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Contact Information

Mailing Address:

American Airlines Customer Relations 4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd Phoenix, AZ 85034


(682) 278-9000

Complaints to American Airlines: Contact Customer Support, Phone, Email

Complaints to American Airlines: Contact Customer Support, Phone, Email

Joanna Teljeur
Written By Joanna Teljeur
Last Updated: June 11, 2024

Passenger complaints against airlines have been increasing steadily since 2020. Now, the number of complaints has become so large that the DOT hasn’t been able to provide current statistics as it’s still crunching the numbers.

In an interview with Business Traveler USA, Teresa Murray of the U.S. Public Interest Research Group said,


The complaint data is pretty jaw dropping. People are still ticked off and unhappy with their airline experience. The complaints are continuing to pour in.

According to the Canadian Transportation Agency, American Airlines had 1.9 complaints for every 100 flights during the last quarter of 2023. To put this in perspective, United had 1.7, JetBlue had 7.7, and Delta had 1.7. Here, we’ll give you all the tools you need to get your American Airlines complaint ready and into the hands of the people who can help.

American Airlines plane in the air

American Airlines Contact Info

You might need to contact American Airlines for more than just flight info. You might want to complain about poor customer service or for experiencing long delays, a canceled flight, or even baggage mishandling. If you’ve experienced any of these situations, you may be entitled to American Airlines compensation.

If you’ve encountered an issue with American Airlines, your first step should always be to address your concern with the airline while you’re at the airport. Of course, this might not always be an option, in which case you can try to contact the AA corporate office.

Before you reach out, you’ll want to take some time to get all your documents and information in order so that you can provide these details quickly and easily.

American Airlines Customer Service

You might have to wait on hold for a few minutes, but you can always reach a live person by calling the American Airlines Customer Relations numbers. Again, keep all your documentation handy including your ticket and frequent flier numbers handy.

You can also sidestep the entire complaints process by filing your compensation claim with AirAdvisor. We’re well versed in dealing with large airlines, and we can cut through much of the static you might get as a passenger filing a complaint.

Check your flight details below to see if your situation is eligible for compensation.Check Your Flight

Contacting American Airlines By Phone

Toll Free Number for American Airlines

English: 800-433-7300 (Available 24/7) This number serves as the primary contact channel for inquiries and offers a free way to reach American Airlines’ customer service. Ideal for general questions, bookings or if necessary for support.

American Airlines toll free numbers in multiple languages

AAs offers customer service in a wide variety of languages, but the following list will help get you started.

Spanish: 800-633-3711 (24 hours)
French: 800-756-8613 (7am – 6 pm)
Portuguese: 866-824-8717 (6am – 7pm)
Creole: 800-833-5767 (7am – 4pm)
Japanese: 800-237-0027 (24 hours)
Mandarin Chinese: 800-492-8095 (24 hours)
Hearing & speech impaired: 711 (24 hours)

American Airlines Premium Hotline - AAdvantage

American Airlines has a special toll-free number for AAdvantage members that can be reached every day from 7am - 10pm Central Time.


Official customer service hotline - American Airlines

(682) 278-9000: This number offers another option for contacting American Airlines, but this one isn’t toll free. After completing the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) process, a short waiting time of 30 seconds is required before you are connected to an account manager.

Tips for Contacting American Airlines Customer Service

As we mentioned above, it’s a good idea to gather all relevant information so you have it at hand. American Airlines asks that you have the following information ready for submission.

  1. The names of all the passengers on your booking
  2. Your home address if you live in the U.S.
  3. Email
  4. Receipts
  5. Boarding pass and ticket numbers
  6. Travel Dates
  7. Your arrival and departure cities
  8. Reason for your complaint

Sending Complaints by email to American Airlines

E-mails are ideal for detailed inquiries, especially for compensation claims. You can keep track of what you said and also how the airline responds! Be sure to describe your case in detail and provide as much evidence as possible to support your argument. The downside for sending email communication is that it might take longer for the airline to process it.

American Airlines’ email address is:

If you get an email response from “Gemma Flint” remember that this is their AI personality. It is activated when email volume reaches a certain level, and then is deactivated once the volume falls.

Additional Services and Channels

Physical Address:

American Airlines Customer Relations
4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Fax Numbers

U.S.: 800-892-3447
International: 480-693-2759

American Airlines’ complaint form

Live chat option from American Airlines

As with most airlines, American offers a virtual assistant or live chat that you can find on their website. Just look in the lower right corner of this page on their site.

