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Transportes Aéreos Portugueses S.A. Aeroporto de Lisboa, Building 27, 10th Floor Lisbon, Portugal, 1704-801

How to Make a Complaint with TAP Air Portugal: Contacts, Email and Form

How to Make a Complaint with TAP Air Portugal: Contacts, Email and Form

Nicolle Harwood-Nash
Last Updated: May 21, 2024

If you face issues while travelling with TAP (Transportes Aéreos Portugueses) Air Portugal, it's essential to know how to submit an effective TAP complaint. At AirAdvisor, our goal is to uphold air passengers' rights. Overall, more than 240,000 clients have trusted AirAdvisor with their flight claims over the last 7 years.

In this guide, we highlight how to address concerns with Air Portugal, detailing issues that give you grounds on which to complain, what details to include when formally submitting a complaint, and tips for effectively engaging with the airline. We also cover how our expert team can assist you with the process. To increase your chances of success, click the button below to get expert help from our team of lawyers.

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What Can You Make a Complaint About

When travelling with TAP Air Portugal, various situations might warrant a complaint and, in some cases, compensation. For instance, you might complain if you face a TAP flight delay, cancellation, denied boarding or miss a connecting flight as a result of TAP's doings.

Should you wonder how long flight delay for compensation, or how to claim cancelled flight compensation, understanding the criteria can help. For prolonged delays (3 hours or more) that disrupt your journey, you can seek TAP delayed or cancelled flight compensation. If TAP cancels your flight without offering a satisfactory alternative, you're entitled to explore the 'cancellation of flight ticket refund' option.

Besides delays and cancellations, there are other scenarios, like issues during booking, in-flight services, or post-flight customer care, where you might lodge a TAP complaint.

Know Your Passenger Rights

Europe air passenger rights are protected by EU261. This regulation mandates that airlines pay compensation for various inconveniences, such as delays or cancellations when travelling within the EU or on an EU-based airline. If you've faced such disruptions, submitting a 261 claim form is your pathway to seeking redress.

How to Make a Complaint to TAP

When submitting a grievance to TAP Air Portugal, clarity and detail are paramount.

  1. Start With Your Personal Information: name (as on passport), contact info, and booking or ticket reference. This aids TAP in recognising and reaching out to you.
  2. Detail Your Flight Specifics: flight date, number, and both the departure and arrival locations. This assists TAP in pinpointing the exact travel event.
  3. Clearly State the Problem: be it a delay, cancellation, or service flaw. Including proofs like boarding passes or photos strengthens your case.
  4. Mention What You Seek: whether it be compensation, apology, refund, or service changes. Clear expectations help TAP act effectively. Always communicate professionally to enhance resolution chances.

Ways to Make a Complaint to TAP

Below, you can find information on how to contact the airline:

TAP Complaints Email

They don't provide a complaints email address, though you can start email contact with the airline by submitting a complaints form, found on the 'contacts' page of their website.

TAP Complaints Phone Number

You can call them at any time on +351 211 234 408.

TAP Complaints Live Chat

 They don't offer a live chat on their website but offer online support on Facebook and Twitter.

Disrupted flight? You might have a right to compensation - up to €600.Check Your Flight

How to Fill Out a TAP Complaints Form for Cancelled or Delayed Flights

Claiming compensation from TAP Air Portugal is streamlined with AirAdvisor's support. We manage the complexities, simplifying the process for you:

  1. Begin on the AirAdvisor website by selecting 'Check Compensation' to initiate your claim. Input particulars of your disrupted TAP flight: flight number, date, and disruption type (delay or cancellation).
  2. Depending on your eligibility for compensation, further details, like delay duration or TAP's alternative offers, might be needed next.
  3. Once submitted, our legal specialists thoroughly assess your claim, liaising with TAP to validate facts and negotiate your compensation.

Remember, with AirAdvisor, you benefit from a 'no win, no fee' approach. Fees apply only when we successfully secure your compensation.

TAP Complaint Response Time

TAP Air Portugal is given a 30-day window to address your complaint. In their reply, they'll indicate if your complaint is acknowledged or dismissed, and upon acceptance, they'll present a compensation proposal.

FAQ / Common Questions: TAP Complaints

Still seeking answers? You might find them below:

Is it worth complaining to TAP?

Yes, it's worth voicing concerns to TAP as they may address genuine issues, offer resolutions or compensate for disruptions.

How much does TAP charge for special assistance?

Airlines under EU regulations, including TAP, are required to provide basic special assistance to persons with disabilities or reduced mobility at no extra charge.

Can you sue TAP?

Yes, like any other business entity, you can take legal action against TAP if you believe they have violated your rights or contractual obligations. However, it's recommended to consult with a legal professional about the specifics of your situation before doing so.

How reliable is TAP?

TAP Air Portugal is Portugal's national flag carrier and has been in operation since 1945. It's generally considered reliable in terms of flight operations and services, but individual experiences may vary. It's always beneficial to check recent reviews or performance metrics.

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Flight Compensation Calculator

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Patricia Putnam

Spent 20 minutes on Chat Line. No firm answer.

May 21, 2024
Used Chat Line on 5/21/24 at 7:37am, EST, for a simple clarification of Carry-on Guidelines. Aisla Castro simply quoted what was on the site. I knew that. My question was: Can I bring: 1 Personal Item, 1 Hand Baggage AND a CPAP machine…at no additional cost. Per the Americans with Disabilities Act, CPAP machines are classified as “medical equipment” and are NOT COUNTED towards your carry-on quota!! I wanted her to confirm this. We know about the 48 he prior flight protocols/form. We run into an issue every time we travel. She continued to quote what was on site. I asked for a manager. She said no manager was available. Then she cut off the chat. This is a straight forward question. If an agent can’t answer it…they should escalate it to someone else…their manager. This is the law in the United States. Is a Portuguese based company exempt from this ? We should not have to pay an additional fee if they are “doing business I. The USA.” Can someone from TAP Legal Department give me a straight answer? Thank you.
Preferred solution: Clarification of the carry-on quota policy at TAP. Aren’t you allowed 1 Hand Bag, 1 Personal Item AND a CPAP machine at no additional cost? The Americans with Disabilities Act states that medical equipment, like a CPAP machine, does not count toward your carry-on quota. It is allowed in the cabin at no additional cost, as a 3rd piece.
Loss: 50 EUR
Olivier Zoppi

Não fornecido

May 20, 2024
Recebi varios emails com o atraso do voo. E 2horas antes do voo mandaram email a dizer que estava cancelado sem dar nenhuma alternativa. Como pode ver no email De seguida fui a app da tap e agendei um voo para hoje as 12h que tambem esta atrasado ja a uma hora e meia neste momento

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