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Aegean Airlines Complaints - Common Issues, Contact Methods, Procedures, and Passenger Rights

Aegean Airlines Complaints - Common Issues, Contact Methods, Procedures, and Passenger Rights

Amy Lancelotte
Written By Amy Lancelotte
Last Updated: February 19, 2024

Aegean Airlines took second place in our overall ranking of the Best European Airlines, but unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that every passenger has a seamless experience with this carrier. Whether it’s complaints related to Aegean flight interruptions or issues with service, it’s possible you need to get the scoop on how to make Aegean Airlines complaints.

To help you get the best outcome possible, we’ll cover the following:

  • Common Aegean Airlines complaints.
  • Aegean passenger rights based on official regulations.
  • Contact options.
  • Steps for a successful Aegean complaint.
  • How AirAdvisor can help make things easy.

Notable Types of Aegean Airlines Complaints

Based on our research as part of our study on the best European airlines, in 2022 and 2023, Aegean had the following track record:


On-Time Percentage

Cancellation Percentage







Aegean runs roughly 70,000 flights every year, so that means over 16,000 flights can be delayed. Alternatively, over 400 flights get cancelled, so these are generally the most common types of Aegean Airlines complaints.

Another issue that passengers can experience relates to denied boarding when the airline bumps you from your ticketed seat. Instances of mishandled luggage are also a common reason for an Aegean Airlines complaint. 

Aside from lost, damaged, or delayed bags, passengers may feel inclined to complain about service issues. Unhappy with the booking process? Were you treated poorly onboard the plane? Aegean Airlines complaints for unsatisfactory service can benefit the airline and you. They get to improve, and for your trouble, you may receive a future travel credit or discount.

Getting acquainted with your Aegean Airlines passenger rights

Aegean Airlines Passenger Rights

Since Aegean is based in Greece, an EU member state, they are bound by a regulation called EU 261 for any flights within, from, or to Europe. Luckily, this single regulation will define how the airline is required to respond to complaints related to flight disruptions, among other things.

For flight delays and flight cancellations, passengers can receive between €250 and €600 as compensation, depending on the flight details. Delays need to be at least 3 hours, and cancellations have to be made without a minimum of 14 days' notice to qualify.

The Montreal Convention specifies how airlines need to handle luggage complaints, but in certain scenarios, passengers who make Aegean Airlines complaints can get up to €1,300.

Was your last Aegean flight delayed by a wide margin? We can help you check your eligibility for compensation.Check Your Flight

Expected Aegean Airlines Compensation Example - Flight Delays

Here is a breakdown of the expected compensation, which depends on your flight distance:

Delay Time at Your Final Destination

Travel Distance

Flights under 1500km

Internal EU flights over 1500km

Non-internal EU flights from 1500km to 3500km

Non-internal EU flights over 3500km

Less than 3 hours


3 hours or more





Checklist for Aegean Airlines Complaints

Once you return from your flight and are considering Aegean Airlines after travel complaints, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be proactive. The longer you leave the Aegean complaint, the more likely you are to misplace necessary documents or forget pertinent details.
  • Keep everything. Until your Aegean complaint is resolved, keep everything related to your flight and the core issue. This means photos, receipts, boarding passes, etc. It’s likely that these items will be needed to validate the complaint. 
  • Don’t forget YOUR details. Aegean may need to contact you with questions, so to avoid delays, provide a direct phone number and an email address you can check regularly.  
  • Stick to specifics. Facts are your friend, so be clear about what happened and what you expect from the airline. Referencing your EU 261 rights is also a good idea for Aegean complaints about flight disruptions. 

Ways to Contact Aegean Airlines with a Complaint

Aegean Airlines Complaints Email Address

There isn’t an Aegean Airlines complaints email address available, but they do have a general “contact us” form that essentially acts as an email.

Aegean Airlines Complaints Phone Number

For UK passengers, you can reach Aegean on 0871 200 0040 or (+44) 208 7593800. US passengers should call 1-833-732-8158.

Aegean Airlines Complaints Form

The best way to contact the airline is by using the Aegean Airlines complaints form online. You select from the drop-down menus, and there are options for complaints related to check-in, passenger rights (EC 261), baggage, and more.

Aegean Airlines Live Chat

Aegean does not offer live chat as a contact method.

The best way to submit Aegean Airlines complaints

Aegean Airlines Flight Disruption Complaints - A Few Easy Steps

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Aegean flight information in the section right on our homepage.
  3. Then hit “Check Compensation.”
  4. Provide any extra details as needed.
  5. Leave the rest in our capable hands. 

We’ll take care of the entire Aegean Airlines complaints process once you submit your info. We do charge a small percentage to cover our time, but our fee is only applicable if your complaint is successful.

We all lead busy lives, so making time to submit and follow up on Aegean Airlines complaints can be a real hassle. Start your complaint with us instead, and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.Check Your Flight

FAQs: Aegean Airlines Complaints

What are the best methods for submitting Aegean Airlines complaints?

Any Aegean complaints about denied boarding, delays, or cancellations can be resolved easily by partnering with AirAdvisor. We’ll handle the entire Aegean complaints process for you. Prefer to do things yourself? Head to their website and use the contact form that best applies to your situation.

How do I contact Aegean Airlines with a complaint?

Using the Aegean Airlines complaints form online is the preferred method of contact. Need to speak to someone directly? The 24-hour call centres in the US (at 1-833-732-8158) and the UK (0871 200 0040) can be used.

Are Aegean Airlines complaints a waste of my time?

Definitely not! In the case of flight disruptions, passengers may receive between €250 and €600 just for submitting an Aegean Airlines complaint. Plus, the airline needs feedback to improve, so a complaint may eliminate the issue for you in the future.

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