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Iberia Compensation Claims for Delayed or Cancelled Flights

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Did you experience flight delay or cancellation with Iberia? If so, you could be eligible to receive Iberia compensation of up to €600 (£520). In this guide, we will explain what steps you need to take to claim compensation in case of flight disruptions.

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Iberia Compensation Claims for Delayed or Cancelled Flights
Amy Lancelotte
Written By Amy Lancelotte
Last Updated: June 18, 2024

Iberia Airlines, the primary airline of Spain, was founded in 1927. With nearly a century of experience, Iberia has had the chance to perfect its services, especially related to flight delays and cancellations.

In 2023, according to Eurorcontrol’s European Aviation Overview, Iberia is the best for arrival punctuality. A staggering 85% of the airline’s flights arrived on time, and when we compare this to the European average of only 71%, you can see why Iberia stands out. 

That said, flight disruptions may still slip through the cracks, and we know that 15% of Iberia’s flights were delayed in 2023. As for Iberia flight cancellations, those are extremely rare. The company had the lowest cancellation percentage in 2022 and 2023 (0.03%) from our research into the top European airlines.

Here at AirAdvisor, our qualified team of airline compensation experts is here to help guide you through the EU261 compensation process. We’ll explore passenger rights, claim procedures, and answer all your questions about how to claim compensation from Iberia.

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Your Rights in Case of Flight Disruption

Understanding your rights as a passenger can be crucial when experiencing unfortunate flight disruptions. While our experts here at AirAdvisor can guide you through the process, knowing what you can and can't claim compensation for is an excellent start to safeguarding your rights.

EU Air Passenger Rights

Your passenger rights in the EU are outlined in EU261, also known as EC261. This regulation highlights the circumstances and events that may make your claim eligible or ineligible. It also stipulates typical compensation values you're entitled to when making an EC261 claim.

Passenger Rights in the UK

The equivalent of EU261, compensation in the UK is governed by UK261. This is essentially an identical regulation, but it outlines your passenger rights when flying onboard UK airlines and within UK regions. UK261 exists because of the UK's split from the European Union. It stipulates the same rights and essentially outlines the same compensation values and circumstances, so the information we provide about EU261 compensation, also applies to the UK.

Passenger waiting after an Iberia claim

What is Iberia EU261 Compensation?

EC 261 offers quite a broad level of protection for passengers travelling around Europe. You can claim EU261 compensation in any of the following situations:

  • Flight delays - When Iberia flights are delayed by 3 hours or more, ticketed passengers can claim.
  • Cancelled flight - Passengers can also claim compensation under EU 261 2004 when their flights have been cancelled by Iberia and no alternative service has been provided. You can usually get a flight refund as well.
  • Denied boarding: A common reason for denied boarding is overbooking. This occurs when Iberia oversells a flight and there are too many passengers for the available seats. If this happens to you, EU 261 should have you covered.
  • Missed connections - EU261 can even cover you in case of a missed connection. So, if your first flight arrives a little late and you miss your next one, you could make a claim.

The amount of EU261 compensation you can get will depend on the length of your planned flight. Here’s how it works:

  • Flights below 1,500km - (Up to) €250 per passenger
  • EU flights over 1,500km - (Up to) €400 per passenger
  • International flights between 1,500 and 3,500km - (Up to) €400 per passenger
  • International flights over 3,500km - (Up to) €600 per passenger

Simply put, if you had a really long flight that got delayed or cancelled, you’ll be able to get more compensation than someone on a shorter journey.

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What Flights Are Covered by EU 261?

As a European airline, interrupted Iberia flights are eligible for EU261 compensation when they depart or arrive at any EU airport. The only time a flight isn’t covered is when Iberia offers a route that doesn’t touch the EU or UK at all, which is very rare.

Let’s put this into practice with a few examples related to Iberia flight delays:




Delay Time at Destination

Compensation Maximum


London Heathrow


4 hours



Berlin Brandenburg


3 hours


Barcelona-El Prat

New York JFK


6.5 hours


Barcelona-El Prat



2 hours


Iberia Refunds for Cancelled Flights

If your Iberia cancelled flight compensation is less than your actual ticket, you might also be interested in an airline refund for your full ticket price. Suppose you meet the eligibility criteria for cancelled flight compensation and Iberia Airlines doesn't give you 2 weeks of notice before cancellation. In that case, you're likely able to claim a full Iberia cancelled flight refund.

A 4-day strike in early January caused major disruptions to Iberia’s flights. They proactively cancelled 444 flights, which affected over 45,000 passengers. About 10% of those passengers opted for a refund or voucher and a further 80% were re-booked on alternate flights. When asked about the situation, Iberia’s Corporate Director, Juan Cierco, stated:


The mere call for a strike, without any justification from the perspective of labour issues, therefore caused very significant damage to thousands of travellers, but also to more than 90 airlines, including Iberia itself and all the airlines in the IAG Group, who have been forced to cancel hundreds of flights.

What to Do in Case of Flight Disruption

If you experience Iberia flight delays, cancellations, missed connecting flights, or are even denied boarding, there are several steps you can follow to help streamline your claim process. These tips are worth noting:

  • Understand your rights: Familiarise yourself with passenger rights and entitlements, ensuring you're well-informed in the event of flight disruptions with Iberia Airlines.
  • Communicate with Iberia Airlines: Keep an open line of communication with Iberia Airlines, addressing any concerns or seeking updates on your flight status.
  • Maintain documentation: Always retain all relevant travel documents, like tickets, receipts, or even an Iberia Airlines compensation claim form, as they may be crucial for compensation claims or any disputes.
  • Use AirAdvisor's resources: Leverage the tools and advice provided by AirAdvisor to facilitate the resolution process, ensuring a smoother experience during unforeseen travel hitches.
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Things to Avoid

Accepting Travel Vouchers

Avoid hastily accepting travel vouchers without understanding their terms, as they might not offer the full compensation you're entitled to. A travel voucher is a prepaid certificate or electronic code you can use as payment or partial payment for travel-related expenses such as flights, accommodations, or activities. It sounds enticing, but it's often not worth the full compensation value you're entitled to.

