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Aeromexico Complaints - Contact Info, Advice, Common Issues

Aeromexico Complaints - Contact Info, Advice, Common Issues

Amy Lancelotte
Written By Amy Lancelotte
Last Updated: May 15, 2024

Based in Mexico City, Aeromexico offers over 500 daily flights around the world. While most of these departures go off without incident, sometimes something happens that merits a complaint. One of the most common Aeromexico complaints relates to delayed or canceled flights, but there are plenty of other scenarios where Aeromexico complaints are worthwhile.

As an advocate for passengers’ rights, we help our customers navigate the Aeromexico complaints procedure by filing claims on their behalf. But if you prefer to handle your Aeromexico complaints yourself, read below to get the low-down on how best to go about it.

What Aeromexico Complaints Are Worth Making?

Of course, passengers can complain to the airline about anything that bothers them, but for added value, some complaints are more rewarding than others.

In certain scenarios, Aeromexico flight delays, for example, can require the airline to compensate passengers for the inconvenience, and the same goes for flight cancelations. Mishandled luggage in the form of delayed, damaged, or lost bags is also likely to trigger an airline payout. Plus, for passengers who’ve been denied boarding due to an overbooked Aeromexico flight, compensation is possible, so making Aeromexico after travel complaints is recommended.

Aside from the above issues, if you’ve received what you think is poor service from the airline anywhere in the booking or flying process, filing an official Aeromexico complaint could result in future discounts with the airline or travel vouchers. 

A Guide to Passenger Rights

In the United Kingdom and the European Union, there are two regulations that dictate how an airline must respond to instances of canceled or delayed flights. They are called Regulation UK261 and Regulation EU261.

Since we know that Aeromexico isn’t based in either of these regions, in order to invoke your passenger rights, your flight needs to depart from an airport in either the UK or the EU. If your route meets this criteria and your flight has been canceled without at least 14 days' notice or your flight was delayed for more than 3 hours, it’s worth making an Aeromexico complaint.

Compensation can range from €250 to €600 and is based generally on the flight distance. Here is a summary of the 2 main factors:


Covered by EU 261

Covered by UK 261

Flights arriving to EU or UK airports


Flights leaving EU airports



Flights leaving UK airports



And if your flight qualifies and was delayed by 3 hours or more, this is what you can expect:



Flights under 1,500km

Up to €250 per person

Flights from 1,500km to 3,500km

Up to €400 per person

Flights over 3,500km

Up to €600 per person

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Aeromexico Complaints - Our Expert Tips

Use this checklist to increase the chances of a favorable Aeromexico complaint outcome:

  • Don’t waste time. Once you’re done with traveling start the Aeromexico complaints procedure right away. Details will be fresh in your mind, ultimately making everything that much easier.
  • Keep it all! You may need things like your reservation number, photos of damages, boarding passes, records of correspondence, or any other documentation to validate your claim. 
  • Your details. Make it simple for Aeromexico to respond to you by providing your email and cell number.
  • State your desired outcome. Be clear about what you expect to happen to rectify your Aeromexico complaint. Reference your EU/UK passenger rights if needed. 

How do I contact Aeromexico with a complaint?

Aeromexico Contact Methods

Admittedly, the methods of contacting Aeromexico are somewhat limited, as there is no readily available Aeromexico complaints form online. Here are the various options:

Aeromexico Complaints Phone Number

By far, the best way to contact the airline to resolve a complaint is by making a call to their call center. In Canada and the US, call 1-800-237-6639. In the UK, call 0800 9775 533.

Aeromexico Complaints Email Address

If you prefer to avoid the phone, the Aeromexico complaints email is The response times are significantly longer than using the call center, but it’s a good option instead of the non-existent Aeromexico complaint form.

Aeromexico Live Chat

There is no option to contact Aeromexico via live chat.

Submit an Aeromexico Complaint for a Disrupted Flight

  1. Visit
  2. Input your flight info right on the homepage.
  3. Click the button “Check Compensation.”
  4. The prompts will guide you through entering a bit more information.
  5. Our experts review your submission and will respond if anything additional is needed.
  6. We will handle everything from here until your Aeromexico complaint is resolved.

The only thing to note is that we do take a small percentage of the compensation paid out on successful claims. But, if you do not receive anything, we don’t either.

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FAQs: Aeromexico Complaints

How should I complain to Aeromexico?

The easiest way is to partner with us at AirAdvisor. We handle the whole Aeromexico complaints procedure after obtaining some info from you. Otherwise, your best choice is to contact them by phone.

What’s the Aeromexico complaints phone number?

The airline has call centers based on location. In the US or Canada, call 1-800-237-6639, and in the UK, use 0800 9775 533.

Should I bother with an Aeromexico complaint?

Absolutely! By complaining, passengers on certain interrupted flights may be entitled to up to €600 in compensation. Also, complaining about customer service issues helps the airline fix any issues and could result in discounts or flight vouchers for future trips.

Does Aeromexico have live chat?

No, the company does not have live chat. Instead, calling them is the best option for an immediate response.

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