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Virgin Atlantic Complaints: Contact Number, Email, and Form

Virgin Atlantic Complaints: Contact Number, Email, and Form

Amy Lancelotte
Written By Amy Lancelotte
Last Updated: May 23, 2024

Encountering a problem with Virgin Atlantic that merits an official complaint is never fun, but sometimes you have to speak up. In certain cases, making a complaint entitles you to Virgin compensation; in others, it can be essential to let the airline know their shortcomings.

This guide to Virgin complaints will cover common issues like flight delays and cancellations, baggage problems, poor service, and how to contact the airline while ensuring you know your rights. Here’s everything you need to know about making a Virgin Atlantic complaint:

Types of Virgin Atlantic Complaints

Technically, you can complain to Virgin about anything unsatisfactory, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. The Virgin complaints process can be time-consuming, so try to pick your battles. These are the kinds of Virgin complaints that are most likely to see a positive and measurable outcome:

  • Flight delay compensation - If a delay causes your arrival time at your destination to be 3 hours late or more, submitting a Virgin complaints form may entitle you to up to £520 in compensation, depending on the flight distance.
  • Cancelled flight compensation - When a Virgin Atlantic flight is cancelled without proper and sufficient notice, passengers can file a complaint for a full refund and expenses incurred as a direct result of the cancellation.
  • Denied boarding: Passengers can be denied boarding for a few reasons, but if you are not permitted to use your booked ticket due to Virgin overselling the flight, compensation is possible if you complain.
  • Delayed and lost bags: The mishandling of bags is unfortunately quite common, so if Virgin damages, loses, or delays your luggage, that’s cause to complain.
  • Disappointing service: Poor service can happen pretty much anywhere in the travel process, so if you are dissatisfied with the cabin crews, booking system, or any other facet that reflects poorly on Virgin, let them know. You may receive vouchers for future travel or a full or partial refund, depending on how bad the issue is.

Passenger Rights - Regulation UK 261

In the UK, Regulation UK 261 dictates how airlines must handle most of the complaints listed above. In general, the compensation amount is between £220 and £520 for flight disruptions, including cancelled or delayed flights, missed connections, and denied boarding.  

Start the Virgin complaints procedure immediately if any of these happened on your last flight. Or, better yet, use AirAdvisor to file the Virgin complaint on your behalf to avoid the frustration.

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Helpful Hints for Virgin Complaints

When you want to increase the chances of a successful claim, other than partnering with AirAdvisor, this is what you should do:

  • Don’t wait too long to fill out the Virgin complaints form. Whether for poor service or a flight interruption, it’s best to submit your complaint while the details are fresh.
  • Keep your documents. Virgin may need to see your booking reservation, other travel documents, and any correspondence you’ve received from the airline.
  • Be specific. Reference exact dates and times, especially when making a Virgin complaint for flight delays. Give your full name, contact info, flight details, and anything else pertinent. Also, be clear about what happened, who you have already communicated with, and what it will take to resolve the issue.

How to contact Virgin Atlantic with a complaint


Contacting Virgin Atlantic With Your Complaint

Now that we’ve covered common issues and tips, you probably wonder, “How do I contact Virgin with a complaint?” Well, there are a few ways:

Virgin Atlantic Complaints Email Address

The general email to contact customer service is They also provide a Virgin complaints form online for a variety of situations. They have links for everything from bookings to baggage to refunds, so just click through and fill it all out. Virgin states that this is the fastest way to get a response to complaints, so keep that in mind.

Virgin Atlantic Complaints Phone Number

When you need to get a hold of an actual person to start the Virgin Atlantic complaints procedure, you can use 0344 209 2722 to speak to a customer service representative. This line is open 24/7, which is a nice feature. For Virgin Atlantic Holidays issues, the phone number is 0344 472 9646, and it’s open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6:30 pm. On the weekend, the hours are slightly shorter.

Virgin Atlantic Live Chat

As with most companies these days, the Virgin website offers a live chat function. You’ll start with a bot to answer the most common questions, but you can request to chat with an agent anytime. This live chat function is also available 24/7.

Steps for Filling Out a Virgin Atlantic Complaints Form - Delayed or Cancelled Flights

When you experience a cancelled or delayed Virgin Atlantic flight, AirAdvisor is here to help. The process is super quick and easy to navigate.

  1. Use the AirAdvisor Check Compensation tool on our homepage to determine your eligibility.
  2. Provide relevant details. We’ll need the details of your flight, including flight number, departure and arrival times, and a brief summary of the issue.
  3. Additional documents submission. We'll let you know if we need further details or documents to review the situation.
  4. Our review. We’ll review everything and take on the Virgin Atlantic complaints procedure from there.

Using a well-established company like us to make your flight interruption complaint is much easier. Our success rate is higher than if you do the Virgin after travel complaints yourself. And we only get paid if you do, so we only deduct a small percentage on successful claims. 

Start a Virgin flight interruption complaint today with us to get the compensation you’re entitled to.Check Your Flight

Virgin Atlantic Complaints Timeframe

When you write or email Virgin, they say you’ll receive a response within 7 days. As mentioned, filling out their online complaints form is the fastest way to a resolution.

Virgin Atlantic Complaints FAQs

How do I contact Virgin with a complaint?

Use AirAdvisor. When you don’t want to go through a lengthy process yourself, we’re here to help. Starting a claim takes less than 5 minutes, and our success rate is only one of the reasons we have over 250,000 satisfied customers. Otherwise, the Virgin complaints form is the best option.

What’s the easiest way to contact Virgin?

The online form or live chat are the best methods of contact. You’ll get the quickest response and won’t wait as long as you would using email or calling.

Does Virgin ever issue refunds?

Virgin Atlantic must either rebook your flight at no charge or issue a full ticket refund for cancelled flights.

What’s Virgin Atlantic’s complaint response time?

Virgin Atlantic generally responds to complaints and other correspondence in no more than 7 working days.

Is Virgin Atlantic reliable?

The data we gathered from our research on the top UK airlines showed us that Virgin is one of the most reliable airline choices in the UK. The only airlines with fewer cancelled flights and more on-time arrivals in 2022 and 2023 were Blue Islands and Jet2. Not too bad!

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