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Aeromexico Overbooking: Getting Compensated When Denied Boarding

Aeromexico Overbooking: Getting Compensated When Denied Boarding
Jeremiah Awogboro
Written By Jeremiah Awogboro
Last Updated: May 22, 2024

While the air transport industry had a shocker with the incident of a man walking on the wings of an Aeromexico flight, the carrier performed impressively in 2023. It carried 20.3 million passengers, leading the charge among other Mexican carriers. Nonetheless, a denied boarding incident can still occur when a flight is overbooked.

We share your concerns and discomfort when denied boarding involuntarily. That is why we have championed passenger rights and helped countless passengers get compensation for the bumped flight experience. This brief guide will show you all you need to know about your rights when denied boarding an overbooked Aeromexico flight.

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What Aeromexico Overbooking Means and Why the Carrier Does It

The United States has witnessed minimal denied boarding incidents on its top ten carriers, with reports citing a 0.3% rate in 2023. That is impressive, but the practice of overselling tickets continues across the board. If you’ve been denied boarding involuntarily on an Aeromexico flight, overbooking is one of the likely reasons.

A carrier overbooks its flights when it sells more tickets than seats on the plane. On one end, it is a fair practice to maximize profits, which we agree with. However, it can lead to denied boarding when more passengers show up for the flight.

The experience can be disheartening, especially if you don’t know your rights. Some passengers have reported having to cater for themselves after being denied boarding, and the next available flight was more than 4 hours late. The truth is, just like you would receive compensation for a flight delay or lost baggage, Aeromexico is obliged to compensate you when it denies you boarding.

When denied boarding, we often advise our readers to remind the carrier’s staff of their compensation rights. Nonetheless, it is not too late if you were denied boarding a while back. Our experts can help check your eligibility and guide you in filing your compensation claim.

Volunteers are often the saviors that prevent denied boarding incidents. They step up to offer their seats for a well-negotiated deal with Aeromexico. If there aren’t enough of them on the overbooked flight, then denied boarding will occur.

aeromexico palne denied boarding

Regulations and Passenger Rights When Denied Boarding on an Overbooked Aeromexico Flight

The first step is confirming that you were denied boarding because the flight was oversold. You can do that immediately after the incident occurs by asking the boarding agents. Otherwise, contact AirAdvisor to check the flight and confirm the cause.

Your passenger rights will only apply if the carrier bumps you because they can’t get you a seat. Then, you can claim the monetary compensation and care packages.

Regulations allow same-day compensation. Some passengers are lucky to get theirs immediately, while others have to wait hours or weeks. The key is making the claim quickly, something our experts can help you with.

That being said, here are the regulations and passenger rights surrounding overbooked flight compensation:

Involuntary Denied Boarding

You are eligible for compensation whether you got bumped on an overbooked domestic or international flight. Both have different cash packages, depending on the delay incurred from the incident. In other words, Aeromexico will only pay the cash package if it cannot get you to your destination within one hour of the original arrival time.

Regular, average passengers are more likely to get bumped on the overbooked flight. Those in the corporate priority program get priority boarding and other perks. Even so, the carrier offers web and mobile check-in, which can reduce your chances of getting bumped.

There is a difference between being denied boarding for showing up late when the boarding gate has closed and being denied boarding when the gate isn’t closed. The former does not qualify you for the overbooked flight compensation. Hence, you must confirm your reservation and check in on time to be eligible for the compensation package.

Besides monetary compensation, Aeromexico will provide alternative flights. This package may come with hotel accommodation, refreshments, and meals. However, that only applies when the wait time requires reasonable care, like a meal or accommodation.


We are happy to help you get reimbursement if you spent money on meals and hotel accommodations while waiting for the alternative flight.

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Voluntary Denied Boarding

Don’t fret if Aeromexico approaches you to volunteer your seat on the flight. The carrier will only do this if it overbooked its flight and tries to avoid denying some passengers boarding. Notwithstanding, giving up your seat comes with an offer from the carrier.

