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Singapore Airlines Complaints - Frequent Issues, Contact Information, Recommendations

Singapore Airlines Complaints - Frequent Issues, Contact Information, Recommendations

Amy Lancelotte
Written By Amy Lancelotte
Last Updated: January 16, 2024

The last thing most passengers want to do after a flight is make a complaint, but sometimes it has to be done. Whether it’s to express disappointment with the service you’ve received or for inconvenient Singapore Airlines flight disruptions, a complaint can be worthwhile.

Here, we’ll discuss everything every passenger should know regarding Singapore Airlines complaints, complete with a summary of your rights, how to contact the company, common complaints, and how best to go about it.

What Types of Singapore Airlines Complaints Are Worth It?

When you need to get something off your chest, any Singapore Airlines complaint is worth it. That said, some complaints are more likely to result in compensation for your troubles than others. Consider these:

  • Delays: Passengers may be entitled to a maximum of £520 (€600) in flight delay compensation as long as their journey departs from an airport in the UK or EU. 
  • Cancellations: Flights cancelled by Singapore Airlines without sufficient notice can also trigger compensation similar to that for delayed flights.
  • Mishandled luggage: If Singapore Airlines mishandles a passenger’s bags, they can claim up to £1,000 (€1,300), which, like delays and cancellations, is flight route dependent.
  • Denied boarding: Let’s say a Singapore Airlines flight is overbooked, causing them to bump a ticketed passenger. In these cases, passengers may be entitled to a maximum of £520 (€600) in compensation.
  • The passenger experience: Letting the airline know when an in-flight or booking experience has been less than satisfactory may also prompt the airline to issue vouchers or discounts.

Making Singapore Airlines complaints - your rights as a passenger

Passenger Rights - the EU and UK

In the European Union and the UK, two regulations exist that mandate the necessary compensation to be issued by the airline. These are Regulation EU 261 and Regulation UK 261

Even though Singapore Airlines isn’t based in either area, these regulations will still apply as long as a flight leaves from an EU or UK airport. So, if this is the case, passengers can make Singapore Airlines complaints related to delays of 3 hours or more and flights cancelled without a minimum of 14 days' notice.


Covered by EU 261

Covered by UK 261

Flights that arrive to EU or UK airports


Flights that leave EU airports



Flights that leave UK airports



Flight distance is also a factor. For Singapore Airlines flight delays that depart from these regions that are delayed by 3 hours at least, passengers can complain to get the following:

Flight Distance

Compensation (maximum)

Under 1,500km

£220 (€250) per passenger

1,500km to 3,500km

£350 (€400) per passenger

Over 3,500km

£520 (€600) per passenger

Did your recent Singapore Airlines flight depart from the UK or Europe and experience a significant delay?Check your claim eligibility now

Singapore Airlines Complaints - Our Recommendations

Make sure that you have all your ducks in a row and know what you’ll need to have handy:

  • Be prompt. Singapore Airlines after travel complaints are best made as soon as you return home. The details won’t be fuzzy, and you’re more likely to have the documentation you need.
  • Keep all your documents and info. Have your reservation number, flight details, boarding passes, photos, correspondence, and anything else the airline may need to validate your complaint. 
  • Specify your preferred contact method. Your email will likely be required, but a direct phone number is also a good idea if you wish to speak with someone.
  • State the expected resolution. Whether it’s to resolve a Singapore Airlines service issue or a flight disruption, let them know what you expect. It may be useful to reference your passenger rights and EU/UK 261. 

How do I contact Singapore Airlines with a complaint?

Singapore Airlines Complaint Methods

For the best results and a record of your correspondence, use the Singapore Airlines complaints form online in the “Share Your Feedback” section. Here are some additional contact options:

Complaints Phone Number

To speak to someone in the UK, dial 020 7660 8988. In the US, you can call 1 (833) 727-0118. Both lines are open 24 hours.

Complaints Email Address

In the UK, the Singapore Airlines complaints email is Alternatively, in the USA, there is no official feedback email, so you’ll need to use the Singapore Airlines online complaints form.

Live Chat

Singapore Airlines has a chatbot called Kris. But if the bot can’t answer your questions, simply type “live agent,” and the system will connect you. Priority is given to KrisFlyer members, so you may need to wait a while.

Flight Interruption? Submit a Singapore Airlines Complaint Now!

  1. Visit
  2. Input the pertinent flight details.
  3. Click on “Check Compensation.”
  4. Follow the simple steps to enter a bit more info.
  5. Let us quickly review your submission to ensure nothing else is needed.
  6. Leave the rest of the Singapore Airlines complaints procedure to our experts.

We operate on the basis of no win, no pay, so on the outside chance that our team doesn’t secure you any compensation, we don’t take any payment. If we are successful, we only levy a small percentage.

Think that your latest Singapore Airlines flight may qualify for compensation? Use our simple flight checker to check instantly!Check Your Flight

Singapore Airlines Complaints Response Time

The airline generally acknowledges receipt of a complaint in 7 business days. Passengers should receive a proper response within 20.

FAQs: Singapore Airlines Complaints

How should I make my complaint to Singapore Airlines?

For Singapore Airlines complaints related to flight interruptions, your ideal partner is AirAdvisor. Let our team of industry experts handle everything for you. Otherwise, you can use the feedback forms online to submit your complaint.

What’s the Singapore Airlines complaints phone number?

In the UK, call 020 7660 8988 for their London office. In the US, call 1 (833) 727-0118 for their national call centre.

Is it worthwhile to file an official Singapore Airlines complaint?

Definitely! Complaints are one of the many ways airlines can improve their service. Additionally, when you make an official Singapore Airlines complaint for things like delayed or cancelled flights, the airline may be required to provide compensation. It’s absolutely worth checking!

Does Singapore Airlines have live chat?

Yes, most pages of the website have a small icon in the bottom right-hand corner. First, you’ll chat with a bot called Kris, but you can request to speak with a live agent as well. Note that KrisFlyer members get priority in the live chat queue.

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Flight Compensation Calculator

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Mele Howie

No reason given

May 29, 2024
two hours after we arrived at the airportwe were told that the flight had been cancelled
Donald Jordin

Don't remember

May 29, 2024
When we arrived at the airport we were taken to an area to wait and after about 1 hour we were told that the flight was cancelled and we were advised to wait for further instructions. after about 2 hours we were told that tyey would put us up in a hotel
Donald Jordin

Don't remember

May 23, 2024
We were at the airport ready to book in when they took us all aside and after about 2 hours told us that our fight had been cancelled. We waited another 2 hours and gradually they began to send people to various hotels. We had 2 day delay.

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