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Contact Information

Mailing Address:

USA: JetBlue Airways, PO Box 17435 Salt Lake City, UT 84117-0435 (801) 365-2470 27-01 Queens Plaza North Long Island, NY 11101

jetBlue Complaints: Contact Number, Email and Form

jetBlue Complaints: Contact Number, Email and Form

Nicolle Harwood-Nash
Last Updated: May 30, 2024

jetBlue Airways Corporation, more commonly known as jetBlue, is a major American low-cost airline. The airline primarily serves destinations within the United States but also has flights to the Caribbean, South America, and some parts of Europe.

AirAdvisor is the platform you can rely on to assist you with filing airline complaints and receiving the compensation you're due. In this article, we guide you through the process of making a jetBlue complaint, from issues concerning delayed flights to difficulties with customer service.

JetBlue Airways has earned 6th place in the AirAdvisor's Best US Airlines Rating 2023.

What Can You Make a Complaint About

As a traveller, you may encounter various situations that necessitate making a complaint to jetBlue. These scenarios can range widely and may include:

  • Significant Delays and Flight Cancellation: If your flight is considerably delayed, you have grounds to complain and may receive compensation for a delayed US flight. If your flight is outright cancelled, you have the right to register your discontent and, in some cases, may be eligible for flight cancellation compensation. It's important to keep in mind that your entitlement to jetBlue delayed or cancelled flight compensation hinges on the legal stipulations in the country of your flight's departure.
  • Boarding Denials: Being denied boarding because jetBlue has sold more tickets than they have seats for can be frustrating and is definitely a reason to complain. In such situations, you're entitled to demand redress, regardless of your point of departure. If you've ever wondered, "Can you get a refund on flights?", this is one instance in which you're certainly eligible for one.
  • Complications with Luggage: If you face issues with your checked-in luggage, such as it being misplaced, damaged, or delayed, it's your right to lodge a complaint with the airline. You can ask for compensation for any related costs you’ve had to bear as a result.
  • Issues with Customer Support: If you have been subject to sub-par customer service from jetBlue, you’re in your right to make a formal complaint to address the situation and provide constructive criticism.

Do remember to retain all relevant documentation, such as boarding passes, receipts, or correspondence with jetBlue when you lodge a complaint with jetBlue customer service. These serve as evidence and can strengthen your case.

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Know Your Passenger Rights

jetBlue flights operating within or departing from the USA fall under the jurisdiction of American regulations concerning flight passenger rights. On the contrary, jetBlue flights departing from the EU or UK adhere to the passenger rights outlined under EU regulation 261 and regulation UK261.

United States

In America, your passenger rights are principally under the purview of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). The DOT outlines regulations and protocols to protect you in a variety of scenarios, including but not limited to flight delays, cancellations, denied boarding due to overbooking, and baggage-related issues.

These directives ensure you have specific rights and recourse options when faced with disruptions or inconveniences during air travel within the United States. Notably, these rights rarely encompass financial compensation.

Europe and the United Kingdom

In the EU and UK, your passenger rights are safeguarded under the EU261 regulation and UK261 regulations, respectively. These directives secure your rights in cases of flight delays, cancellations, denied boarding due to overbooking, and baggage complications when departing from these regions. The regulations specify numerous rights and alternatives, many of which include financial compensation.

If you're eligible for financial compensation under EU261 or UK261, you may anticipate a sum between $280 to $670.

JetBlue is the sixth most reliable airline in the US

How to Make a jetBlue Complaint

Here's a practical guide to filing a complaint with jetBlue complaints team:

  1. Reach out to jetBlue customer service. The best way to do this is through their complaints form on their website, however, you could also give them a call or message them on social media.
  2. Submit any relevant evidence that supports your claim, such as photos or receipts.
  3. Clearly state what you expect as a resolution to the issue. Ensure your expectations are reasonable.
  4. Keep track of all your communications with jetBlue for future reference.
  5. If needed, follow up on your complaint or consider taking it up with higher levels within jetBlue.
  6. Consider using a third-party organization like us at AirAdvisor, who can support you in enforcing your passenger rights.

