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Austrian Airlines Complaints - Effective Procedures, Contact Information, and Passenger Rights

Austrian Airlines Complaints - Effective Procedures, Contact Information, and Passenger Rights

Amy Lancelotte
Written By Amy Lancelotte
Last Updated: July 10, 2024

Austrian Airlines transports millions of passengers every year, and although it may not be as busy as giants like British Airways or American Airlines, all those flights and passengers can create issues. While this most often occurs in the form of Austrian Airlines interrupted flights, there may also be challenges with poor customer service or your luggage.

When you need to make Austrian Airlines complaints, knowing the proper procedures, appropriate contact methods, and your regulated passenger rights can go a long way in helping to resolve your complaint. Here’s what you should know:

Common Austrian Airlines Complaints

Complaints can take a lot of time out of your busy schedule, and to help ease the burden, some Austrian Airlines complaints are more worthwhile than others. Certain issues require the airline to issue compensation, and they are:

Another type of frequent Austrian Airlines complaint is related to damaged, delayed, or lost luggage. And lastly, complaints are often filed due to unsatisfactory service.

Rights of Austrian Airlines passengers

Your Austrian Airlines Passenger Rights and Compensation

As we mentioned, some Austrian Airlines complaints require compensation, and this is due to the European Union regulation EU 261/2004. Expected compensation for flight interruptions generally ranges from €250 to €600, which certainly makes Austrian Airlines complaints worthwhile. We know that your flight needs to be delayed by a minimum of 3 hours, but the payout is also dependent on flight distance.

Total Delay Destination

Flight Distance

Flights 1500km or less

Internal EU flights over 1500km

Non-internal EU flights from 1500km to 3500km

Non-internal EU flights over 3500km

Fewer than 3 hours


3 hours or more





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For mishandled bags, the compensation works a little differently and can amount to a whopping €1,300, thanks to the Warsaw Convention. Technically, Austrian Airlines complaints that fall into the category of feedback aren’t covered by any official regulations. But that doesn’t mean the airline won’t issue things like credits or discounts in an attempt to gain back your trust.

Our Tips For Austrian Airlines Complaints

To ensure the best possible outcome and resolve things quickly, think about these things before you file your Austrian Airlines complaint:

  • Time is of the essence. It’s always a good idea to submit your Austrian Airlines after travel complaints as soon as you arrive back home. Otherwise, specific details and necessary documents, like photos, boarding passes, reference numbers, etc., may get lost.
  • Keep the important stuff. Always keep any documentation you have about the situation until the complaint gets resolved. Don’t risk losing receipts or correspondence that will help to validate your complaint.
  • Contact info for you. Ensure that the airline can contact you easily with questions. You don’t want them to drag out the resolution for any longer than necessary.
  • Be as specific as possible. Recount the details of your complaint in a specific way, referring to the facts. It may also be worthwhile to reference appropriate regulations like EU261 or the Warsaw Convention to state exactly what you expect from them to resolve things.

Contacting Austrian Airlines Regarding Complaints

Austrian Airlines Complaints Form

In the website’s Help section, you’ll find the Austrian Airlines complaints forms for various issues. This includes flight disruptions and mishandled luggage.

Austrian Airlines Complaints Email Address

There isn’t an Austrian Airlines complaints email available, but there is a general section for help that’s not covered in the main forms. Filling out the Austrian Airlines complaints form online will basically act as an email and provide a record of the correspondence.

Austrian Airlines Complaints Phone Number

UK passengers should call +44 20 76608190 to reach the call centre that’s open every day from 08:00 to 18:30. USA-based passengers should call 1-516-738-4422. If you need immediate help after these centres close, you can call the main Austrian number at +43 1 70148 1000, which offers help in English and German.

Austrian Airlines Live Chat

The airline doesn’t technically have a “live” chat, but it does have an Austrian Chat Assistant named Maria who can help you with basic questions.

The easy way to submit Austrian Airlines complaints

5 Simple Steps For Submitting Austrian Airlines Flight Disruption Complaints

  1. Head over to
  2. Fill in the basic info about your Austrian Airlines flight.
  3. Click “Check Compensation.”
  4. Provide just a little more information about you and your situation.
  5. AirAdvisor goes to work and completely resolves the Austrian Airlines complaint for you.

As a flight disruption complaint partner trusted by thousands of passengers, we make things easy for our clients. The only thing to note is that we do remove a small amount on any successful compensation claims (percentage) for our time. On the flip side, if, on the off chance, your Austrian Airlines complaint does not result in a payout, we don’t require any payment.

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FAQs: Austrian Airlines Complaints

How do I contact Austrian Airlines with a complaint?

The Austrian Airlines complaints form online that best applies to your situation is the ideal contact method. Alternatively, if you prefer to have an experienced partner look after the complaint for you, AirAdvisor is always ready to help.

What’s the Austrian Airlines complaints phone number?

It depends on your location: US passengers can call 1-516-738-4422. UK ones can call +44 20 76608190. In the event that these call centres are closed, you can opt for the main Austrian service centre at +43 1 70148 1000, which does offer communication in English.

Is filing Austrian Airlines complaints worthwhile?

Yes, absolutely! The airline can use the feedback to improve things and will sometimes provide discounts to restore your trust. Additionally, for flight disruptions like denied boarding, delays, or cancellations, passengers may be entitled to compensation between €250 and €600 - definitely worth a try.

Flight Compensation Calculator
Flight Compensation Calculator

Flight Compensation Calculator:

Check if you are entitled to flight delay compensation in just 3 minutes.
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Free Instant Check

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No Win, No Fee


Narendra Mistry

Jul 20, 2024
We missed our connection in Vienna and were delayed by 4 hours. When we arrived in Vienna our original flight had not departed but the Lufthansa service desk were very unhelpful and had already transferred us onto a later flight.
Anne Jaimini Mistry

Jul 20, 2024
We missed our connection in Vienna and were delayed by 4 hours. When we arrived in Vienna our original flight had not departed but the Lufthansa service desk were very unhelpful and had already transferred us onto a later flight.
Roshani Mistry

Jul 20, 2024
We missed the connection and were automatically booked onto a later flight which made us over 4 our delayed. However, when we got to Vienna the original flight was delayed and we could have caught that flight. The Lufthansa help desk were not helpful and said we had already been booked on a later flight and were not willing to transfer us back to the original flight or anything ealier.
Soma Klebercz

No reason given

Jul 16, 2024
They refused to pay any compensation though the notification was only 8 days prior to my flight not 7. No vouchers or anything . They offered a new itinerary 10 hours before our flight which was not good for us . After that they rebooked us for a flight with 1 stop in Zurich.
Zita Lacknerova

No reason given

Jul 15, 2024
The flight was cancelled at short notice. Was offered a replacement flight almost 24 hours later. Missed my scheduled doctor appointment due to this. The airline gave me a voucher for dinner in the tune of 20 CHF - usable at the hotel restaurant where the cheapest meal costs more than this. The hotel they offered me was a nice one though.
Eduard Serkowitsch

Technical problems

Jul 10, 2024
First, the delay based on the weather, and then there was a technical problem that caused the flight cancellation. Due to this delay, I had to pay an extra night at my destination, will not consuming.

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