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How to Make a Complaint with Qatar Airways: Contacts, Email and Form

How to Make a Complaint with Qatar Airways: Contacts, Email and Form

Nicolle Harwood-Nash
Last Updated: June 14, 2024

If you've had challenges while flying with Qatar Airways, knowing how to launch an impactful Qatar Airways complaint is vital.

At AirAdvisor, we champion air traveller rights for more than 7 years. Join more than 250,000 passengers who’ve trusted AirAdvisor with their claims.

In this article, we outline the process of voicing concerns with Qatar Airways, from identifying valid complaint grounds to the specifics required in a formal Qatar Airways complaint. We also delve into how our specialised team can support you through this.

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What Can You Make a Complaint About

While flying with Qatar Airways, you may encounter scenarios deserving both complaints and possible compensation. Notably, if you experience Qatar Airways flight delays or cancellations when travelling within the United Kingdom, you may have an interest in UK compensation for delayed flights or wonder how to get compensation for a cancelled flight.

Being well-informed is essential. When delays surpass 3 hours or if Qatar Airways offers no fitting alternative for a cancelled flight, Qatar Airways delayed or cancelled flight compensation becomes relevant.

Moreover, if you're curious about a refund for a flight cancellation, or compensation after being denied boarding or missing a subsequent flight due to Qatar Airways' decisions, that's a justified avenue. Other concerns might stem from booking experiences, in-flight services, or post-flight interactions with Qatar Airways.

Know Your Rights

If you're flying on Qatar Airways within the EU, your rights are covered under EC261. Similarly, if you're travelling on the airline within the UK, your traveller rights are covered under UK261. These regulations mandate all airlines to provide compensation for specific disruptions, including significant delays or cancellations. If you find yourself impacted, asserting your air passenger rights involves using the EU261 claim form, or its UK counterpart to seek remediation.

a Qatar airplane getting ready to land

How to Make a Complaint to Qatar Airways

When lodging a complaint with Qatar Airways, precision and thoroughness are key.

  1. Start With Your Personal Information: name as per your passport, means of contact, and your booking or ticket number. This helps Qatar Airways identify and connect with you.
  2. Detail Your Flight Specifics: include flight date, flight number, and departure and arrival points. This aids Qatar in pinpointing your flight disruption.
  3. Clearly State the Problem: be it a prolonged delay, abrupt cancellation, or service-related concern. Backing up your claim with evidence like boarding slips or images bolsters your position.
  4. Specify Your Expectation: this could be a refund, apology, compensation, or changes to their services. Being clear helps Qatar Airways respond effectively. Ensure your tone is courteous to foster productive dialogue.

Ways to Make a Complaint to Qatar Airways

You can find avenues to reach out to the airline below:

Qatar Airways Complaints Email

The airline doesn't provide an email channel for complaints.

Qatar Airways Complaints Phone Number

On their 'Help' page, you can find a phone number to contact them from anywhere in the world. To speak to their UK office, for example, you can call them on +44 330 912 7415.

Qatar Airways Complaints Live Chat

They offer a live chat service on their website, which you can find on the 'Help' page.

Find out if you are owed compensation for a disrupted flight.Check Your Flight

How to Fill Out a Qatar Airways Complaints Form for Cancelled or Delayed Flights

Getting compensation from Qatar Airways is more manageable with AirAdvisor. We handle the intricacies, ensuring an effortless process:

  1. Visit the AirAdvisor website and choose 'Check Compensation' to begin. Enter details of your affected Qatar Airways flight, noting the flight number, date, and the type of disruption you faced.
  2. Depending on eligibility, you might need to provide more details, for instance, any solutions provided by Qatar Airways.
  3. Upon submission, our legal team scrutinises your claim, working with Qatar Airways to confirm details and broker your compensation.

Please note, we operate on a 'no win, no fee' basis. Our charges apply only when we secure your compensation.

Qatar Airways Response Time

Within 30 days of receiving a written complaint, Qatar Airways typically confirms its receipt in writing. Furthermore, they provide a detailed written reply to the complainant within 60 days of its receipt.

FAQ / Common Questions: Qatar Airways Complaints

Need further clarification? Find your answers below:

Is it worth complaining to Qatar Airways?

Certainly, voicing your concerns to the airline can lead to resolutions, acknowledgements, or even compensation for valid issues.

How much does Qatar Airways charge for special assistance?

Qatar offers essential special assistance to those with disabilities or mobility issues without extra fees.

Can you sue Qatar?

You can legally challenge Qatar Airways if you deduce they've breached your rights or contractual duties. It's prudent, however, to engage with a lawyer to comprehend the nuances of your case before going down that avenue.

How reliable is Qatar?

As one of the leading airlines in Qatar and the world, Qatar Airways, established in 1993, is deemed dependable for flight operations and services. Nevertheless, user experiences might differ, so checking up-to-date reviews or recent performance statistics is advised.

Flight Compensation Calculator
Flight Compensation Calculator

Flight Compensation Calculator:

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Free Instant Check

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Puran Singh Singh

Asylum seekers complaint for your support to board your flDe

Jun 13, 2024
Mr puran singh will board your flight on 19/06/2024 at 10.35 from Delhi airport He is asylum seeker Check his bags his son is already put a court case at Artesia los Angeles for asylum with his family he will not come back now he is already visited USA two times.
Preferred solution: No
Kevin Walker

i had a flight 10/06/24 manchester to doha qatar QR28

Jun 11, 2024
this was delayed by 2 hours making me miss my connecting flight which then left me waiting in airport for over 6 hours until another flight
Preferred solution: Compensation, Refund, Reimbursement, Apology / Voucher
Zahra Nuhu

I had more than 18 hours layover but they did not give hotel

Jun 9, 2024
I was eligible for a hotel and food because I had 18 hours layover. But they didn't even process the visa till when I came to the office. I had to go to 4 different desk just to get my hotel. I arrived I doha at 7.30am I waited for the immigration acceptance for 4 hours. There's no apologies or explanation. They said I should have booked hotel online. Why will I do that? They already know my layover is over 18hours they are supposed to provide visa for the hotel outside. And they didn't even offer a hotel inside and they didn't give me even a bottle of water to show some respect. They just gave me my passport back when I asked them for it. I just wasted 4 hours hungry and sleepy and tired .
Preferred solution: Compensation, Refund, Apology / Voucher
Loss: 500 EUR
Anbarasan Robin

Highly unprofessional and waste of time

Jun 8, 2024
Why are you doing so many checks from the time we have landed in Doha. Not was the case in the onward journey. Felt like treating your customer as a nut - checking the passport and the ticket once again while boarding the bus. Do you think we are security threat - what nonsense it is to check the same with in 3 Mtrs distance. Waiting for the bus. No call out zonewise. Dirty environment at C 85. Showing your mean mentality. Shame on the staff and the Airways. Never will travel in this again and will strongly recommend to everyone not to do so. Unprofessional
Preferred solution: Apology / Voucher
Tetiana Bahatska Rudnieva

Qatar airways irresponsibility

Jun 8, 2024
I’m costumer and member of Qatar airways, resident of Qatar, to my huge disappointment the Qatar airplane is not able to provide good quality services. I overpaid because of their poor customer service at the office, all of their employees telling different information which cost me time and extra expenses.
Preferred solution: Apology / Voucher
Loss: 1100 EUR
Gilles Germanos Khachan

Ticket reimbursement

Jun 8, 2024
I have canceled my ticket and was informed that I will be reimburse by 71 euro only. The reimbursement amount did not take into consideration the tax reimbursement
Preferred solution: Refund, Apology / Voucher

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