Online complaint form on the American Airlines website

You can also submit your complaint to the airline via their webform. You will notice a drop-down menu with various options.

Contact American Airlines via social media for compensation

It comes as a surprise to many that social media channels can sometimes provide the most immediate and helpful answers for passengers. If you’re left on hold or can’t contact an agent in a timely manner, you can always try the American Airlines social channels.


What to do if American Airlines's customer service doesn't respond?

Applying for compensation for flight disruptions from American Airlines or contacting the proper departments can be complex and frustrating.

If you encounter problems with customer service, can't get through, or if you don't get the support you need with your American Airlines claim, we at AirAdvisor can take the necessary steps for you.

This means we can complete your compensation form, providing relevant details about your flight interruption, and submitting all the necessary documents in order to get the best results.

Step-by-step instructions for a complaint with American Airlines

  1. Personal information: Enter your full name, contact information and address. This information should match the information you provided when booking the flight.
  2. Flight details: Insert the details of your disrupted flight, including the flight number, date, and departure and arrival airport.
  3. Type of interruption: Indicates the type of disruption - whether it’s a delay, cancellation, denied boarding, or a missed connection.
  4. Details about the delay/cancellation: If your flight has been delayed or canceled, indicate the scheduled as well as the actual departure/arrival time. If your flight was canceled, include the reason provided to you by airline staff.
  5. Information on denied boarding: If you were denied boarding on American Airlines flight, indicate whether it was a voluntary or involuntary denial and indicate the reason given by the airline.
  6. Additional costs: If you had expenses as a result of the delay, include this information as well along with the receipts for these purchases. You may be able to get reimbursed for these.

American Airlines Compensation Forms

How can I file a complaint with American Airlines?

The compensation form is a very important document that you need in order to apply for compensation from the airline. It’s used to collect all your flight and personal information in order to process your claim.

Anyone who has already tried to find these forms knows that airlines don’t make them easily accessible. Finding a template or a sample letter for American Airlines is excluded in most cases. That’s why we created these for you to use.

You can also see your potential refund in our compensation calculator. Just enter a few details about your flight with American Airlines as well as some basic details about yourself. If you are eligible for a refund, we can assist you with the application.

Refund Request Form from AA

File a complaint with AirAdvisor

One way to ensure a successful compensation claim without the confusion and frustration, is to let our legal team take care of the entire process on your behalf. We’ve been protecting passengers rights since 2017, and we win 98% of the cases we represent. Not only that, but we can do this for you risk free because we operate on a No-win, No-fee basis and our success fees are on average 5% lower than our competitors.

Get started today by entering your flight details below!Check Your Flight

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you escalate an American Airlines complaint?

If you’ve submitted a complaint to American Airlines but haven't received a satisfactory resolution, you can escalate your complaint through us at AirAdvisor. To do so, you can visit our website, submit your flight details and complaint information, and we’ll assess your claim.

If you’re eligible for compensation, we’ll handle your claim and negotiate with American Airlines for a fair settlement. If American Airlines still doesn't provide a satisfactory resolution, we can escalate your complaint to relevant authorities on your behalf, such as the Civil Aviation Authority or National Enforcement Body. Using AirAdvisor can help you escalate your complaint efficiently and increase your chances of receiving fair compensation for your flight disruption.

How long will it take to get your compensation from American Airlines?

The airline says it takes about a month to respond to your compensation request, but it can sometimes take a couple of months to get your compensation.

What do you do if you’re unhappy with the response you get from American Airlines?

If you’re unsatisfied with their response to you, you can lodge an official complaint with them about their overall service. You can also report your experience with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Flight Compensation Calculator
Flight Compensation Calculator

Flight Compensation Calculator:

Check if you are entitled to flight delay compensation in just 3 minutes.
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Free Instant Check

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No Win, No Fee


Milo Mee

Delayed 18 hours and 6 minutes

Jun 20, 2024
Rating - 1Rating - 2Rating - 3Rating - 4Rating - 5


Documents Milo
Documents Milo
Flight from ORD to Venice was delayed and arrived 18:06 hours late, therefore making me miss my shuttle two hours away to the program I am attending. I missed one full day of activities. What is American doing to remedy this, will there be compensation for this leg of my flight?
Preferred solution: Compensation, Refund, Reimbursement
Loss: 22 EUR
Ryan Mac

