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Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Atlas House 173 Victoria Street London, SW1E 5NA United Kingdom


1-800-472-8342 US
+44 (0) 1217900430 UK
+44 (0) 1613940567
+44 (0) 2079931238

Saudia Complaints - The Process, Common Issues, Contact Info, and Our Expert Guidance

Saudia Complaints - The Process, Common Issues, Contact Info, and Our Expert Guidance

Amy Lancelotte
Written By Amy Lancelotte
Last Updated: January 30, 2024

Previously known as Saudia Arabian Airlines, Saudia is the largest airline in the country. Reaching more than 100 destinations and transporting over 30 million passengers in 2023 alone, Saudia Airlines is a busy carrier. 

Even with the best intentions, this high amount of traffic can result in Saudia flight disruptions and other unsatisfactory experiences that require an official complaint. We’ll explore everything related to Saudia complaints here and how we can help keep things simple.

Common Saudia Complaints

Generally speaking, the most common Saudia complaints relate to flight interruptions and luggage issues. In certain cases, on flights leaving from UK or EU airports, passengers can claim compensation for these complaints from £220 (€250) to £520 (€600).

Compensation applies when your flight is significantly delayed, or your flight is cancelled without an appropriate notice period. Additionally, instances of denied boarding can trigger the same amount of compensation if you get bumped from your flight.

Mishandled luggage is another common Saudia complaint, and being persistent can get passengers up to £1,000 in the UK and €1,300 in the EU.

Lastly, if you’ve been let down by the airline anywhere in the travel process, it can be worthwhile to submit Saudia complaints. You may get vouchers or discounts for doing this.

Your Saudia passenger rights

Your Rights as a Saudia Passenger

As we mentioned, to qualify for official compensation, your Saudia flight has to depart from an airport in either the UK or EU. If that’s the case, then two regulations apply: UK 261 and EU 261

Since Saudia isn’t based in either of these locations, the airport restriction applies. These regulations are what set the range of compensation for flights delayed by at least 3 hours and cancellations made without a minimum of 14 days' notice. 

To further clarify things, here are the scenarios when these two regulations apply to Saudia flights:


Covered by EU 261

Covered by UK 261

Flights arriving at UK airports



Flights arriving at EU airports



Flights departing from UK airports



Flights departing from EU airports



Also, here is a snapshot of the compensation limits for Saudia flight delays of 3 hours or more. It depends on flight distance:

Distance from UK/EU Airport

Compensation Maximum

Under 1,500km


From 1,500km to 3,500km


Over 3,500km


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Saudia Complaints: What You Should Know

To assist you in navigating the Saudia complaints procedure, here are some tips:

  • File complaints right away. Although for things like flight interruptions, you generally have up to 3 years to complain, being proactive is better. Submit your Saudia after travel complaints as soon as you get home to avoid losing precious documents or specific details.
  • Prepare to provide documentation. The airline will require various items to validate your complaint, so keep everything related to the incident. This can be anything from photos of damaged luggage to boarding passes to Saudia correspondence you’ve already received.
  • Give them your details. Make sure Saudia can contact you easily by providing an email and a direct phone number. 
  • State your desired outcome. Don’t be afraid to tell Saudia exactly what is required to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction. Feel free to reference UK/EU 261 if they apply.

The best ways to contact Saudia for complaints

Saudia Contact Info

Saudia Complaints Email Address

To submit your Saudia complaints via email, use for the Customer Relations department.

Saudia Complaints Phone Number

You can reach Saudia using WhatsApp at 920022222, and here are some other common Saudia complaints phone numbers based on your region:

  • USA: 1-800-472-8342
  • UK: +44 (0) 1217900430 or +44 (0) 1613940567 or +44 (0) 2079931238
  • Canada: 1-855-588-0999

Saudia Complaints Form Online

To access the Saudia complaints form online, head to the airline’s website and, from the Help section, select Feedback & Complaints. This is by far the best contact method for Saudia complaints.

Saudia Live Chat

This airline does not offer live chat on their website. 

Submitting Your Saudia Complaints for Flight Interruptions

  1. Head to
  2. Fill in your Saudia flight info.
  3. Proceed to “Check Compensation.”
  4. Enter any extra info that may be needed according to your situation.
  5. Let AirAdvisor handle the complete Saudia complaints process from here. 

When you trust us to handle your Saudia complaints for flight disruptions, your chances of a satisfactory resolution increase. We only take a slight percentage off the top on successful claims. No compensation = no AirAdvisor fee.

