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Air India Complaints - Common Issues, Contact Info, Useful Tips, and How We Can Help

Air India Complaints - Common Issues, Contact Info, Useful Tips, and How We Can Help

Amy Lancelotte
Written By Amy Lancelotte
Last Updated: May 03, 2024

It’s never easy when you need to make an Air India complaint or complain officially to any airline, for that matter. To start, you have to figure out the Air India complaints procedure, find out how to contact them, and determine the resolution you’re looking for, and of course, this all takes time.

For busy travellers, a good way to save time is by using a trusted partner like AirAdvisor to submit the complaint on your behalf. We’ll show you how we can help and provide all the details you need if you’d rather file Air India complaints yourself.

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What Common Air India Complaints?

Let’s take a look at some issues that are most likely to result in some form of compensation for passengers.

  • Flight delays: Valid Air India complaints for certain flights delayed 3 hours or more can entitle you to up to £520 (€600) in compensation.
  • Flight cancellation: As with delays, when your flight is cancelled with fewer than 14 days’ notice, you can claim the same amount of compensation to cover the inconvenience and expenses incurred.
  • Mishandled baggage: When your bag is lost, delayed, or damaged, it can result in even higher compensation - up to £1,395 or €1,300. 
  • Denied boarding: If your Air India flight is oversold, resulting in you being denied boarding, you can contact the airline to complain and get as much as  £520 (€600) in compensation.
  • Customer service: If you’ve found the in-flight experience, booking process, or other issues unsatisfactory, a complaint may elicit compensation like vouchers or discounts on upcoming travel.

Air India plane besides an airport 

Air India Complaints - What You Need to Know

Before you begin the Air India complaints procedure, make sure that you know what to include for a successful outcome.

Here are a few other tips to help you:

  • Specify your contact details so that the airline can reach you easily to resolve the complaint.
  • Keep your booking reservation (including flight details), boarding pass, luggage reference tags, and anything else given to you by the airline that may apply to your complaint.
  • Take photos. In the case of damaged bags, nothing says it better than a few photos.
  • Take notes. It’s important to be simple and to the point when describing the incident to the airline. Use specific dates and times, names of people you spoke to, and any other pertinent details.
  • State your expectations clearly. Be straightforward in communicating your expectations to resolve the Air India complaint to your satisfaction.
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Ways to Contact Air India for Complaints

For general Air India complaints, the airline has a customer service portal where you can ask a question or give feedback. Here are some additional options.

Air India Complaints Email

There is no official email address, but on their website, there’s an option to contact customer service using the Air India complaints form that corresponds with your query. There is one for flight interruptions, baggage, and booking, among others.

Air India Complaints Phone Number

Air India has several global customer care centres to choose from based on your location. In the UK, it’s +44 0800 048 9254 and in the US, it’s +1-888-634-1407. Both are toll-free.

Air India Complaints Live Chat

The bottom right-hand icon on most Air India pages links you to the live chat option. Customarily, you’ll start with a chatbot and then escalate to a live agent.

Alt: Ways to file an Air India after travel complaint

Flight Interruptions - Steps to File Air India Complaints

  1. Go to the AirAdvisor homepage and enter your flight details.
  2. Click on “Check Compensation.”
  3. Work your way through the easy-to-understand prompts and submit.
  4. Our experienced flight disruption agents will contact you if there are any questions or further documents needed.
  5. From there, we will deal with Air India for you until a resolution is reached.

Using our convenient Air India complaints form online saves you tons of time, and we only charge a small fee as a percentage of your compensation. So, if you don’t win, we don’t charge a thing!

We’re here to help!

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Air India Response Time for Complaints

When you use the Air India complaints form online, the response time is 24 hours. 

FAQs - Air India Complaints

What is the best way to make an Air India complaint?

A solid option is to partner with AirAdvisor to file any flight interruption claims. We have extensive knowledge of the Air India complaints procedures and can save you tons of time and hassle. For other types of complaints, using the applicable online form works well.

How do I contact Air India with a complaint?

In the US, you can call 1-888-634-1407, and in the UK, the number is +44 0800 048 9254. If you prefer to avoid holding, the online customer support portal is the way to go. Air India complaints submitted there get a reply within no more than a day.

How long does it take Air India to respond to passenger complaints?

In general, when you submit your query online, the response time is 24 hours or less.

Is it worth complaining to Air India?

Yes. Other than voicing your feedback to help the airline improve its services, when your flight departing from the UK or EU is interrupted, an Air India complaint may get you between £220 (€250) and £520 (€600); depending on the flight’s distance and a couple other factors.

Does Air India have a live chat?

Yes, in fact, they have two chat options. You can “Ask AI.g” for answers to common questions or chat with a live agent. The general chat function on the website is found in the bottom right corner of most pages.

Flight Compensation Calculator
Flight Compensation Calculator

Flight Compensation Calculator:

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Free Instant Check

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Substandard facilities at Expensive Rates.

May 17, 2024
My mother travelled with AI on 16th May from cochin, India to London Gatwick. The flight experience not so good. The entertainment system on her row wasn't working and this is a 10hrs:30 mins journey. The food was substandard and not good, the toilets were unclean and the lights not working properly.. I understand you are undergoing transformation, but things I mentioned are basic mandatory factors in a flight journey. And I paid£1100!!!. Embarrassing.
Preferred solution: Compensation, Refund
Loss: 1100 EUR

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