Inquire about the package, including any limitations, conditions, or restrictions attached. Volunteering doesn’t mean giving up your flight completely. Instead, you can defer to a subsequent flight while still enjoying incentives.

The only thing we can’t guarantee is your departure time. Aeromexico will get you another flight, depending on your deal, but that depends on seat availability. That is why having all these details is essential before volunteering.

Inquire about the alternative flight and the care package if the delay will be considerable, like over 4 hours. The care package should include refreshments, meals, and even accommodations for overnight stays.

You can negotiate to get a ticket that you can use subsequently at your will. However, that may be subject to a validity period.


Aeromexico should provide all the details regarding the incentive. If you have one but are unaware of the full terms and conditions, contact AirAdvisor, and our experts will be more than willing to help you.

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Your Other Rights When Bumped

Some passengers get bumped without adequate attention or explanation. No, the staff won’t lay their hands on you. They’ll prevent you from boarding the flight.

Thankfully, the U.S. Department of Transportation requires all carriers to provide passengers with their statement of rights when bumped. This statement includes why you were bumped and what the carrier will do to offset the disruption. If unavailable, request it from the staff on duty.

Aeromexico will violate U.S. law if it bumps you after you’ve met the following conditions:

  • Your check-in occurred before the deadline
  • Your boarding pass (physical or electronic) was accepted, and you proceeded to sit in the aircraft
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Aeromexico Overbooking: How Much You Can Get as Compensation

Your ticket price and the delay from getting bumped on the flight determine how much you can get. The table below shows the compensation for domestic and international flights:

Flight type

Delay time


Domestic flight

1 to 2 hours

200% of one-way fare

Domestic flights

Over 2 hours

400% of one-way fare

International flights

1 to 2 hours

200% of one-way fare

International flights

Over 2 hours

400% of one-way fare

You can get up to $775 for domestic flights and $1,550 for international flights. However, you can take the compensation and the alternative flight or a refund. The latter often applies to connecting flights where you no longer wish to complete the journey. Aeromexico will refund parts of the ticket that are unused. You can also get a deal where the carrier provides a ticket to the starting point of your journey.

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What to do If Aeromexico Overbooked Its Flight and Bumped You

Ensure you get as many details from the boarding agent as possible. These details will help align your compensation claims when you contact an AirAdvisor expert.

With that in mind, take the following steps when bumped off your Aeromexico flight:

  1. Get a statement from Aeromexico if you are still at the airport
  2. Make copies of all documents that show you were supposed to be on that flight. That includes the ticket, baggage tag, reservation, etc.
  3. Make copies of the receipts if you bought refreshments and meals or paid for overnight accommodation.
  4. Contact an AirAdvisor expert and follow the recommendation.

We’ve achieved a 98% success rate with our clients. Hence, we are confident in handling your compensation claim from Aeromexico.

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Exceptions: When Compensation Doesn’t Apply

Being denied boarding because a US Marshal needs the seat will make you ineligible for compensation. Also, the carrier can deny you boarding if it switches to a smaller aircraft for operational and safety reasons. Weight consideration is another reason you may be denied boarding without compensation.

The absence of compensation doesn’t mean the carrier will not provide an alternative flight. It will, but without the cash or care package, if you were denied boarding due to overbooking.

Aeromexico Policy

Adherence to the contract of carriage will secure your eligibility for denied boarding compensation. Unruly behavior, like interfering with the staff on duty, can get you bumped without compensation. Also, flying in a lower class does not qualify for compensation but for a refund of the class price difference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an Aeromexico gate agent deny me from boarding my flight?

Involuntary denied boarding often occurs at the boarding gate. Hence, the boarding agent has to deny a few passengers boarding when the flight is overbooked. The staff will follow the carrier’s internal boarding policy to pick who gets bumped.

What happens if my alternative flight gets canceled after getting bumped?

You may be eligible for compensation for the canceled flight. Check out our guide on the Aeromexico refund compensation for canceled or delayed flights.


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