Travel vouchers also typically have an expiry date, and on average, many people forget to use them or simply run out of time.

Don’t accept airline vouchers

Let AirAdvisor help your case.

Signing Agreements Without Due Diligence

Refrain from signing any documents or agreements without thoroughly reviewing them. It may seem obvious to avoid, but this ensures you don't inadvertently waive your rights or accept unfavourable terms. 

Legal agreements have the potential to be confusing, so if you're not comfortable reviewing the legalities of compensation, know that our team at AirAdvisor is willing and able to help you through this process.

Young man waiting after claiming an Iberia delay compensation

Denied Boarding Compensation Rights

Denied boarding is an instance when an airline overbooks a flight, meaning there aren't enough seats for every passenger. It's a possibility that you may be denied boarding in this case. Don't worry though, you're absolutely entitled to Iberia denied boarding compensation. Compensation for overbooked flights in the UK and the EU can range up to €600 or £520.

Need more info? Check out our denied boarding guide.

Missed Connection Compensation Rights

A common question we receive is, 'What happens if you miss a connecting flight due to a delay?'. With Iberia missed connection compensation, if the delay causing the missed connecting flight was a direct result of Iberia Airlines, you can claim up to €600.

Extraordinary Circumstances

An extraordinary circumstance is an unforeseen and uncontrollable variable that hinders airline operations, resulting in flight disruptions. For example, if a volcano erupts in the Canary Islands, it's probably unsafe for air travel to continue, so Iberia flights may be cancelled and delayed.

Iberia Airlines can't control the eruption schedule of a volcano and, therefore is most likely exempt from providing compensation. Aside from severe weather and natural disasters, common extraordinary circumstances include:

  • Airport security issues.
  • Strikes by key groups, other than Iberia staff.
  • Aircraft defects.
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How to Complete the Iberia EU261 Claim Form

Claiming EU261 compensation for UK or Europe flights can be a tricky process. Airlines won’t just pay out automatically; instead, passengers have to use their own time to fill in the appropriate forms, provide evidence, and so on.

This can all be done on the official Iberia website through the Customer Relations page. Select complaints and then fill in the appropriate info for your situation. Since this can prove difficult if you’ve never done it before, for a helping hand, you might like to work with us instead. We will complete the query on your behalf and get results ASAP. Start here.

What to Do if the Iberia EU261 Form is Not Working

Sometimes the Iberia website won’t load or doesn’t work as it should due to technical glitches or even the input of incorrect information. If this happens to you, there are 2 choices: either wait for the issue to be fixed or just use AirAdvisor’s site instead to complete your EC 261 form.

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Iberia Flight Compensation FAQ

Here are some answers to common questions about Iberia compensation claims:

What if you cancel your Iberia flight? Can you get a refund?

This depends on the type of ticket you have. If your ticket is refundable and you cancel it within a reasonable time frame from departure, you may be able to get a refund. Additionally, if your Iberia flight is cancelled, the airline is required to find an appropriate replacement or issue a refund.

How do you claim EU261 compensation from Iberia?

You can claim EU261 money directly from the airline’s website or via AirAdvisor. If you choose AirAdvisor, you’ll benefit from our expert assistance.

How long does it take to get Iberia EU261 flight delay compensation?

Some travellers may have varying experiences with Iberia delay compensation times, but the airline likely aims to resolve compensation promptly to ensure positive customer experiences. On average, you may have to wait several weeks to even months for your Iberia Airlines delay compensation.

How much time do you have to make an Iberia EU261 compensation claim? 

Passengers have 6 years after your flight disruption to make a claim. It's usually a good idea to not wait that long, though, as you might misplace some documentation, and the process as a whole may take longer than needed.

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Flight Compensation Calculator

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Recent Comments

Reda from Spain (Iberia Airlines IB 2622 Flight delay)
April 22, 2024, 10:41 am

The flight from SF to Barcelona got delayed, we received an email regarding this delay (take off at 20:05 Apr 14 instead of 19:40; West USA time). Once we got to the check in and baggage drop off area, we notice that there's a 6+ hours delay that was not notified (departure 2:20 in the morning). At the baggage drop off the attendant told us that the delay was due to a technical issue in BCN. While waiting at the boarding gate, the flight kept being delayed. The flight attendants provided as with some water and snacks. I had a connected flight Barcelona - Alicante, but I missed my connection as we arrived to BCN at 23:30 (Apr 15 Spain Time). The airline provided as with a food voucher and accommodation for the night of Apr 15 - 16, although it was not easy to get to that point as they told us that there'll be someone instructing us what are the next steps once we land in BCN, but there was none and, we had to be helped by the police officers in the airport. We also got rebooked for the next available flight. I was supposed to get to Alicante 15 Apr 23:50 (Spain Time), I landed in Alicante 16 Apr at 13:50(4 (Spain Time) instead, which is a +12h delay.

Gregor from Switzerland (Iberia Airlines IB 8675 Flight delay)
April 20, 2024, 3:08 pm

The flight was NOT disrupted, just our luggage did not get on the plan Madrid - Quito !!!! There is no option to put this anywhere in your suggestions program here !!!

Ming from United States (USA) (Iberia Airlines IB 2621 Denied boarding)
April 19, 2024, 12:55 pm

The flight was overbooked, they booked me with another flight for next day. And instead of flying directly from Barcelona to SFO, I need to connect in London.

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