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Ways to Make a Complaint to jetBlue

To lodge a complaint with jetBlue, various options are available. Below are some of the primary ways you can reach out to jetBlue:

jetBlue Complaints Email

Unfortunately, jetBlue does not provide a direct complaints email. However, they do have an online "Contact Us" form on their website that serves a similar function. You can find this by navigating to the 'Contact Us' section on the jetBlue website.

jetBlue Complaints Phone Number

jetBlue has a dedicated customer service phone line for handling complaints and inquiries, which operates 24/7. If you're calling from within the US, you can reach the airline on 1-800-jetBlue (1-800-538-2583).

jetBlue Complaints Live Chat

jetBlue provides a live chat service to handle customer queries and complaints in real time. The live chat option is located at the bottom right corner of the 'Contact Us' page on the jetBlue website.

How to Fill Out a jetBlue Complaints Form for Cancelled or Delayed Flights

AirAdvisor provides a simple process to help you submit your claim:

  1. Navigate to our homepage and click on the 'Check Compensation' button in the main menu.
  2. Fill in the required details about your flight and the issue you encountered. Our system will review these details and determine if you qualify for compensation.
  3. If you qualify, you'll need to provide a few more pieces of information to complete your claim.
  4. After your claim is submitted, our team of legal professionals will step in to manage your case and ensure you get the compensation you're owed.

Please note, a service fee will be deducted from your compensation amount, but only if your claim is successful.

jetBlue Response Time

jetBlue typically aims to respond to complaints within 30 days, but this may vary depending on the complexity of the issue.

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about jetBlue and how to address complaints with the airline:

How do I make a complaint to jetBlue?

You can lodge a complaint to jetBlue through their website, via email, over the phone, or using their live chat service.

How do I contact jetBlue directly?

You can contact jetBlue directly by calling their customer service hotline or using their live chat feature.

Does jetBlue ever give refunds?

Yes, jetBlue provides refunds in some circumstances, for instance, in cases of flight cancellations or significant delays.

How long does jetBlue take to respond to complaints?

The response time for jetBlue complaints can vary, but generally, they aim to respond within a 30-day window.

Is it worth complaining to jetBlue?

It can be. Making a complaint allows jetBlue to address any issues and improve its service; it can also lead to compensation or refunds where applicable.

Does jetBlue have a live chat?

Yes, jetBlue has a live chat service available on its website to assist customers with their concerns in real-time.

Why is jetBlue refund taking so long?

Refund processing times can vary because of factors such as the complexity of the case, but jetBlue strives to process refunds as quickly as possible.

How much does jetBlue charge for special assistance?

jetBlue doesn't charge for most special assistance services, like wheelchair assistance.

Can you sue jetBlue?

While legal action is possible in certain cases, it's usually more efficient to try resolving issues through jetBlue's complaint process or through mediation by an organization like AirAdvisor.

How reliable is jetBlue?

jetBlue is considered a reliable airline, known for its commitment to customer service and punctuality.

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Christine C


May 29, 2024
I was in seat 1 and the dirtiness is Unacceptable and unprofessional!!!! There is no way anyone should travel like that unsanitized and dirty on the airplane!!!
Preferred solution: Compensation, Refund, Reimbursement, Apology / Voucher
Viannel Herrera

12+ hour delayed at STI airport

May 25, 2024


My flight was extremely delayed and I was forced to switch my original flight to an even later flight, even thought I got to the airport at 5:45PM for my 8:00pm flight, I wasn’t able to get on a flight until 3:30am the next day, I wasn’t offered a hotel, not meal voucher, no credit no anything. I ended up getting home at 10 am the next day when I was supposed to be home at 11pm. I missed 2 important appointments & I was unable te rest that whole night, my whole next day was ruined. When I contacted the airline to see what they could do about my inconvenience they said that I was not owed anything since i had “willingly” switched my flight. What was I supposed to do when my 8:00pm flight was delayed pass 4:00am the next day? Sit there in wait for endless hours? Being stuck at one airport for 7+ hrs, the flight that I switched to also got delayed btw, & then getting home 12 hrs after, the person that was supposed to picked me up couldn’t because of the time & uncertainty of when I was gonna be able to get home, I had to pay $95 Uber to get home, not being able to sleep for 22 hours straight & I was owed nothing? Haha this was the most horrible experience of my life & I won’t be flying JetBlue ever again, because of its lack of humanity, lack of responsibility, lack of respect. Not even reimbursement nor compensation for all that I had to go through, not even credit so that I’d be at least incentivized to fly with them again, the staff was very unapologetic, JetBlue doesn’t care about its costumers, I’m done with JetBlue.
Preferred solution: Compensation, Refund, Reimbursement, Apology / Voucher
Loss: 120 EUR
Olive Ager

