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Travel Trends Snapshot for 2024

Travel Trends for the New Year: A quick look a what 2024 has in store for travelers

Joanna Teljeur
Written By Joanna Teljeur
1 minutes read
Last Updated: April 01, 2024

What will the travel landscape look like in the coming year?

Right now, it appears that travel in 2024 will bring impressive developments for adventure travelers but also the potential for more affordable options as well. Kayak’s 2024 travel trend prediction, foresees a continuing surge in global wanderlust as well as a possibility that domestic travel in the US will become much less expensive.

According to the report domestic flights in the US are expected to fall by 16% in the coming year compared to 2023. This means that the average cost for flights within the US should reach an average of $461. Even though international travel interest remains high, Kayak’s findings suggest that international airfare could rise by as much as 10%.

Because of the considerable savings predicted for domestic flights, the idea of indulging in a highly-coveted upgrade becomes more realistic which aligns with traveler preferences. Kayak’s trend report highlights this shift in preference and notes an increased interest in premium economy and business class flight searches in 2024.

Looking beyond airfares, Kayak sees a broader drop in prices in several categories suggesting more cost-effective travel experiences generally. Hotel prices could drop by as much as 9%, and car rentals could decrease by 14% year over year.

Travel to Asia will continue to be a popular destination for international travel enthusiasts with growing interest in cities like Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Osaka. Travel to Africa is also expected to grow. Currently it is the third-highest trending region globally. 

If you plan to travel internationally, Kayak advises that you plan ahead as the optimal time to find the cheapest flights is approximately 8 months in advance. So as 2024 unfolds, travelers can look forward to an exciting and economical year full of diverse globetrotting opportunities.

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