Air Europa Complaints - The Process, Typical Complaints, Contact Info, and Knowing Your Rights
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The Spanish carrier, Air Europa, flies to over 130 destinations and serves up to 10 million passengers annually. Most of those passengers have an entirely positive experience, but unfortunately, some don’t. Air Europa flight interruptions are bound to happen, as is unsatisfactory in-flight service.

Whatever your reason for wanting to make an Air Europa complaint, we’ll guide you through the common complaints, the complaints process, your right to compensation, and much more.

Common Air Europa Complaints

By far, the most common issues that require Air Europa complaints are related to flight disruptions like cancellations and delays. When we gathered data for our study on the Best European Airlines, we found that Air Europa had the following:


On-Time Percentage

Cancellation Percentage







With around 60,000 flights every year, this means that thousands of flights experience a delay, and more than 150 flights may get cancelled annually. That’s a lot of Air Europa complaints!

Another type of flight disruption that often necessitates an Air Europa complaint is denied boarding. That’s when the airline overbooks the flight, resulting in you getting bumped.

Rounding out our list of the most common Air Europa complaints are instances of mishandled luggage and poor service. For unsatisfactory service, there’s no compensation requirement, but complaints may provoke the airline to issue things like discounts to thank you for your feedback.

Air Europa passenger rights

What Rights Do Air Europa Passengers Have?

Luckily, the common flight disruption complaints listed above can trigger compensation if handled correctly. Compensation is dictated by Regulation EC261/2004, and passengers can benefit from up to €600 if their flight cancellations, flight delays, and denied boarding meet certain criteria.

Thanks to the Montreal Convention, your mishandled luggage can earn you up to €1,300 just by filing an official Europa complaint.

For Air Europa complaints related to flight delays, you must arrive at least 3 hours late at your destination, and the payout is distance-dependent. Alternatively, for cancellations, you must receive less than 14 days' notice of said cancellation. Here’s a summary of the expected compensation for Air Europa flight delays:

Delay Time at Destination

Flight Distance

Flights under 1500km

Internal EU flights of more than 1500km

Non-internal EU flights from 1500km to 3500km

Non-internal EU flights more than 3500km

Less than 3 hours


3 hours or more





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Air Europa Complaints - Practical Tips

Here are a few suggestions to ensure the most seamless Air Europa complaints possible:

  • Submit right away. When you get home, look to start your Air Europa after travel complaints immediately. That way, you won’t lose any details or documents over time. 
  • Keep what matters. It’s best to keep everything related to your flight and the actual complaint until it’s been resolved by Air Europa. This includes photos, correspondence, boarding passes, receipts, etc.
  • Your contact details. You may be worried about how to contact Air Europa with a complaint (more on this next), but you should also make sure they can contact you. A direct number and a regularly checked email work the best.
  • State your expectations. Make it clear what it will take to fully resolve your Air Europa complaint. For flight interruptions, reference EC261 if it applies. Also, be specific about any incident details and stick to the facts.

Contacting Air Europa About Complaints

Air Europa Complaints Email Address

To contact the customer relations department about a complaint, you can use

Air Europa Complaints Phone Number

For US passengers, you can call 1-844-415-3955 from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. In the United Kingdom, call (+44) 0 871 644 8011. The UK opening hours are a little better: 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, and 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.

Air Europa Complaints Form

By far, the best way to submit Air Europa complaints is using the forms from their website. This is better than calling or emailing. To access the Air Europa complaints form online, go to the Contact Us section and click on the “Go to the form” button under Complaints and congratulations.

Air Europa Live Chat

Air Europa does not offer live chat.

Best ways to resolve Air Europa complaints

The Easy Way to Submit Air Europa Complaints For Flight Disruptions

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in your basic flight info.
  3. Select “Check Compensation.”
  4. Enter any extra info as needed.
  5. That’s it! We’ll take care of the rest. 

AirAdvisor saves passengers the hassle and time of filing Air Europa complaints, and we’ve helped thousands of passengers over the years. Provided your complaint results in compensation, we do levy a small percentage. If no compensation is paid, we don’t charge a fee at all.

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Air Europa Complaints Response Time

The airline will respond to official complaints filed on the website using the appropriate forms in no more than 30 days.

FAQs: Air Europa Complaints

How do I contact Air Europa with a complaint?

The Air Europa complaint forms online are the best way to start the process. Don’t want to bother with the Air Europa complaints process yourself? Partner with AirAdvisor, and we’ll handle your entire flight interruption complaint.

What’s the Air Europa complaints phone number?

In the US, the number is 1-844-415-3955. In the UK, the number is (+44) 0 871 644 8011.

Is filing Air Europa complaints worthwhile?

Absolutely! Aside from providing valuable feedback to help them improve, you may also be entitled to a range of compensation between €250 and €600 for flight delays, cancellations, denied boarding, or missed connections. Don’t pass that up!