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Etihad Lost Baggage: How to Get Compensated for Damaged & Delayed Bags

Etihad Lost Baggage: How to Get Compensated for Damaged & Delayed Bags

Joanna Teljeur
Written By Joanna Teljeur
Last Updated: April 22, 2024

Few situations could be more distressing than having your baggage go missing or get damaged after a flight, agreed? But what if there were steps that you could take to not only find your Etihad lost baggage, but to get compensated from the airlines as well? The fact is, you really can do both, and in this article, we’re going to show you how. 

Key Points

  1. The first and most important step is to report your lost baggage as soon as you notice there is a problem
  2. You have rights for baggage mishandling covered by an international treaty called the Montreal Convention.
  3. If you file your report and claim within the proper time limits, you could claim up to €1,599 for Etihad damaged and lost baggage.

What To Do When You Realise Your Baggage is Lost or Damaged

The first and most important thing to do when your baggage is lost or damaged, is to head to the Etihad Baggage Services desk. Once you locate it, tell the agent that you want to file a Property Irregularity Report. It’s vital to do this while still at the airport, although if you’ve already left, then you can also file a lost baggage report on Etihad’s portal

Once you make your report, then Etihad asks that you contact the Baggage Services Team no later than 48 hours after your arrival. Also, use the Property Irregularity Report Number to track the status of your lost baggage. Once Etihad finds it, they will arrange to have it delivered to you.

Etihad Baggage Compensation Claims

For Damaged Baggage

If you arrive and notice that your checked baggage has been damaged in any way, then you should also file a damaged baggage report immediately. For damaged baggage, it is even more important to file your report before leaving the airport. Sometimes, however, you won’t notice the damage until you have already left the airport. In this case, you should fill out the Property Irregularity Report on Etihad’s website. 

We also recommend taking photos of the damage which will serve as evidence for your baggage compensation claim. For future flights, it's a good idea to take a few photos of your baggage as you’re packing so that you have before-and-after photos should your bags get damaged.

After you complete your damaged baggage report, you can have your bags repaired. Just keep your receipts so you can submit them to Etihad for compensation. You have 7 days to submit a compensation claim for damaged baggage.

Be aware that Etihad will not compensate you for valuables or fragile items that were broken or lost. Similarly, they will not compensate you for minor marks, cuts, scrapes, or tears, pre-existing damage, or signs of normal use. 

Buy Essential Replacement Items While Your Bags Are Missing

You’ll be happy to know that if you’re away from home when your baggage is lost, then you will be compensated for any clothing or toiletries you need to purchase. It bears mentioning that Etihad will only reimburse you for true essentials, so don’t go on a spending spree and expect to be reimbursed. 

Etihad Baggage Compensation Claims

If your baggage was never returned to you after 21 days of your arrival, or if it was damaged, you can file your Etihad lost baggage compensation claim. You can do this by navigating to the Etihad site and looking for the baggage page. On the page look for the claims section. You’ll find a link where you can submit your claim.

What to Include in Your Etihad Baggage Compensation Claim

Include as much supportive documentation as possible in your compensation claim, and make sure to submit it within the specified deadlines that you can find in the table below.

Also you will need to collect the following:

  • Property Irregularity Report and associated number
  • Photos (if your baggage was damaged)
  • Receipts for essential purchases
  • Receipts or proof of purchase for items that were lost, if your baggage was never returned to you.
  • Bag Tags
  • Flight information like a boarding pass.

When to File Etihad Baggage Claims

The following table gives you all the deadlines for filing compensation claims with Etihad. Do whatever you can to meet these deadlines because if you don’t, your claim could be immediately denied.

When to File Etihad Baggage Claims

Compensation for Etihad Lost, Damaged Baggage

The amount of money you could receive in an Etihad baggage compensation claim is regulated by an international treaty called the Montreal Convention. Under the rules of this treaty, you are entitled to receive up to roughly €1,599 for baggage mishandling. The treaty protects your rights as an air passenger, and it established liability limits for airlines in countries who have ratified it.

About Etihad

Meaning “Union” in Arabic, Etihad is one of the UAE’s flagship carriers. They have 120 destinations for both passengers and cargo. They are based in Abu Dhabi.

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