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Air Malta Compensation for Flight Delays and Cancellations

Use your rights to claim up to €600 for a cancelled or delayed flight with Air Malta

Air Malta, often just called Malta, proudly flies the Maltese flag. Established in 1973, Malta is a seasoned airline, delivering both domestic and international flights and connecting the Mediterranean islands to destinations throughout the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Despite its reputation for exemplary customer care and consistency, there can still be occasional flight disruptions. Being aware of your passenger rights is crucial when such situations arise. We have helped more than 250,000 passengers all over the world with a 98% win rate for the last 7 years! 4.6/5 based on 15,021 reviews

In this article, our experienced team at AirAdvisor covers everything you need to understand about your rights as an Air Malta passenger and how we can assist you if you need to file a compensation claim. Just click the button below.

Air Malta Compensation for Flight Delays and Cancellations
Nicolle Harwood-Nash
Last Updated: November 21, 2023


  • If your Air Malta flight is delayed over 3 hours, you may have the right to claim up to €600 in compensation.
  • With regards to Air Malta flight cancellations, you're likely to receive at least a full ticket refund. 
  • Flight cancellations by Air Malta within 14 days of the intended departure might make you eligible for an additional financial settlement alongside your refund.
  • You have 6 years in which to seek compensation for any flight disruptions.
  • Our 'Compensation Check' tool at AirAdvisor allows you to swiftly find out your eligibility for compensation.
  • Should a claim need to be filed, our team at AirAdvisor is here to handle it, ensuring you receive your rightful compensation with the least stress.

Your Rights in Case of Flight Disruption

Being aware of your air passenger rights in the European Union (EU) and United Kingdom (UK) is crucial when you're seeking compensation for flight-related issues with airlines like Air Malta.

EU Air Passenger Rights

If you're travelling with an EU-based airline like Air Malta, EU Regulation 261/2004 covers your passenger rights. This law gives a broad set of rights related to various flight disruptions such as delays, cancellations, denied boarding, and missed connections. 

If you encounter such disruptions when flying with Air Malta, you could be entitled to Air Malta flight compensation depending on the specifics and duration of the delay.

Passenger Rights in the UK

When flying inside the UK or departing from a  UK airport, your air passenger rights are covered under UK261. This law parallels the EU261 and provides comparable stipulations that safeguard your rights if you're travelling from the UK or on UK-based airlines. 

Like EU261, it addresses flight disruptions, including delays, cancellations, denied boarding, and missed connections. Should you encounter these disruptions when flying out of the UK with Air Malta, you might be entitled to a UK261 claim.

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What to Do in Case of Flight Disruption

To facilitate your compensation claim for flight issues with Air Malta, here are some strategic steps you may consider following:

  1. Engage in dialogue with Air Malta: Open lines of communication with Air Malta's customer support, either in-person at the airport, over the phone, or online. Seek clarity on the disruption's cause and request a written statement for your records.
  2. Safeguard key documents: Keep hold of essential travel paperwork, including tickets, boarding passes, and any related receipts that relate to the disruption.
    These are required to solidify your compensation claim with Air Malta. Also, retain any written interactions you’ve engaged in with the airline for future reference.
  3. Insist on the provision of essential care: If an Air Malta flight you’re on faces a disruption causing a delay at the airport, the airline is obligated to provide for your basic needs. This includes making food, drinks, communication amenities, and accommodation available if required.
  4. Try out AirAdvisor's 'Compensation Check' tool: Harness the benefits of AirAdvisor's 'Compensation Check' tool to assess your eligibility for compensation from Air Malta. This tool helps to rapidly compute the potential compensation due to you based on the specifics of your flight disruption.

Following these guidelines and leveraging resources such as AirAdvisor's 'Compensation Check' tool we mention above can streamline and accelerate your compensation claim process after experiencing a flight disruption.

