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Jeremiah Awogboro

Awogboro Jeremiah - seasoned SEO copywriter

Job/Position: SEO copywriter

About Jeremiah Awogboro

Jeremiah is a seasoned writer, editor, and expert content promoter with extensive knowledge and eight years of experience in the digital realm. His expertise spans various industries, including medicine, aviation, cryptocurrency, finance, and travel. With a wealth of experience in article research and creation, Jeremiah possesses a unique skill set that allows him to curate well-crafted and easily relatable content for diverse audiences. His fluency in navigating different subject matters ensures that his content resonates effectively with readers across various sectors.

Career Qualifications

Jeremiah embarked on his academic journey by obtaining an MBChB degree in medicine, which established his foundation as a medical practitioner. Transitioning into the realms of marketing and journalism, he honed his understanding of pecuniary matters, demonstrating his versatile expertise.

In 2019, Jeremiah ventured into freelancing and entrepreneurship, kickstarting his path with courses that not only equipped him with versatile language skills but also nurtured his creative ingenuity as a writer.

Work Experience

In the realm of content creation, Jeremiah has collaborated with various esteemed companies and brands, such as Upflow, Content City, KB Systems, Stockapps, Stockhax, and WeInvest. Throughout these partnerships, he has undertaken diverse projects, cultivating the work ethic required for excellence in any organization.

Jeremiah's expertise in content creation extends across several core niches:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Finance
  • Aircraft and aviation
  • eBook creation
  • Travel

Personal Life

Jeremiah enjoys gaming, travelling, and reading books about aircraft. With a free-spirited nature, he also actively engages in humanitarian movements, showcasing his passion for making a positive impact beyond his professional endeavours.

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