some examples of valid Ryanair complaints:

  • Compensation for flight delays: When a delay of 3 hours or more happens, calculated based on the arrival time at your destination, you should fill out a Ryanair complaint form to seek compensation.
  • Cancelled flight compensation: A Ryanair flight that’s cancelled without sufficient notice typically entitles passengers to a flight refund and potential compensation for expenses and inconvenience.
  • Denied boarding: When Ryanair oversells flights, and you’re bumped out of your pre-booked seat, filing a complaint for compensation is usually possible.
  • Delayed and lost bags: When Ryanair mishandles your bag, including damage, filing a complaint can get you compensation for replacement items.
  • Poor service: Whether it’s during the booking process, onboard, or at another point during your travels, if you’ve received poor service from Ryanair, it’s possible to complain. Although it’s rare with Ryanair, you may receive compensation in the form of vouchers or future discounts.
We work on a No-Win, No-Fee basis

AirAdvisor is happy to help with your claim, so you can avoid the stress of dealing with airlines and complicated laws.

Know Your Rights as a Passenger

With the Ryanair complaints we listed above, and in a few additional scenarios, the airline is legally required to compensate passengers when they make a complaint. Your compensation entitlement is dictated by Regulation EU 261 since Ryanair is based in Ireland. This regulation mandates a payout of between £220 (€250) and £520 (€600).

This regulation covers instances of delayed or cancelled flights, denied boarding, and missed connections, so if any of these things have happened to you, send in a Ryanair complaint right away.

Early claims have an 72% higher chance of payout

Act now before your claim expires

Tips for Ryanair Complaints

There are a few things to remember when figuring out how to complain to Ryanair. They are:

  • Submit your claim ASAP. It’s best to make Ryanair complaints when the details of the incident are fresh in your mind.
  • Documentation is key. Keep all your travel documents and any correspondence or other items you received from Ryanair. You’ll need it later.
  • Know your information. This includes everything from flight details, tickets, and both dates and times. Additionally, make sure you write down the names of anyone you speak to.
  • Be clear. Have a pre-rehearsed or pre-written statement about the incident. Be specific and make your demands easy to understand.
  • In the case of a delayed flight, provide the time of the delay and try to get the reason for the delay from Ryanair on the day it happens.
  • Contact details. Make sure Ryanair has your full name and preferred method of contact, whether it’s email, phone, or mail.

Ways to Complain to Ryanair

The chances are good that Ryanair doesn’t want to hear from you. The airline is consistently ranked low by customers, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Quite the opposite. If you’re wondering, “How do I contact Ryanair with a complaint?” these are the best ways:

Complaints Email Address

Ryanair does not have a published complaints email, but they do provide a Ryanair complaints form online that you can use. It’s divided into multiple options, including things like onboard experience, booking experience, damaged bags, and flight disruptions. Just choose the category that applies to you and work through the many text boxes.

Phone Number

While Ryanair doesn’t have a complaint-specific phone number, you can still contact them by phone. In the UK, the phone number is +44 113 868 4151. Other countries have different numbers and procedures. The phone line’s business hours are Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 22:00 CET and 09:00 to 19:00 on Saturday. On Sunday, it’s a little more limited at 10:00 to 19:00.

Live Chat

The chat function with Ryanair is a combination of a bot and human customer service representatives. As is common these days, you’ll start with the bot, and if it can’t resolve your issue, you’ll be transferred to a live agent. The live agent business hours are the same as with the Ryanair phone number.

How to Fill Out a Ryanair Complaints Form

How to Fill Out a Ryanair Complaints Form Online for Flight Interruptions

The easiest way to fill out a Ryanair complaints form is through AirAdvisor. We take the stress out of dealing with Ryanair directly, and our success rate is higher than if you go it alone. Here are the steps to take to fill out a claim form for delayed or cancelled Ryanair flights:

  1. Visit the AirAdvisor homepage.
  2. Enter your flight details (departure airport and final destination airport) right on the homepage, and click “Check Compensation.”
  3. Follow the prompts, and the system will advise you about preliminary eligibility.
  4. If your experience meets the minimum requirements, you’ll be asked to provide additional information.
  5. We handle the entire claims process from here, so you can relax and get back to more important things.

When your claim is successful, AirAdvisor charges a small percentage. But if you don’t receive Ryanair compensation, neither do we.

We do not sell your information

All your data remains confidential.

Ryanair Complaints Response Window

For complaints filed online, Ryanair quotes a response time of a maximum of 10 working days. This applies to complaints for delayed and cancelled flights, as well as other, more general complaints.

Ryanair Complaints FAQs

How do I contact Ryanair with a complaint?

The best way to submit Ryanair complaints for flight interruptions is via a passenger rights advocate like AirAdvisor. We handle everything for you and have a better success rate than passengers who file their own claims. The fastest way to contact them directly is to use the online Ryanair complaints form.

