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EasyJet Denied Boarding: How to Get Compensation for Overbooking

EasyJet Denied Boarding: How to Get Compensation for Overbooking
Jeremiah Awogboro
Written By Jeremiah Awogboro
Last Updated: April 19, 2024

Things look bright for EasyJet as it picks up from its lowest performance since 2021. The carrier served over 82 million people in 2023. Even so, it managed a no-show rate of 5%, which sometimes increases the chances of landing on an EasyJet overbooked flight.

We can’t reverse the time if you’ve been recently bumped on an EasyJet flight. However, we can guide you through the steps to claim denied boarding compensation.

The carrier has an in-house policy on who to deny boarding when more people check in for the flight than the seats available. An EasyJet Holidays spokesperson confirmed to The Independent that those requiring special assistance and possibly Holiday customers are excluded from involuntary denied boarding. Our airline compensation experts at AirAdvisor will get you settled in no time, but read on to learn the appropriate steps.

What Denied Boarding is and Why Airplanes Opt for It

EasyJet plane with a loading bridge

Airlines often review their no-show rate with other factors, like passenger numbers during peak travel seasons, to determine when to overbook a flight. They use powerful overbooking algorithms to ensure the excess of passengers who do show up is minimal. However, the chances of more passengers showing up remains feasible.

The gate agents will call for volunteers for the overbooked flight during check-in. Some airlines allow passengers to volunteer through their apps while booking their flights. If they get enough volunteers to relinquish their seats, there will be no need for involuntary denial.

Denied boarding occurs when the airline refuses to let a passenger board a flight they duly paid for. Things can get out of control, as we’ve seen in a case where the airline forcefully dragged a passenger off the flight. Hence, airlines create attractive incentives to get more volunteers and avoid giving any passengers a bumped flight experience.

Overbooking will remain a typical practice, as no law prohibits airlines from doing it. Hence, we can expect an EasyJet overbooked flight now and then.

Involuntary denied boarding does not automatically qualify you for compensation. The law has provisions where the passenger will be ineligible for compensation the same way the airline does.

Our experts have helped clients receive overbooked flight compensation from multiple airlines worldwide. Volunteering for denied boarding is the best way to avoid this uncomfortable experience. Nonetheless, there’s no need to worry.

Did you get bumped on an EasyJet overbooked flight? Learn about easyJet compensation package for your inconvenience.

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Regulations and Passenger Rights in Case of Overbooking

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has laid down principles that guide airlines on involuntary denied boarding. However, EasyJet solely determines who gets bumped and who stays, provided they stay within the law. Your passenger rights are protected by the law and company policies.

You have rights for involuntary and voluntary denied boarding. Both come with adequate compensation. Nevertheless, let’s see the regulations that govern this practice:

Involuntary Denied Boarding

EasyJet offers different rights to passengers who have been denied boarding on an overbooked flight. These rights include the following:

  • Right to compensation
  • The right to reimbursement or re-routing
  • The right to care

We will see the compensation package subsequently. In the meantime, let’s stay a bit longer on the reimbursement, re-routing, and care packages.

You can do the following under the reimbursement or re-routing package:

  • Obtain a full reimbursement for the flight if you are unwilling to continue your journey.
  • Receive a partial reimbursement if the flight was part of an overall travel plan.
  • Get re-routed to your final destination at the next possible opportunity
  • Get re-routed to your final destination when you want

The right to care provides meals and refreshments as you wait for alternative travel arrangements. It also includes hotel accommodation and transportation to and from the hotel when an overnight stay is necessary. Finally, you are entitled to two telephone calls and emails.

Late check-in makes you ineligible for denied boarding compensation. The same happens when there are safety and security concerns, like the need to accommodate a Federal Air Marshal.

EasyJet offers priority boarding to those at the gate before boarding commences. Even so, the airline avoids bumping passengers who require special assistance.

Voluntary Denied Boarding

The staff always asks for volunteers at the bag drop or the gate if there is an EasyJet overbooked flight. That is the first step before opting for involuntary denial.

