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Rome-Fiumicino Airport Flight Delay and Cancellation Compensation

If you have suffered a flight delay or cancellation, or got denied boarding by an airline at Fiumicino Airport, you may have the right to compensation of up to €600 per person.

AirAdvisor makes it easy for you to claim compensation. Filing a claim does not entail any risk or advance cost, as AirAdvisor only gets a success fee commission from payment received from the airline. The service is free, if compensation is not collected.

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Rome-Fiumicino Airport Flight Delay and Cancellation Compensation
Nicolle Harwood-Nash
Last Updated: April 19, 2024

Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, also known simply as Fiumicino Airport, is the primary airport serving Rome, handling over 40 million passengers each year. While this Italian airport is known for its modern facilities and efficient operations, it can experience occasional disruptions such as flight delays or flight cancellations. So, if you're travelling from this airport, it's important to know your passenger rights.

AirAdvisor exists to help you enforce your rights as an airline passenger and obtain the compensation you're eligible for. In this article, we provide some essential information regarding flight delays, flight cancellations and denied boarding when travelling out of Fiumicino Airport.

A significant number of travelers choose to arrive in Italy via Rome Fiumicino Airport, which holds the 3rd position on our Top-list of world airports. With a global ranking of 24.23, it is based on excellent punctuality and shopping scores, as well as high customer reviews.

Fiumicino Airport Flight Delay Compensation

If you're flying out Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport and your flight is delayed, you may be eligible to receive delayed flight compensation, which we discuss below:

Passenger Rights in Case of FCO Flight Delay

If you encounter a delay of three hours or more on a flight departing from Fiumicino Airport, you might qualify for compensation under your passenger rights, as stated in EU261. To be eligible for financial compensation for the delay, your flight delay must have been the responsibility of the airline, for instance, technical problems or crew scheduling difficulties. EU261 also outlines that to receive compensation, your flight delay must have exceeded 3 hours and your complaint must be received within 3 years of the postponed flight.

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If the delay was caused by extraordinary situations beyond the control of the airline, however, such as severe weather that makes flying hazardous, you may not be eligible for financial compensation.

Fiumicino Airport Flight Delay Compensation

How Much Can You Claim for FCO Delay

The amount of compensation you can claim for a delay at Fiumicino Airport depends on your flight's distance and how long you were delayed for. Below, you can review an indication of the compensation you might be entitled to in the case of a flight delay:

  • for flights less than 1,500 kilometres, you can claim up to €250
  • for flights between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometres, you can claim up to €400
  • for flights longer than 3,500 kilometres, you can claim up to €600

a table with compensation you can receive for a delayed flight from Rome–Fiumicino International Airport

Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport Cancelled Flight Compensation & Refund

Having your flight cancelled is an unfortunate and frustrating reality as an airline passenger, no matter the airport you're departing from. Thankfully, in the case of a flight cancellation when you're departing from Fiumicino Airport, you're covered under European Union flight law, which we explain below:

Cancelled Flight Law in Europe

If you were booked on a flight departing from Fiumicino Airport that gets cancelled, you have passenger rights that are important to know about. According to EU261 regulations, the airline must offer you the option of a full refund of your ticket or an alternative booking on a flight to your intended destination. Additionally, if the cancellation was caused by the airline's own actions and occurs within 14 days of your scheduled departure, you may be eligible to claim financial compensation.

To ensure that you're not significantly inconvenienced by the cancellation, the airline must also provide you with basic amenities such as food, drinks, access to communication, and accommodation if necessary.

It's important to consider that eligibility for cancelled flight compensation and cancelled flight refunds is subject to specific circumstances surrounding the cancellation, and that extraordinary circumstances beyond the airline's control may exempt you from compensation.

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Fiumicino FCO Cancelled Flight Compensation You Can Claim

The amount of compensation you're eligible for when travelling out of Fiumicino Airport varies based on the distance of your flight. For flights that are less than 1,500 km, you may be entitled to compensation of up to €250. For flights between 1,500 km and 3,500 km, the maximum compensation amount is typically €400. For flights that are longer than 3,500 km, you may be eligible for up to €600 in compensation.