Things to Avoid

Now that you're aware of the recommended actions, here are some actions to steer clear of when dealing with a flight delay, cancellation, overbooking or missed connection:

  • Acceptance of airline vouchers: It's advisable to avoid accepting airline vouchers as compensation since they often come with restrictions, remain unused by many travellers, and could compromise your right to seek financial compensation later on. By rejecting a travel voucher from Air Malta during a flight issue, you can secure your passenger rights and retain the option to claim monetary compensation or pursue legal action if needed.
  • Signing agreements prematurely: It's important not to hastily sign agreements without thorough scrutiny, as they might unknowingly waive your passenger rights or lead you to accept insufficient compensation. Taking the time to comprehensively understand the agreement's contents, referencing EU261, and seeking professional advice if necessary, can ensure your right to adequate compensation remains and empower you to make a decision with confidence.
  • Jumping at the first offer: Just as you shouldn't hastily sign agreements, don't quickly accept the first compensation offer that Air Malta presents. This might result in settling for compensation that doesn’t shape up to what you're rightfully entitled to according to the relevant regulations. Diligence and awareness of your passenger rights are key. Don't hesitate to look into all your options to maximise the potential of your claim.
  • Postponing contact: Despite the inconvenience, it's crucial not to delay reaching out to Air Malta when you experience a disruption. Postponed communication could impede your ability to gather the required information and evidence for your compensation claim. It's beneficial to establish contact as soon as possible to keep a transparent timeline of events and enhance the likelihood of a successful claim.

Overlooking vital documentation: Neglecting to preserve relevant documentation, such as written or digital correspondences with the airline about the flight disruption, is a common pitfall. These records are crucial for substantiating your compensation claim. Also, documenting your expenses and any losses incurred can fortify your case and facilitate a fair compensation outcome.

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Flight Delay Compensation Rights

Experiencing a delay of over 3 hours with Air Malta generally entitles you to seek financial redress for the inconvenience endured. Regulations present explicit directives on EU flight delay compensation and UK flight delay compensation sums, with factors like the duration of the delay and the distance of the affected flight taken into consideration.

It's key to understand, however, that delays owing to exceptional circumstances beyond Air Malta's control usually relieve them of the obligation to provide passengers with monetary compensation.

Depending on the specifics of the delay, compensation can vary from €250 per passenger for a delayed short-distance flight, €400 for a delayed medium-haul flight, to as much as €600 per passenger for a substantially delayed long-distance flight.

Flight Cancellation Compensation Rights

If Air Malta unexpectedly cancels your flight, you may have the right to lodge a compensation claim for the resulting disruption. The regulations in both the UK and EU distinctly outline the compensation figures for flight cancellations, factoring in aspects such as the flight distance and the timing and notification of the cancellation.

Should Air Malta terminate your flight within a 14-day window of your confirmed departure date, you might be eligible for Air Malta flight cancellation compensation. Depending on the specific circumstances of the cancellation, you could receive between €250 for a short-distance flight, €400 for a medium-haul flight, and up to €600 per passenger for a long-distance flight.

Like with Air Malta delayed flight compensation, the airline's obligation to pay compensation for cancelled flights only applies if the cancellation is due to reasons within their control, such as technical or logistical issues.

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Airline Refund

If you're planning on flying with Air Malta and pondering, "Can I reclaim my fare if I revoke my flight?", unfortunately, there's no one-size-fits-all answer concerning airline ticket refund law. The refund regulations for flight terminations with Air Malta can differ based on various determinants, including the type of ticket and its specific stipulations. We recommend you scrutinise the terms and conditions associated with your ticket to comprehend the exact refund norms applicable to your situation.

While certain situations may entitle you to refunds, your eligibility and the refund sum may hinge upon multiple factors. For precise and comprehensive data regarding flight reimbursement, we urge you to obtain information straight from Air Malta.

