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Swiss Air Lost, Damaged & Delayed Baggage Compensation

Swiss Air Lost, Damaged & Delayed Baggage Compensation

Joanna Teljeur
Written By Joanna Teljeur
Last Updated: April 22, 2024

Claim up to approximately €1,599 for delayed, lost, or damaged baggage!

Were your bags delayed or lost after a Swiss Air flight? Despite the recent integrations with baggage tracing technology, the number of mishandled baggage continues to be a problem for many air passengers. So, in this article, we’re going to show you exactly what to do to get compensated if you experience delayed, damaged, or lost baggage when flying Swiss Air.

Key Points

  1. Claim for up to approximately €1599 in compensation for Swiss lost baggage.
  2. The Montreal Convention is the international treaty that governs your air passenger rights when it comes to delayed, damaged, or lost baggage.
  3. In order to successfully claim compensation for baggage mishandling, you must file reports within specific time frames.

Your Lost Baggage Rights with Swiss Airlines

As an air passenger, your rights for lost baggage are covered by the Montreal Convention.

This international treaty was signed in 1999 and states that airlines must compensate passengers for baggage mishandling up to 1,288 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs)

An SDR is a combined value of several different currencies which currently equals approximately €1,599.

Swiss Airlines Lost Baggage

You arrive at your destination, go to the baggage reclaim area, and wait for your luggage to come down the conveyor belt. When it doesn’t, it can be deeply upsetting especially if you’re away from home. 

What to do if Swiss Air lost your baggage

First, don’t panic. In most cases lost baggage is returned within 48 hours. But while you’re still at the airport, take the following steps:

  1. Report your lost baggage while you’re still at the airport. Do not skip this step. If you do, then you might not be able to claim compensation. Make your report at the Swiss Baggage Reclaim area or on the Swiss website.
  2. You’ll be given a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) number. Keep this number so you can trace your lost baggage and file a claim later on.
  3. Wait for Swiss to contact you about your lost baggage and provide you with delivery details.

If Swiss Air hasn’t found your lost baggage within 5 days then you will need to give them more information on their site about your baggage and the contents so they can have more information to work with in locating your luggage.

Swiss Airlines Lost Baggage

Making Essential Purchases Because of Swiss Lost Baggage

Understandably, you might need to purchase clothing or toiletries as a result of your lost (or damaged) baggage . Just be mindful when making these purchases. Airlines will typically only reimburse you for truly essential items. 

If you do buy some essentials, be sure to keep track of all your receipts because you’ll need them to file your compensation claim.

Once your baggage is returned, you can file a compensation claim for these expenses or if your baggage is lost (after 21 days) you can add these receipts as part of your Swiss Airlines lost baggage claim.

Swiss Lost Baggage Compensation Claims

When to file your claim

According to the rules of the Montreal Convention, your baggage will be considered delayed until it has been missing for 21 days. After 21 days, it will be deemed officially lost.  At this point, you can file a Swiss lost baggage compensation claim. 

How to file your claim

To make your claim, go to the claims page on the Swiss Airlines site. You will need your PIR number and the receipts from any essential purchases you had to make. You will also need your flight/booking information and a government issued identity card.

How long does the Swiss claims process take

After you submit your claim, the next step is to wait for someone from the airline to contact you about their decision. This can sometimes take as long as a month or more. 

How Much Swiss Lost Baggage Compensation Can I Get

As per the rules of the Montreal Convention, Swiss Airlines is required to compensate you up to roughly €1,599 for your damaged, delayed, and lost baggage. Be advised that even though the airline is required to compensate you, they won’t do so automatically. 

In order to get as much compensation as you’re owed, you need to file your report and claim within the proper time limits or your claim could be denied.

When to Claim for Swiss Air Delayed Baggage Compensation

Swiss Airlines Damaged Baggage

So your checked baggage is damaged during a Swiss Air flight. Now what? 

  1. Make a damaged baggage report immediately before you leave the airport. You can do this at the baggage reclaim area at the Swiss Baggage desk. Whatever you do, don’t skip this step. If you do, your compensation claim can be denied.
  2. If you’ve already left the airport, then you can still make your report on the Swiss website for as long as 3 days after your flight.
  3. Take photos of the damaged items so you can back up your claim.

By making a damaged baggage report, you’re alerting the airline to your problem and giving them a chance to fix the problem. Once you make your report, you will be given a Property Irregularity Report number. Keep this number handy so you can file a compensation claim later.

How to Claim Swiss Air Damaged Baggage Compensation Claim

When you make your damaged baggage report, you have 7 days to submit a compensation claim with Swiss. As with most airlines, you will not be compensated for poorly packed or fragile items or for baggage that was already damaged before your flight.

How long does the Swiss claims process take

There are no established timelines for airlines to process damaged or lost baggage claims, so you might have to wait as long as a month or longer to receive the decision from Swiss about your compensation


The damaged and lost baggage claims process can be long and frustrating. Here at AirAdvisor, we’re planning to offer baggage compensation claim services sometime in the future.

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