For example, if your flight from Fiumicino Airport to New York City gets cancelled, and you're rebooked on a different flight that arrives at your destination more than 3 hours later than the scheduled arrival time, you may be entitled to up to €600 in compensation.

a table with compensation you can receive for a cancelled short flight from Rome–Fiumicino International Airport

a table with compensation you can receive for a medium flight from Rome–Fiumicino International Airport

a table with compensation you can receive for a cancelled long flight from Rome–Fiumicino International Airport

Denied Boarding at Fiumicino Airport

Airlines departing out of Rome–Fiumicino International Airport are required to follow specific protocols before denying boarding to any passenger. For instance, they must first seek volunteers to give up their seats in exchange for compensation before involuntarily denying anyone boarding. If no volunteers are found, the airline must provide you with a written statement outlining your rights and the criteria for selecting passengers to be denied boarding.

In addition to compensation for denied boarding, you may also be entitled to additional compensation for any expenses incurred as a result of being denied boarding, such as accommodation, meals, and transportation. If you're denied boarding, ensure you keep any relevant documentation, such as boarding passes and receipts, as evidence for your claim.

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Claim Fiumicino Airport Compensation with AirAdvisor

If you have been affected by a flight disruption at Rome's Fiumicino Airport, AirAdvisor can provide you with expert assistance in claiming compensation. From evaluating your claim to handling the legal process on your behalf, we provide comprehensive support to ensure that your claim is successful.

To begin the process of claiming compensation for your flight disruption at Fiumicino Airport, head over to our website where you'll find our easy-to-use online claim form. The form will prompt you to provide details such as your flight number, date of travel, and the specific reason for your disruption, such as a delay, cancellation, or denied boarding. Once submitted, you can sit back, relax and leave the complexities of the claims process to our expert legal team.

And the best part? You won't have to pay anything out of pocket. We only charge a fee if we're successful in obtaining your compensation. And we take our fee out of the compensation you receive, so you can be sure that there are no hidden costs or surprises. With AirAdvisor, you can be confident knowing that we work hard to get you the compensation you deserve, with no financial risk to you.

Fiumicino Airport FCO Questions and Answers

Below, you can find some frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers to help you navigate disruptions at Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport:

Why do flights get delayed at Fiumicino Airport?

Adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain and fog, often cause delays as they can impact the safe take-off and landing of aircraft at Fiumicino Airport. Additionally, air traffic congestion and operational issues, such as staffing shortages and technical problems with aircraft, can also contribute to flight delays.

It's worth noting that flight delays can also be caused by a range of factors outside of the airport's control. These can include security incidents, strikes, and unexpected events, such as natural disasters or political unrest. While these events are less common, they can have a significant impact on flight schedules and result in flight delays.

How do I claim compensation if my flight from FCO was delayed or cancelled?

If you're experiencing the frustration of a flight disruption, claiming compensation from the airline can be a daunting and time-consuming task. At AirAdvisor, we understand the challenges you may face and strive to make the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. 

Our experienced team has a deep understanding of the legal framework and can handle all the paperwork and legal work on your behalf. We aim to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on your travel plans and leaving the rest to us.

What to do if I am denied boarding at Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport?

If you find yourself in a situation where you have been denied boarding at Fiumicino International Airport, it's important to understand the reasons behind the denial. Overbooking is a common cause of denied boarding, where the airline has sold more seats on the flight than there are available. Other reasons could include travel document issues or not complying with the airline's dress code policy. 

It's important to communicate with the airline staff at the airport to understand why you have been denied boarding and what options are available to you.

It's crucial to keep any relevant documents, such as boarding passes and receipts, as evidence for your claim. Additionally, if you're unsure about your rights or need assistance in claiming compensation, you can seek the help of a third-party service like AirAdvisor.

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