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United Delayed or Cancelled Flight compensation and refund

You bought one or more tickets from United Airlines and found yourself in an unpleasant situation: the flight was delayed or canceled or denied boarding? Do you still not know if compensation is due in your case?

You could claim up to €600 from United Airlines. AirAdvisor makes claiming compensation easy. If we claim your compensation, we charge a fee of 30% from the amount you receive from the airline. However, we get paid only if we successfully claim your compensation on your behalf.

Amount of compensation from United

The length of your trip and the duration of United Airlines delay determine the amount of compensation you can claim.



up to 1500 km



from 1500 km up to 3500 km



from 3500 km

How it works

Submit your claim

It only takes minutes to finish it! That way you’ll find out your preliminary eligibility – and the size of the compensation.

We fight for your rights

Our experts will be checking your eligibility in depth, contacting the airlines, working with the authorities and so on.

Receive your compensation

Once we receive the compensation, we will transfer the money to you, minus our fee. You don’t pay if we don’t win.

What happened with United Airlines clients

Recent Comments

Jean-Marc from United Kingdom (United Airlines Flight cancellation)
November 20, 2020, 2:20 am

Flight cancelled due to weather. Put on flight 2 days later. Did not assist finding hotel. Did not assist finding luggage. Did not assist paying hotel, food and drinks. Had to buy toiletry and essentials as luggage stayed in transit.

Debra from Greece (United Airlines Flight cancellation)
October 25, 2020, 12:45 pm

Shortly before boarding was to begin on Flight TK34, I asked a Turkish Airlines employee at the gate a question about seating, at which time I was informed that Istanbul would not be flying to Athens until after October 12. Not only was I told the flight would be cancelled, but that I would need to hurry to the lower level to have my husband's and my luggage pulled from the plane. I was given a Turkish Airlines number to call about booking a different flight. They helped me book a new ticket, but they did not offer to pay for it, rather I was required to pay an additional 3,500 Euros. Once finally arriving in Athens, nothing of our four checked bags had arrived. Nobody could tell us where they were, nor were we offered compensation for the purchase of essential items, even after we finally received them over a week later.

Mirko from United States (USA) (United Airlines Flight cancellation)
August 18, 2020, 2:54 am

I canceled the flight, because corona virus

We'll help you get compensation for last 3 years, if your flight was delayed, cancelled or if you were denied boarding.

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