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Lufthansa Complaints: Contact Number, Email, and Form

Lufthansa Complaints: Contact Number, Email, and Form

Amy Lancelotte
Written By Amy Lancelotte
Last Updated: May 21, 2024

Chances are that if you've found this article, you have something you need to complain to Lufthansa about. Whether it’s poor customer service, flight interruptions, baggage issues, or other unsatisfactory service, we can help.

If you have an issue while travelling that requires an immediate resolution, you should contact Lufthansa by phone, but otherwise, for Lufthansa after travel complaints, you’re in the right place. We’ll detail the types of complaints that entitle you to compensation, your rights as a passenger, the ways to contact the airline directly, and how we at AirAdvisor can streamline the whole process for you.

What Can You Make a Lufthansa Complaint About?

Since you’re the customer, you can complain about whatever you want. Still, our goal is to provide information on the types of complaints that will most likely result in compensation - monetary or otherwise.

  • The most common Lufthansa complaints involve flight disruptions. In the case of a delayed flight that’s late by 3 hours or more or a flight cancellation that occurs without a minimum of 14 days' notice, passengers have the potential to claim as much as €600 in compensation. 
  • If you’ve purchased your ticket and Lufthansa has oversold the flight, resulting in you getting bumped, it’s worth it to complain about denied boarding, as this may also entitle you to compensation.
  • Another common occurrence is when Lufthansa delays or loses your luggage. In this scenario, it’s also likely that a Lufthansa complaint will end in compensation.

Flying isn’t always perfect, we know that, but if you think you've received poor service or had unnecessary difficulties during the booking process, on-board the flight, or basically at any time during your trip, submit a Lufthansa complaint. It’s important that they know about their shortcomings to correct them. In some severe cases, you can expect the airline to right their wrong with discounts, vouchers, or another kind of compensation. 

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Knowing Your Passenger Rights

Most of the complaints listed above are governed by strict regulations that specify the compensation amount you’re owed in certain situations. In Europe, it’s called Regulation EU 261/2004; in the UK, it’s Regulation UK 261/2004.

These regulations generally state that if your flight is delayed by 3 hours or more upon arrival at your destination airport, you can expect to collect between €250 and €600 for the inconvenience. The main condition for this is that the delay must be the result of something preventable by the airline and not extraordinary circumstances like bad weather.

Cancelled flights without a minimum of 14 days notice are also eligible for compensation under the same regulations, as are instances of denied boarding. The same goes for luggage that’s lost, damaged, or delayed.

Tips on how to complain to Lufthansa

Lufthansa Complaints - A Checklist

Navigating the Lufthansa complaints procedure is not without its issues. What info do you need? How do you contact the airline? How long does it take? First, here’s a useful checklist to make sure you have what you need before initiating an official Lufthansa complaint. It’s in your best interest to file your complaint ASAP while the details are fresh and to avoid certain time limits for compensation.

  • Your trip information. Lufthansa will need your full name, booking number, and possibly the date plus departure and arrival airports to find your booking.
  • Your contact information. Make sure you specify the best ways to contact you regarding your complaint. Email is ideal, but a phone number or even mailing address works as well.
  • Incident details. In the case of a complaint for a delayed flight, get the reason for the delay from the Lufthansa staff at the airport. Be specific about the details of any incident, and take notes along the way if you need to.
  • Additional documents. In some cases, you’ll be required to submit receipts for expenses due to cancellations, delays, or mishandled baggage. Keep them. You should also be prepared to provide any other supporting documents, including your boarding pass, luggage tags, photos, and any correspondence you’ve already received from Lufthansa.

How Do I Contact Lufthansa With a Complaint?

Here are the best ways to reach Lufthansa: 

Lufthansa Complaints Email

An official Lufthansa complaints email doesn’t exist, or at least it isn’t published. Instead of email, use the appropriate Lufthansa complaints form online. The 2 most common ones relate to flight interruptions and baggage irregularities.

Lufthansa Complaints Phone Number

In instances where only a phone call will do, you can contact Lufthansa’s 24-hour customer service line at +44 371 641 0401 in the UK and 1-800-645-3880 in the USA. Check their website for other country options. 

Lufthansa Complaints Live Chat

Using the online forms is generally the fastest way to resolve a Lufthansa complaint, but when you need assistance, the Lufthansa live chat function can help avoid long hold times. The Lufthansa chat assistant often pops up automatically, but “Elisa” is also available by clicking on the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of any Lufthansa website page.

How to complain to Lufthansa

Steps to Successfully Complete a Lufthansa Complaints Form Online for Flight Interruptions

It’s advisable to avoid the Lufthansa complaints procedure entirely by using an advocate like AirAdvisor. For Lufthansa complaints about flight delays or cancellations, you’ll have better results using a partner like us rather than going alone. Simply follow these steps, and your claim will be submitted in under 5 minutes.