While you and the airline can agree on your compensation for volunteering, the law also entitles you to an alternative flight or a refund. Vouchers and cash are permitted as incentives when voluntary denied boarding occurs.

Your Other Rights When Bumped

You have the right to inquire if there is an overbooked flight. That’ll prepare you to take up the voluntary denied boarding incentive or face the risk of getting bumped.

Regulations oblige EasyJet to provide an alternative flight. However, it is up to you to take it as soon as possible or defer it to a later date.

The airline is also obliged to provide a flight back to your starting point if you are halfway through your journey and do not wish to continue. You can also get a full refund for a return ticket if that is what you booked before getting bumped on the outbound flight.


EasyJet is obliged to reimburse your expenses for meals, refreshments, accommodation, and transportation if it cannot provide them. However, it will only reimburse a reasonable amount. Expenses for alcohol will not be reimbursed.

EasyJet Denied Boarding Compensation: How Much Can You Get?

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has fixed rates for compensation depending on the distance and the delay to arrive at your destination. EasyJet’s policies align with these, with payments in British pounds or euros.

See how much you are entitled to if you’re denied boarding on an EasyJet overbooked flight:

Distance for the flight

Delay time


Under 1,500 Km short-haul flights

2 hours or more


Under 1,500 Km short-haul flights

Less than 2 hours


1,500 Km to 3,500 Km medium-haul flights

3 hours or more


1,500 Km to 3,500 Km medium-haul flights

Less than 3 hours


Over 3,500 Km long-haul flights

4 hours or more


Over 3,500 Km long-haul flights

Less than 4 hours


Are you eligible for compensation for involuntary denied boarding? Find out how EasyJet compensates its customers.

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What to Do if EasyJet Overbooked and You Were Denied Boarding

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We’ve helped many clients claim compensation for denied boarding and other unavoidable expenses. Hence, partnering with AirAdvisor is a stress-free approach to getting what is yours. Follow the steps below to claim compensation for a bumped flight:

  1. Keep all travel-related documents safe and provide copies when needed. These include your boarding pass, luggage tag, booking information, e-ticket, etc.
  2. Collect and provide receipts for all unavoidable expenses like refreshments, accommodation, transportation, and telephone bills.
  3. Visit the AirAdvisor homepage to contact our experts.
  4. Provide all relevant information to file your claim.

You can also contact EasyJet’s customer relations team or submit your claim on its website.

Exceptions: When You Are Not Entitled to Compensation

You are not entitled to compensation if you show up late at the boarding gate. The absence of a confirmed reservation also makes you ineligible for compensation.

A downgrade in seating class does not qualify you for compensation. Instead, the airline will refund the difference in the ticket prices.

Airline Policy

EasyJet’s policy will not provide compensation if the denied boarding occurred under extraordinary circumstances. These include the following:

  • Opting for a smaller plane than what was originally scheduled for the flight
  • Safety concerns that require a reduction in weight, resulting in decreasing the number of passengers
  • The flight was cancelled after being denied boarding. Visit our cancelled flight compensation guide to learn more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refuse re-routing and opt for a refund if I am denied boarding?

EasyJet offers re-routing options for involuntary denied boarding. However, you can cancel your travel plans and opt for a refund. The airline is obliged to provide full or partial reimbursement, depending on your flight plans.

How long should I wait before contacting Aviation ADR?

You can refer your dispute to the Aviation ADR within 12 months of EasyJet’s final response. Do that if the response is unsatisfactory.

Can I defer the alternative flight after being denied boarding?

You can defer your ticket to a later date. However, ensure you receive confirmation of the alternative flight before deferring.

How long should I wait for compensation from EasyJet for denied boarding?

The airline should contact you immediately at the airport or as soon as possible. If not, contact AirAdvisor for further action.

Should I fend for myself if the alternative flight requires an overnight stay?

EasyJet will provide accommodation where possible, including transport to and from the airport. However, you can fend for yourself when this is unavailable. The airline will reimburse you in line with its policies.

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