Denied Boarding Compensation Rights

If you, unfortunately, face involuntary boarding denial in the UK or EU while journeying with Air Malta, rest assured that your rights are protected, and you could be eligible for flight compensation for overbooking. UK and EU regulations safeguarding the rights of passengers denied boarding, ensure you're treated justly and offered appropriate reparation for the inconvenience you encountered.

The Air Malte denied boarding compensation sum depends on factors like the distance of the flight you couldn't board and the reasons leading to your boarding denial. Depending on these conditions, you could be entitled to a compensation amount ranging from €250 to €600.

Missed Connection Compensation Rights

In the event a delay on an Air Malta flight causes you to miss a connecting flight, you could be eligible for Air Malta missed flight connection compensation for the ensuing inconvenience. The regulations governing compensatory claims for missed connecting flights due to delays, within UK and EU territories, establish the compensation amounts. These sums are calculated based on how fare your missed connecting flight travelled and how much impact it had on your travel itinerary.

If Air Malta's actions resulted in a missed connection, you may be entitled to compensation ranging from €250 for short-haul, €400 for medium-haul, to €600 per passenger for a long-distance journey, depending on the specifics of the missed connection. Like with Air Malta cancelled flight compensation and delayed flight compensation, their obligation to compensate for denied boarding and missed connections typically applies when the disruption is attributed to their mishandling.

Extraordinary Circumstances

Flight interruptions occasionally arise from unforeseen scenarios that are outside the airline's jurisdiction. Such events are unpredictable occurrences that hamper or prevent the airline from adhering to its flight schedule. Unforeseen scenarios could encapsulate extreme weather conditions, air traffic control restrictions, political unrest, substantial security risks, health emergencies, and labour strikes.

Under such situations, you might not be in luck for receiving compensation under UK261 or EU261. However, airlines, including Air Malta, are still obligated to ensure your well-being and provide assistance during a flight disruption, which may encompass meals, lodging, and alternative transport arrangements.

Each flight disruption case is individually evaluated to ascertain whether unforeseen circumstances were involved, considering the specific context and evidence at hand. While disruptions can be challenging, grasping the notion of unforeseen scenarios can aid in managing expectations.

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Disrupted flight? You might have a right to compensation - up to €600.Check Your Flight


Delve into an array of frequently asked questions concerning flight difficulties when travelling with Air Malta:

What to do When Your Air Malta Flight is Cancelled?

If Air Malta announces a flight cancellation, you could consider implementing the following measures:

  1. Stay apprised: Continually update yourself with the most recent news pertaining to the cancellation, through resources like Air Malta's official website or mobile app.
  2. Connect with Air Malta: Reach out to the airline's customer service team promptly. They'll provide guidance in response to the cancellation. Ensure you have your booking particulars and any pertinent information at hand when contacting them.
  3. Alternative flight options: Enquire about the alternate flight opportunities that Air Malta can offer. They usually present alternative flights for travellers impacted by cancellations. Nevertheless, be aware that availability might be scarce during peak travel periods or during extensive disruption scenarios, so it's advisable to reach out to them as soon as possible to avoid missing out on limited options.
  4. Compensation prospects: Based on the reasons for the cancellation and the regulations in place, you might be eligible for compensation under EU261. The airline can advise you on your passenger rights and the compensation choices available to you.
  5. Document and retain all communications: Preserve copies of all communication with Air Malta, including emails and any relevant booking paperwork. This evidence could be essential for future reference or escalation, if necessary.
  6. Let AirAdvisor carry the burden: If you're interested in claiming compensation for your cancelled flight but reluctant to navigate the claim process, AirAdvisor's at your service. You can verify your eligibility for compensation on our website and, if you qualify, we can manage the claim process for you.

What If I Cancel My Air Malta Flight? Can I Get a Refund?

If circumstances force you to cancel your Air Malta flight, you may question the likelihood of a refund. Your refund eligibility typically relies on the nature of your ticket and the conditions of your fare. Refundable tickets usually allow a full or partial refund, depending on specific conditions and relevant fees, while non-refundable tickets seldom offer a refund.

