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AlbaStar Complaints - Contact Info, Procedures, Common Complaints, and How Our Experts Can Help

AlbaStar Complaints - Contact Info, Procedures, Common Complaints, and How Our Experts Can Help

Amy Lancelotte
Written By Amy Lancelotte
Last Updated: June 03, 2024

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Unless you’ve already traveled to Spain’s Balearic Islands, you may not have heard of the small private airline called AlbaStar. Headquartered at Palma de Mallorca Airport, the carrier only has a fleet of about 5 planes, each seating just under 200 passengers.

But, as you probably already know, just because an airline is small doesn’t mean there won’t be AlbaStar flight disruptions or other causes for complaint. We’ve put together a complete guide to AlbaStar complaints.

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Most Common AlbaStar Complaints

Aside from being the most common AlbaStar complaints, these issues are the most likely to result in compensation of up to €600 from the airline to make them worthwhile:

Knowing your AlbaStar passenger rights makes complaining easier

Rights of AlbaStar Passengers

The reason the above AlbaStar complaints are likely to trigger compensation is due to something called EU Regulation 261. As a Spanish airline, AlbaStar is required to issue payouts in those circumstances, with a few caveats.

However, for luggage, that’s mandated by the Montreal Convention. For customer service issues, there is no official requirement to issue compensation, but sometimes passengers receive things like discounts and travel vouchers to compensate for the issue.

For flight delays, the compensation generally ranges from €250 to €600, depending on the distance of your AlbaStar flight. Here is a quick summary:

Delay Time at Destination

Flight Distance

Flights under 1500km

Internal EU flights of more than 1500km

Non-internal EU flights from 1500km to 3500km

Non-internal EU flights exceeding 3500km

Less than 3 hours


3 hours or more





AlbaStar Complaints - A Few Tips

Keep these suggestions in mind when you need to submit any AlbaStar after travel complaints:

  • Don’t wait too long. As time goes by, details can be forgotten, and pertinent documents can be lost. The best course of action is to submit your AlbaStar complaints as soon as you get home.
  • Don’t throw things out. Keep all your documents, photos, and correspondence until your claim has been resolved.
  • Provide your direct contact details. When AlbaStar needs to contact you about your complaint, make sure they have the best phone number and an email you check often so that the process doesn’t drag out.
  • State your expected outcome. Be clear about what the airline needs to do to fix the issue. If the AlbaStar complaint is related to flight interruptions, quoting Regulation EU 261 and the expected compensation never hurts.
We assume all legal costs

All you have to do is submit the application and wait for the compensation to be received

Ways to Contact AlbaStar

As a small airline, AlbaStar doesn’t seem to have the selection of contact methods of other larger airlines. And ultimately, the best way to contact them is by using the online forms. Prefer to talk to someone or email? These are all your options:

AlbaStar Complaints Email Address

Although not the most expedient contact method, the AlbaStar customer service email address is

AlbaStar Complaints Phone Number

From Spain, the toll-free number is 900 82 88 53, or you can call +39 095/311503 from elsewhere.

AlbaStar Complaints Form

Using the AlbaStar website, you can contact the airline to file a complaint using the official AlbaStar online complaints form. It’s easy to find and is called the Compensation Complaint Form. You can also use the website simply to send them a message.

AlbaStar Live Chat

There is no live chat function available on the website.

Best methods for submitting AlbaStar complaints

Submitting an AlbaStar Complaint in 5 Steps or Less (Flight Disruptions)

  1. Visit
  2. Provide some preliminary flight details.
  3. Click “Check Compensation.”
  4. Enter a bit more info to validate your situation and submit.
  5. AirAdvisor’s experienced team will review everything and submit the AlbaStar complaint for you. We’ll also follow up until the request is resolved.

Our services operate on a no-win, no-fee structure. So, on the outside chance that we are not successful, you’re charged nothing. If your AlbaStar complaint does result in compensation, we’ll only collect a small percentage.

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FAQs: AlbaStar Complaints

How do I contact AlbaStar with a complaint?

You can contact them using the Albastar online complaint form and wait for a response. Alternatively, if you don’t want to waste your own time, you can start a claim super fast with AirAdvisor, and we’ll do everything for you until the complaint is resolved.

What’s the AlbaStar complaints phone number?

As a small airline, there is really only one call centre for general customer service and the booking department. It’s 900 82 88 53 (toll-free) in Spain and +39 095/311503 from outside the country.

What’s the AlbaStar response time?

Written AlbaStar complaints, whether by mail or online, will receive a response within 6 weeks.

Is filing AlbaStar complaints worth it?

Definitely. Your complaints can help the airline improve, and since AlbaStar is based in Europe, Regulation EU 261 applies to its flights. This regulation alone can get you between €250 and €600 in compensation just for making a flight disruption complaint.

Does the AlbaStar website have live chat?

No, unfortunately. As a small airline, AlbaStar doesn’t offer live chat as a contact method.

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