Flight B61303 Boston to Phoenix, Arizona

May 23, 2024
Dear Customer Service, I purchased a Business Class ticket through Aer Lingus which was sold as EI 15210 as I was flying to Arizona, Phoenix on 30 April 2024. My trip was from Dubliin via Boston as this was where I was making my connection to Phoenix , Arizona. On arrival to Boston (Flight number , B6 1303), I was advised by your staff that Jetblue did not offer Business Class. I was then informed I could not board as a priority passenger and was seated at the back of the plane. Having flown the first leg of my flight with Aer LIingus Business class and then having to fly economy was a great disappointment and the same comfort was not afforded that I expected. Currently, I am undergoing immunotherapy/chemo treatment, was on my first trip to see my son who resides in Arizona since my cancer diagnosis and believing I had the use and comfort of the VIP Lounge was not facilitated to me. This was also a major factor in booking a business class ticket. I am now seeking a compensation/voucher as the ticket sold to me from Boston to Phoenix was not as per purchase. I look forward to a satisfactory response. Best Regards, Olive Ager
Jovanne O'Connor

Luggage went on plane but my parents never did

May 23, 2024
On Tuesday May 14, 2024, my parents Anthony Rowe, and Beverley Rowe was scheduled to leave from Hancock Syracuse to JFk NYC on JetBlue airways. After checking in and their luggage was checked on, the crew member told my parents to sit over on the bench to which he pointed for a wheelchair person to wheel them around to TLC. I asked if I could do same, however, I was told that I cannot. While waiting on the persons to wheel them around, I looked on my clock and saw that it was 10 15 so again, I went to the crewmember and asked where is the person to wheel them around, only to be told that the cabin door is closed. I immediately asked for the luggage and was told that the luggage is gone on the plane. My parents final destination was Norman Manley International Airport and therefore, they were schedule to bored Caribbean Airlines at 1: 55 that same day. I Jovanne O'Connor had to called Caribbean Airlines and had to pay 358 USD dollars to change the ticket and since their lugguage went on the plane I had to purchase clothes such as personal items for mummy and shorts and tops for Daddy. The following day, I called Jet blue to retrieve the luggage only to be told that its at JFK. When I called JFK , I was told that the luggage did not leave Hancock and therefore it is at Hancock. Several calls have been made back and forth only to find out the luggage indeed left Hancock Syracuse and was in fact at Jfk. (NYC) I am asking for the full amount of the 358USD dollars to be refunded to my account that was used to pay Caribbean Airlines to change the date. I am a single mother trying to make ends meet. This amount is my rent and travel credit cannot be used to pay my rent. Calls have been made to JetBlue claim I was informed that I would hear from JetBlue via email, I'm not sure which email, but todate, I have not heard anything. This is gross!!!! and unacceptable and inconsiderate. I do understand that there are number of persons that one has to deal with from day to day. However, I also think, that situations such as this, should be dealt with in a timely manner. Thank you in advance and I look forward in hearing from you
Emma Grey

Flight delays

May 21, 2024
I took JetBlue from Orlando to Connecticut and Connecticut back to Orlando and both flights were delayed by at least an hour. The one coming back is not going to get to the Orlando airport until 1:30 in the morning
Preferred solution: Apology / Voucher
Loss: 100 EUR
Erika Lara

Pet service

May 19, 2024
I booked my ticket and I called and spoke to an agent about my cat to travel with me, they said was ok, he was added to my flight, and went from JFK to quito airport, no problem, I called again and did the same process, and they added my cat to my flight again, confirming my tickets of destination and connections, she said no problem at all, they added my pet to my ticket which it was $125, when it was time to flight back home, at the airport they didn't allowed me to flight with my cat at all, apparently they made a mistake and give me the wrong information, and it was nothing they can do only give me 125 back, I had to leave my cat behind with a family member, affecting me emotionally and mentally due stress in having to find someone to take Care of my pet, in a rush, almost losing my flight, I had to flight that night due work next day.! Idk why agents aren't inform of the right information and causing this kind of mistakes that can ruined someone's life, and waste of money, now I have to flight back to get my cat. This has been very stressful and creating me to have depression.
Preferred solution: Compensation, Apology / Voucher
Loss: 300 EUR

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