To comprehend the specific refund policy applicable to your ticket, review the fare conditions and terms outlined in your booking confirmation. For more detailed information on refund opportunities based on your fare type, it's advisable to directly contact Air Malta's customer service.

It's crucial to understand that exceptions or alternate solutions might be available for non-refundable tickets, so it's always worthwhile to enquire with Air Malta about any potential options.

We also advise you to review your travel insurance policy to verify if it covers cancellations, including those relating to non-refundable tickets. Ensure you retain all related documents and communication with Air Malta for future needs, as they might be necessary for any refund inquiries or claims you intend to make.

How Long Does it Take to Get Air Malta Flight Delay Compensation?

After filing your Air Malta compensation claim for a flight delay, the company commences a verification process to establish the legitimacy and eligibility of your claim.

The evaluation procedure typically encompasses thorough investigations such as perusing flight logs, examining the documented delay, and analysing any corroborative evidence you've submitted. Upon finalising their examination and ascertaining that compensation is justified, the airline will kick off the payment process.

The duration needed to collect the compensation payment can fluctuate. While it usually takes a few weeks to complete the processing and transfer of funds, the period could extend to several months based on various determinants. If you haven't heard back Air Malta about your compensation within a reasonable time, we suggest contacting them directly for an update on where they’re at with it. 

How Much Time Do I Have to Make My Claim Against Air Malta?

The definitive timeline hinges on multiple aspects, encompassing the nature of the claim and the prevailing air passenger rights legislation. Typically, a window of 6 years is granted for you to register your compensation claim with LOT, as outlined by EU261 and UK261.

To avoid potential missed deadlines, we highly recommend initiating your claim at the earliest following the flight disruption. This practice affords LOT Polish Airlines adequate time to meticulously review your claim and process it promptly.

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Michelle from United Kingdom (Air Malta KM 116 Flight delay)
August 29, 2023, 9:47 am

My flight from London Gatwick to Malta International Airport was delayed for 6 hours. The first couple of hours onboard we were not told why we were being delayed and there was no information given to us. I then asked a member of the cabin crew and they explained that the flight was delayed due to a bird flying onto an earlier flight and causing danger. We were then told there would be further delays due to refueling and we were placed in a queue and needed to wait for other flights to depart in front of us, which caused further disruption. It has become evident that recently the airline has claimed that it was due to weather conditions, however, this was not the case. I have two other witnesses that can corroborate my claim as they were present when the cabin crew member explained this to us. I also lost money because we had booked an excursion for the evening in Malta, which we had missed due to the delay.

Michelle from United Kingdom (Air Malta KM 117 Flight delay)
August 29, 2023, 9:39 am

I was delayed for a total of 6 hours on a flight from London Gatwick to Malta International Airport. The first couple of hours we were not given any information as to why the flight was delayed. I then asked a member of the cabin crew who informed me that the delay was due to a bird flying into an earlier flight and this disruption had influenced the later flights behind it. When we had been given the all-clear to fly by the airline we were told that we would be further delayed due to needing to re-fuel and then having to wait in a queue for other flights to leave. This delay and inconvenience impacted my journey and I had lost most of an excursion that I was supposed to be taking in the evening. I have 2 other witnesses who can corroborate my claim and were present at the time that we received these details.

Danielle from United Kingdom (Air Malta KM 117 Flight delay)
August 25, 2023, 7:05 pm

Our flight was due to take off at 11.55 it was then delayed over 2 hours due to technical issue, we then got in the plane and sat of the runway for another 4 hours before eventually taking off. We didn’t get to our hotel until midnight the kids were absolutely shattered and have been miserable today, I have suffered with sciatica due to a trapped nerve from sitting on the plane for so long so have been in pain all day. Air Malta gave us the smaller bit of water and all we could buy was snacks which were ridiculously expensive! It was an awful long day and start to our holiday

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