AirAdvisor’s Airline Score Announced - Top 10 US Airlines Revealed

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AirAdvisor’s Airline Score Announced - Top 10 US Airlines Revealed

With US travel budgets taking a hit lately due to increasing everyday prices, it’s more important than ever to choose wisely when booking a US flight. There’s price, and there’s value, and the comprehensive AirAdvisor Airline Score takes both into account, along with many other components important to travelers.

Our team spent weeks establishing once and for all the top 10 US Airlines using 9 different criteria. We reviewed the other rankings currently available, and this is by far the best. We took into account reliability, comfort, safety, price, customer and professional reviews, airport lounges, and both pet and family-friendliness. And that is why our study is solid as it is the most comprehensive and sophisticated research for ranking US airlines.

The result: analyzing nearly 1 million reviews, over 5 million flights, and 25 different individual factors. Plus, our data is completely up-to-date because we included all available information from 2022 and up to the end of May 2023. In all, here’s what we used:

  • Reliability - 5,280,320 total flights and 479,074,813 bags, 3,017,637 of which were mishandled.
  • Comfort, Family, and Pet Travel - 13 different airline policies from 10 airlines.
  • Safety - review of 48 passenger aircraft accidents reported by IATA from 2021 to 2022.
  • Cost - analyzed billions in revenue from public financial reports.
  • Customer reputation - 893,236 total reviews (as of June 2023).
  • Airline Lounges - 51,745 reviews.
  • Professional Reviews - 17 different published rankings for 2022 and 2023.

Can you guess which airline is the overall winner? Every passenger values different things, so find out about our discoveries in the Top 10 Airlines in the US - Overall Best Rating for 2023, and you can make an educated purchase decision for your next flight.

Are you planning to fly overseas? We’ll tell you the best airlines to choose. Or maybe you need to travel as a family or with your small dog or cat, and if so, which airlines are the most conducive to these types of travel? Even our top airline isn’t perfect, and other airlines may offer a better balance between price and comfort or reliability, depending on your preferences.

We help thousands of passengers every year deal with flight interruptions, so we know airlines. Now, you’ll know them too.

For more information, review our About Us section and reach out to us whenever you think we can help using our Contacts page.



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