Cancelled flight was not compensated appropriately

Jun 19, 2024
Rating - 1Rating - 2Rating - 3Rating - 4Rating - 5


I had a series of connections, and air vs. ground travel over a period of several days that were all pretty dependent on each other. U get notified around 7 at night the day before my first flight to DFW from MCO that the flight was cancelled. They offer a new flight, except it’s something like 14 hours later, and puts me at my eventual end destination almost at midnight. The very next morning I was going to have to drive 7 hours in California for my job (active duty military), so this was putting me someone at a safety risk for exhaustion and driving while tired for that long. I cancelled everything and booked separately from AA through ATL instead. I drove my rental up there, and was pretty much able to execute my original plan. I’m now trying to get AA to compensate for the rental and fuel for this extra travel and the distant drop off location, and instead I received a crappy letter telling me they value me. Clearly I was operating under circumstances that forced me to get a new flight and drive myself. I think this is completely inappropriate of AA to not compensate me.
Preferred solution: Compensation
Mark Rutland

Flight from MYR was delayed so I missed my flight from /CLT

Jun 18, 2024
got rebooked to Chicago and then flight to Me phis was delayed for 3hour and didnt get home till 1:00 AM
Roger Kazanowski

Never received change trip money voucher

Jun 18, 2024
I was contacted by American Airlines to see if I would be willing to accept a trip voucher for accepting a change of flights from my non stop from Tampa to Dallas. Upon accepting a $450. Voucher my new arrangement was Tampa to Dallas via Philadelphia making it a very long day and a delay in Philadelphia. Upon looking at my account to see if a voucher was ever processed I saw that it wasn’t. I called and spoke to two different AA supervisors both of who couldn’t help me and said I had to send an email to customer service. Upon doing so, I still have never heard back from the company. So my suggestion, don’t accept a trip voucher invitation as it’s proving not worth it and won’t be honored.
Preferred solution: Compensation
Sungin Kim

No hotel voucher, food or blanket provided.

Jun 17, 2024
The flight AA403 scheduled to leave from BUF at 18:07 on 15/06/2024 had technical problem at the airport and they tried fix it first but could not do it. So, AA announced they will bring a new airplane from Chicago so asked us to wait for a certain time but they said they could bring it next day. So, AA announced the first flight was cancelled and requested all passengers to rebook their schedule before midnight. So, we rebooked our alternative flight coming back to our final destination(STL) arriving next day at 3:30pm. We had to stay all night at the airport(BUF) until we left the airport at 7:20 next morning. Despite our repeated request for any hotel voucher so that we could spend one night there, AA did not provide any accommodation for the reason that there were no available hotel rooms. What was worse AA did not provide us with any food so most of the passengers had to skip their meals, especially in the circumstances that most of the passengers had to struggle for rebooking thru AA at the airport. When a long queue disappeared it was midnight and all food courts were closed. We had no accommodation, no food and no blankets required to stay at the airport. For information, we missed our connecting flight at Chicago due to the delayed arrival at STL from Florida when we came to BUF on 11th June 2024 so we had to stay one night in Chicago with our own expense. And, we had to pay the hotel expense for one night of about USD400 because our booking started from 11th June to 15th June 2024. The reason for the delay at STL was known to be a bad weather in the departure airport in Florida.
Preferred solution: Compensation
Loss: 800 EUR
Dena Broemmer

Flight attendants are rude and disrespectful.

Jun 17, 2024
Rating - 1Rating - 2Rating - 3Rating - 4Rating - 5


I was on flight AA2854 Miami to Phoenix Kathy is a very disrespectful flight attendant. She was in the middle of all the aisles and when I tried to get through to go to the bathroom she yelled at me for being in her way. The male flight attendant was very nice and helpful. The women did not have a single smile on their face and everything seemed as if it was an issue. We paid alot of money for this flight and trip whereas my Husband is a platinum elite member within this company and I am very disappointed. As they were closing the overhead luggage bins, one lady took out of luggage and when we mentioned that it was ours and we could turn it sideways, she said that she would throw it in a bin upfront and continued to argue with us while we were one of the first people on the plane and it our luggage was surrounded by other people who boarded last. I don’t care about boarding numbers but it’s ridiculous that she didn’t even give us a chance to explain just went full on rude.I have never been on a flight with such rude flight attendants.

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