What’s the best way to contact Ryanair?

Contact the airline either using live chat or their online complaint forms. You’ll get a record of your communication and will generally have better response times.

Does Ryanair ever issue refunds?

When Ryanair flights are cancelled, the airline is required to either issue a refund of the ticket price or provide you with an alternate flight.

What is Ryanair’s complaint response time?

Typically, Ryanair will respond to complaints submitted online within no more than 10 working days.

How reliable is Ryanair?

According to the data gathered by AirAdvisor on European airline reliability, Ryanair has some of the best on-time percentages for flights. And in both 2022 and 2023, less than 1% of Ryanair flights were cancelled.

Flight Compensation Calculator
Flight Compensation Calculator

Flight Compensation Calculator:

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Free Instant Check

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No Win, No Fee


João Marques


Jul 21, 2024
The flight was delayed for no apparent reason, and the staff on the plane even made a point of making a lot of trouble with other people's bags. We were supposed to arrive at 5.15pm and arrived after 8.30pm.
Saoirse Byrne

Problems at airport

Jul 21, 2024
We arrived at our gate at 8:30pm just in time for boarding and were told by a member of staff our flight was delayed until 10.30pm. Was given no extra information and went back to the gate every 30 minutes checking if anything had changed. No update on the delay on the ryan air app or on the flight board. We went back up to our gate and no one was there. We had seen another flight for manchester so my partner went up and asked if that was our new gate. we were told that our flight that we had been told was delayed for 2hrs had taken off, with no update or information given to us. We went to customer service and the woman was extremely unhelpful and when we explained how a member of staff had given us misinformation and no updates were provided on the delay on the app i was greeted with a response of why did everyone else get on? she was completely careless and lacked sympathy to our case and told us to come back tomorrow, if that had been the case we would’ve lost €100 on the hotel we had booked for that night. Thankfully with a lot of pressure and persistence from my partner we were allowed on the flight 5 minutes before it was almost done boarding. The lack of communication and consideration for our situation when it was 100% the airlines mistake was extremely stressful. Another couple of people were in the same situation and had to pay €100 extra to get on the flight. We paid €14 for seating together and had to sit separate and had a taxi booked for collection from the airport and had a cancellation fee to pay. It was an extremely stressful situation and to make matters worse, our flight home today on the Sunday 21st got delayed another 2hours for no reason. Overall we’ve been delayed 4.5hrs with this airline in one weekend away. We arrived in manchester on our first night at 11.15pm and were supposed to be there by 9.30pm. Will absolutely never fly with ryanair again!
Ryan Otoole

Problems at airport

Jul 21, 2024
We arrived at our gate on time and were told that the flight from Dublin to Manchester was delayed until 10:30 due to a different flight. We waited and came back to check later and were told the same thing. However it was a different flight an hour before that had been delayed which was not specified to us as we were just told a flight to Manchester and been delayed. So when we went to the gate for that flight we were told our flight had left. I explained this to one of your worker at your customer service but she would not help us in the slightest.Luckily we rushed to back to the gate and someone was able to change us to a different flight to Manchester that was leaving at the same time. We were not the only people who had this problem as well . We had a taxi booked in Manchester for our scheduled arrival which I had to change as we were an hour late. To add to this our flight back home to Dublin has been delayed a further 2 hours. I find this matter ridiculous and showing the unreliability of your airline.
Camilla Lambert

Don't use

Jul 21, 2024
Delayed flight yet again. 2 hours delay minimum! Travelling with a young child. Will I be able to get to my hotel arriving at 2:30 at night: probably 3 :30 before I get out of the airport. So poor! Won't ever use again. I've had so many cases of evening delay with this airline. Firmly believe that their ability to operate a reliable company should be challenged.
Preferred solution: Compensation, Refund, Reimbursement, Apology / Voucher
Loss: 47 EUR
Hanifa Hafejee

Baggage did not arrive at Agadir

Jul 21, 2024
Arrived in agadir an hour and a half late. Luggage did not arrive. Nobody at lost and found to help us. No one to give us PIR number. I have emailed ryanair but had no response. Cannot get through to anyone on the phone. Have been back to the airport twice but still got no updates. My psoriasis and arthiritis medication is in the suitcase and is needed urgently. I have 3 cases in total. I need my medication asap
Preferred solution: Compensation, Refund, My luggage back
Loss: 300 EUR
Parsla Kleimaste

Technical problems

Jul 21, 2024
On the 19th of July CrowdStrike released a driver update that affected global systems including Ryanair. I received an email informing me that my flight had been cancelled with the booking reference: YL5PSF However, when I fill out the form on their website (, I am prompted with the message "Unfortunately we cannot process your application for one of the following reasons: Flight has not been cancelled or delayed > 5 hours All customers on this flight reservation travelled so no refund is due." Leaving me unable to request any sort of compensation.

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