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Eurowings flight boarding

Eurowings is one of the top low-cost carriers in Europe, offering flights all over the continent. Unfortunately, just like other airlines and low-cost carriers, this company doesn't always stay on schedule. Each year, many Eurowings flights suffer delay or cancellation, leaving passengers stranded and waiting to get to their destinations.

So, what can you do if you've just found out that your Eurowings flight has been cancelled or delayed? Air Advisor can help you with Eurowings claims. Read on to find out more.

Eurowings Flight Delay Compensation

It's never fun to deal with flight delays, as you're left stranded at the airport, staring at the flight boards and waiting to finally get on your flight. Sadly, this is the fate for many travellers every year, but you don't have to simply accept Eurowings delays without being able to get any kind of compensation.

It’s possible to claim Eurowings flight delay compensation of up to €600 (£520)within three years of your delayed flight, thanks to EU law. If your delay lasts 3 hours or longer and there are no extraordinary circumstances, like bad weather, you are most likely eligible for compensation. Air Advisor can help you claim Eurowings flight delay compensation, and we won’t take any payment from you until we succeed.

 Delayed Eurowings flight? You might have a right to compensation - up to €600 (£520).Check Your Flight


Flight Cancellation Compensation Eurowings

Along with delays, another issue you might have to deal with is a Eurowings cancellation. However, once again, thanks to EU law and Eurowings cancellation policy, you should be entitled to claim up to €600 (£520) per passenger and a ticket refund if no extraordinary circumstances are invoked.

Usually, if a cancellation occurs, the airline will want to avoid paying a flight cancellation refund, so they'll try to book you on an alternative flight. However, if that flight isn't suitable or arrives significantly later than the original flight, you can make a claim and enjoy the following passenger rights:

  • Receive up to €600 (£520) in Eurowings flight cancellation compensation.
  • Three years to make your claim for compensation with the airline after the original date.

Read more about cancelled flight compensation.

Denied boarding

You are also entitled to compensation in case you are denied boarding on any Eurowings flights.

Eurowings, like many other airlines, sometimes sells more tickets than the number of seats on a plain. When this happens, and all passengers show up, some of them will be denied boarding.

In such a situation, you have the following right:

  • refund, re-routing, or alternative flight
  • care (free meals, drinks, and overnight accommodation)
  • compensation of up to €600 (£520) based on flight distance

Read more in our denied boarding compensation guide.

Eurowings Flight Compensation: How Does it Work?

Passenger and stewardess discussing a Eurowings cancelled flight

So how do you claim Eurowings compensation? Well, in all of these cases, the process involves filling in forms and providing details of your claim to the airline.

Sometimes, airlines try to avoid paying out compensation, so they may try to argue against your claim or make the process long and difficult for you. Air Advisor can help with this. Our team of legal and travel experts knows the details of compensation rights for passengers and the various processes involved in Eurowings compensation claims.

We can help you make your claim, and the best part is that we operate on a no-win, no-fee system, so you won’t have to pay anything at all until we successfully make your claim! Use our flight delay compensation calculator to get started and see how much money you could get.

Find out if you are owed compensation for a disrupted flight.Check Your Flight

When to Claim Compensation for Eurowings Cancelled or Delayed Flight?

According to EU 261, this airline should pay compensation in these situations:

  • Flight delayed: Covers delays of three hours or more.
  • Flight cancellations: Covers cases when the airline cancels a flight.
  • Overbooking: Covers cases when too many tickets are sold for a flight.
  • Missed connecting flight: Covers cases where a passenger misses a connection due to an earlier delay.

Eurowings Flight Cancellation and Delays: Steps to Follow

Passenger waiting for a new flight after a Eurowings flight cancellation

Here’s what you can do if you find yourself dealing with a delay or cancellation.

  • First, find and speak to an airline representative at the airport. You can usually find them around the check-in area. The staff should be able to explain what's happening and answer questions you might have, about compensation or a Eurowings refund.
  • Collect as much evidence as you can to demonstrate what happened in your situation, such as ticket stubs, receipts, photos, and so on. All of this will help when it comes to supporting your claim later on for compensation or a Eurowings flight refund.
  • As well as being entitled to compensation and possibly a Eurowings cancel flight refund, you may also be entitled to claim various goods and services at the airport while you wait, like food and drink. Claim anything you’re entitled to so you don’t suffer during your wait.
  • Use our free online compensation calculator to learn more about how much compensation you could receive. You can also use our other guides to find out more on matters like how to get a refund from Eurowings.

Passenger checking his smartphone for information about a Eurowins claim

Eurowings Refund Claim: How Does it Work?

It's important to note that, as well as compensation, you might be entitled to a Eurowings delayed flight refund or Eurowings refund cancelled flight. This is in addition to your compensation, potentially giving you even more money back after a delay or cancellation.

If Eurowings cancels your flight and can't book you on another service, you may be able to receive a refund, giving you all or almost all of your original ticket price back into your account.

A Eurowings cancellation or delay refund may only apply in certain situations, and it all depends on the specific cause of the problem, as outlined in Eurowings refund policy. However, it's definitely worth inquiring about a Eurowings claim for refund if you suffer a delay or cancellation.

If you do get a refund, the airline might offer to pay you in cash, credit, or vouchers. We always urge people to never accept vouchers, as they may expire and become worthless if you fail to use them in time.

Claim with AirAdvisor and get up to €600 (£520) compensation. Find out how much you’re owed today.Check Your Flight


Are Eurowings Flights Refundable?

It depends on the situation, but if the airline cancels your flight at short notice and can't find an alternative, you should be entitled to a refund, plus compensation.

Is Eurowings a Reliable Airline?

Statistics show that Eurowings is a relatively reliable low-cost airline but it still has delays and problems quite regularly.

What is the difference between Eurowings and Germanwings?

Eurowings is simply the modern name for Germanwings. Germanwings was renamed Eurowings in 2016.

What Planes Do Eurowings Use?

This airline uses Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft.

How Can AirAdvisor Help with My Eurowings Claim?

AirAdvisor’s experts will help you fill in your claims form and make your claim for compensation. We’ve helped many people make successful claims and we have a strict no-win, no-fee basis, so you won’t have to pay anything unless we can successfully make your claim.