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Alaska Airlines Complaints: Contact Number, Email and Form

Alaska Airlines Complaints: Contact Number, Email and Form

Nicolle Harwood-Nash
Last Updated: August 02, 2023

Alaska Airlines is a significant player in the American airline sector, known for its competitive pricing. With a network spanning across the United States, it also operates flights to destinations in Mexico, Canada, and Costa Rica.

When it comes to lodging airline grievances and securing rightful compensation, AirAdvisor is your trusted ally. This article walks you through how to raise an Alaska Airlines complaint, be it in relation to flight delays or customer service concerns.

Alaska Airlines takes an honorable 4th place in the Top 10 Airlines in the US for 2023, according to AirAdvisor.

What You Can Make a Complaint About

When travelling with Alaska Airlines, the scenarios warranting complaints could range from seeking compensation for a delayed US flight to navigating the processes involved in flight cancellation compensation. Specifically, you might need to inquire about Alaska Airlines delayed or cancelled flight compensation procedures in situations where unexpected travel disruptions occur. Or, you may find yourself questioning 'can you get a refund on flights?' and the answer is usually affirmative, particularly under specific conditions such as flight cancellations instigated by the airline itself.

Apart from flight delays and cancellations, you may also lodge Alaska Airlines complaints regarding issues such as baggage handling, the in-flight service, or the booking process. For instance, mishandled or lost luggage can be a cause of significant inconvenience. Similarly, complaints might arise from dissatisfaction with in-flight amenities or customer service. Additionally, issues with booking, including fare discrepancies or difficulties with the online reservation system, can also lead to complaints.

Know Your Rights

Your flight passenger rights in the United States are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and apply when you fly with Alaska Airlines. These rights cover various situations, such as significant flight delays or cancellations, overbooking, and baggage issues. Depending on the circumstance, you might be eligible for alternate flights, compensation, or reimbursement for reasonable expenses due to mishandled luggage. Familiarizing yourself with these rights can help ensure a smooth travel experience.

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How to Make an Alaska Airlines Complaint

When lodging a complaint with Alaska Airlines, ensure that you provide comprehensive information to allow for a thorough investigation. This information typically includes:

  • Your Personal Contact Details: Include your full name, email address, and phone number so that Alaska Airlines can contact you regarding your complaint.
  • The Flight Details: You should mention the flight number, date and time of the flight, and both departure and arrival airports.
  • Detailed Description of the Incident: Explain the issue in a concise but clear manner. State what happened, such as where the incident occurred, when it occurred, and who was involved. Try to stick to the facts and avoid emotional language.
  • The Desired Resolution: Make clear what you would like the airline to do in response to your complaint. It could be a request for compensation, a service improvement, or an apology.
  • Relevant Documentation: Attach any supporting documents, such as boarding passes, receipts, or pictures to back up your claim.

Remember, the more detailed and accurate the information, the better equipped Alaska Airlines will be to address your concerns effectively.

Ways to Make a Complaint to Alaska Airlines

Submitting a complaint to Alaska Airlines can be done through a variety of methods. Here are the main channels that Alaska Airlines has established to handle customer grievances:

Alaska Airlines Complaints Email

While Alaska Airlines does not have a direct email for complaints, they offer an equivalent service through their website's Help Center, through which you can choose from a variety of feedback options.

Alaska Airlines Complaints Phone Number

Alaska Airlines maintains a 24/7 dedicated phone line for customer service, including complaints. You can reach Alaska Airlines Customer Care at 1-800-ALASKAAIR (1-800-252-7522) if you're dialling from inside the US.

Alaska Airlines Complaints Live Chat

For real-time assistance, Alaska Airlines also features a live chat option. Look for the 'Chat With Us' button on their Help Center page.

How to Fill Out an Alaska Airlines Complaints Form for Cancelled or Delayed Flights

AirAdvisor offers a user-friendly platform that guides you through the process of lodging a claim against Alaska Airlines. From our main webpage, identify and click on the 'Check Compensation' option. Here, you'll be prompted to share specific details pertaining to your flight and the complications you experienced. Our automated tool will then analyze this information to ascertain your eligibility for compensation.

In the event that your case qualifies for compensation, some additional information will be required to finalize your claim. Once completed, your claim is then handed over to our legal experts, who diligently work on your case to ensure you receive the compensation you're due.

It's important to note that AirAdvisor operates on a success fee basis. This means a predetermined service fee will be deducted from your compensation payout, but only if we succeed in obtaining compensation on your behalf.

Alaska Airlines Response Time

According to a range of passenger feedback, Alaska Airlines typically responds to complaints within 7-14 business days.


Below are some frequently asked questions that can provide more guidance when dealing with Alaska Airlines.

How do I make a complaint to Alaska Airlines?

Through the 'Help Center' on the airline's website. From here, you can call them, submit a complaints form or use their live chat.

How do I contact Alaska Airlines directly?

Over the phone is likely to offer you the most direct form of contact. Alaska Airlines also provides the option of texting them (on 82008), which also provides a direct form of contact.

Do Alaska Airlines ever give refunds?

Alaska Airlines does offer refunds under certain conditions. These can include last-minute flight cancellations, major delays, or boarding denial at the fault of the airline.

How long do Alaska Airlines take to respond to complaints?

They aim to respond to complaints within 2 weeks, and according to passenger feedback, succeed at this.

Is it worth complaining to Alaska Airlines?

Yes, it's worth complaining to Alaska Airlines as it provides the airline with an opportunity to rectify the issue and improve its services.

Does Alaska Airlines have a live chat?

Yes, Alaska Airlines offers a live chat option on its website for immediate assistance.

Why is Alaska Airlines refund taking so long?

The duration of refund processing by Alaska Airlines can vary and is often influenced by the mode of payment and the nature of the ticket purchased. Additionally, it's worth noting that during periods of high demand or disruptions, such as peak travel seasons or unforeseen circumstances, the refund process may take longer because of the higher volume of requests being handled.

How much does Alaska Airlines charge for special assistance?

The cost for special assistance on Alaska Airlines depends on the type of service required; it's recommended to contact the airline for specific rates.

Can you sue Alaska Airlines?

In extreme situations where the airline has failed to meet its obligations, you might be able to sue Alaska Airlines, but it's often preferable to try all other complaint resolution avenues first.

How reliable is Alaska Airlines?

Generally speaking, for a low-cost airline, Alaska Airlines has a good track record of reliability, with high on-time performance and customer satisfaction ratings.

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