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Saudia Complaints Response Time

Written Saudia complaints are acknowledged within 3 business days of receipt. In a maximum of 60 days, you should receive a substantive response from them.

FAQs: Saudia Complaints

How do I contact Saudia with complaints about flight interruptions?

You can follow two routes. First, partnering with AirAdvisor is the simplest and quickest way to resolve Saudia complaints related to flight disruptions. Second, if you’re going it alone, opt to contact them using the Saudia complaints form online in the website’s Help section.

What contact methods does Saudia have?

For email, there’s To call in the UK, it’s +44 (0) 1217900430, and in the USA, dial 1-800-472-8342. You can also use the Feedback & Complaints form on their website.

Is it worth bothering with Saudia complaints?

Yes! Aside from making sure the airline is aware of their shortcomings, you may receive compensation from £220 (€250) to £520 (€600), depending on the situation.

Does Saudia offer live chat?

No, there is no option for live chat on Saudia’s website.

Flight Compensation Calculator
Flight Compensation Calculator

Flight Compensation Calculator:

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Adekunle Ganiyu

Flight delay for more than 4 hours

Jun 10, 2024
I recently traveled with Saudia from Jeddah and my flight got delayed from 12.40 till 16.30 departure without any reason given, this is really appalling.

+7h Delay Nightmare

May 30, 2024
Rating - 1Rating - 2Rating - 3Rating - 4Rating - 5


Upon landing in Jeddah, we were scheduled to board a connecting flight at 08:25. However, we were boarded onto the aircraft where we waited for approximately two hours without any communication regarding the delay. Eventually, we were asked to disembark and wait at the gate. We waited at the gate for several hours without any information, before getting the final information of a new departure time at 13:30. Meanwhile, we were receiving multiple SMS notifications with varying departure times (09:30, 10:30, 11:30, and 13:30), adding to our confusion and anxiety. We re-boarded the plane at 13:30 and were subjected to another hour-long wait inside the aircraft, this time without air conditioning, in temperatures around 30°C, without any explanation. Once again, we were asked to disembark and ran in circles inside the bus between directing us to the boarding gate and back to the (same, seemingly damaged) plane. Throughout this period (from 08:25 until our final departure at 15:36), there was no provision of any means to contact family, access to the internet, food meals or food vouchers, or any form of compensation for the inconvenience caused. Only water and a single snack bar were provided. During our prolonged wait in the terminal and reboarding process, we observed maintenance work being conducted on the front wheel of the aircraft, exacerbating our feelings of insecurity regarding this flight. Due to these delays, we missed the wedding of someone very important to us, causing us significant distress and disappointment. We also missed our connecting flight to Lisbon, originally scheduled for 18:50. Consequently, we were informed via SMS that we were rebooked on a flight departing at 06:30 the next day, which woould significantly disrupt our schedule and rest. Upon exiting the airplane in Madrid, we were informed that we should rush to check in to collect new boarding passes for another flight, from TAP Air (TP1021), which was due to depart at 22:45, less than 2 hours after we had just landed. We managed to secure the flight, but our luggage was left behind. Furthermore, we have only received our luggage today, 5 days after our flight, and one of our bags arrived damaged. Given the severe inconvenience, lack of communication, and undue stress and anxiety caused by this experience, I am requesting a full refund of the entire booking amount due to the substandard service and significant delays experienced. Additionally, I am seeking compensation for the distress and anxiety caused by the prolonged uncertainty, lack of proper amenities, and safety concerns during the journey, as well as the damage to our luggage. Please note that we do not wish to receive any voucher as compensation, as we do not intend to travel with Saudia Airlines ever again. We request that the full refund be issued in the same form as the initial payment. I trust that you will handle this matter with the seriousness it deserves and provide a prompt resolution to our complaints. Please acknowledge receipt of this complaint and inform us of the steps being taken to address these issues and compensate us accordingly.
Preferred solution: Compensation, Refund, Reimbursement
Siti Nor Farah Shuid

Technical problems

May 25, 2024
Sure, here is a rephrased version of the report: The flight was announced to be delayed one hour before the scheduled departure time. Half an hour later, the staff informed passengers that the flight would be cancelled due to a technical problem. Passengers were then asked to collect their luggage, and assurance was given that a hotel would be provided. However, there was confusion as passengers were redirected from one counter to another without clear guidance or communication among the ground staff. Consequently, passengers arrived at the hotel four hours later than expected.

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