  1. Go to the AirAdvisor homepage.
  2. Enter your airport details (departure and arrival) and click “Check Compensation.”
  3. The prompts will guide you through the information we need to confirm preliminary eligibility. 
  4. We’ll let you know if additional supporting documents are needed after a quick review.
  5. Our experienced team will submit and follow up on your behalf. 

When we successfully negotiate compensation for you, we charge a small percentage, but in rare cases, when a complaint is denied, there’s no fee. 

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Lufthansa Response Window

A claim related to flight interruptions or baggage takes Lufthansa an average of 8 weeks to respond. As for written complaints, the airline will acknowledge receipt within 30 days and, from there, will respond in no more than 60 days.

Lufthansa Complaints FAQs

How do I contact Lufthansa to complain?

Use a partner like AirAdvisor to complain on your behalf. We have an enviable success rate and have helped over 250,000 passengers claim compensation. Otherwise, using the Lufthansa complaints form online is the best way to get in touch.

Does Lufthansa ever issue refunds?

Yes, when a flight is cancelled unexpectedly and without 14 days' notice. Lufthansa is required to either book you on a new flight free of charge or refund your full ticket price.

Does Lufthansa offer live chat?

Yes, and this option is generally preferable to contacting the airline by phone. The chatbot is called “Elisa,” and if the bot can’t resolve your issue, you’ll be passed on to chat with a live customer service agent.

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Flight Compensation Calculator

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Pam Houston

Damaged baggage, late flight with little time to change

May 29, 2024
Munich to Berlin flight late, told by staff to run faster although I am 70 years of age with arthritis ins knees and spine. Baggage delayed 2 days and damaged on arrival. (Only used twice so new)
Preferred solution: Compensation
Golnaz Sajadinaini

Problems at airport

May 28, 2024
My flight canceled due to Iran safety conditions, and I contacted my travel agency to change the flight. They sent me Turkish ticket for two days later. Turkish airline canceled my ticket when I was in airport without letting me know before going to airport. I paid for taxi and also my accommodation for until 21st of April when I could fly my country by Emirates.
Vipul Tayal

Problems at airport

May 27, 2024
missed flight connection at Munich Airport, Germany. My Original Flight was scheduled for 18th May, 2024 at 01:20 Hrs from New Delhi, India to Paris, France Via Munich, Germany. Flight tickets attached. But my flight LH 763 got diverted to Vienna Airport due to shutdown of Munich Airport. The plane landed at Vienna Airport at 06:37 Hrs. Then the flight took off from Vienna Airport at 08:41Hrs and landed at Munich Airport at 09:22 Hrs. Due to which my flight connection from Munich Airport was missed. I was rebooked on a flight from Munich to Paris via Geneva. Flight details: 18th May 2024 Munich to Geneva EN 8076 scheduled for 18:30 Hrs Boarding pass attached. Geneva to Paris AF1043 scheduled for 20:40 Hrs. Boarding pass attached. I finally reached Paris at 21:45 Hrs, 18th May, 2024.
Andrew Machray


May 27, 2024
Cancellation due to strikes.
Scott Vanderley

Harassment and arbitrary, unsafe behavior by flight crew

May 27, 2024
During the boarding process, at the beginning of group 4, my wife and I were stopped by the gate crew who demanded we surrender our bags to them. This made no sense, as our bags were small and fit easily in the overhead compartments. Moreover, the plane was only about 3/4 full. Several luggage compartments were left empty at the end. When I protested, the captains of the plane (so she said) demanded that we put our luggage under the seats in front of us, and our personal items in the (wide open) luggage space. Obviously the luggage didn’t fit under our seat. This was a patently unsafe demand by the captain made sinply for punitive or vindictive purposes. The authority of captain and flight crew do not allow them to force passengers to do dangerous things. That is what happened here. The “captain” also refused to identify herself. I’ve attached one image if an empty luggage space below. There were several when the flight took off.
Preferred solution: Compensation, Refund, Apology / Voucher, At a minimum, I expect a refund and discipline for the captain and crew that forced us to do something unsafe, that said, I will he consulting my attorney and may pursue additional damages in any event.
Loss: 500 EUR
Agu Leo Nnabuike

No reason given

May 25, 2024
I have told this story before, this story is in my file already. On the 24th of April 2024 , my flight was delayed for two hours from Lagos to Frankfurt Airport. On landing at Frankfurt Airport at 08:28 minutes in the morning, I missed my connecting flight to Brussels Airport scheduled for 08:30 in the morning on 25th of April. I was delayed from 08:30 in the morning until 13:20 in the afternoon without food or water at the Frankfurt Airport, for more than four hours without food or water.

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