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Bogumił Mazur

Bogumił Mazur

Job/Position: Content Creator

About the author of the texts - Bogumił Mazur

Bogumił Mazur is an experienced traveller and aviation enthusiast with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the aviation industry. He is passionate about passing on practical knowledge, trivia and relevant information, creating a valuable knowledge base for readers seeking information on aviation compensation. In his spare time, he loves exploring bike paths and discovering new places, showing his openness and love of travel.

Professional Experience

Bogumil has a wealth of experience working in the aviation industry. Over the years, he has gained a thorough knowledge of aviation topics, which is constantly updated and improved.


Bogumil has gained his education in aviation, which has allowed him to gain a deep understanding of the industry and undertake aviation related work.


His passion for travel and aviation is evident in everything he creates. Each article is written with the utmost care, and reliability and the value of information are his priority.

Bogumil is also a man with a big heart. Outside of work, he devotes his time to helping Ukrainians affected by the Russian war.


When not working, Bogumil loves to travel, go fishing, and play football. His hobbies show his love of travel, nature and an active lifestyle.

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