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Lost Baggage Virgin Atlantic: How to Get Compensation for Delayed and Damaged Luggage

Lost Baggage Virgin Atlantic: How to Get Compensation for Delayed and Damaged Luggage

Joanna Teljeur
Written By Joanna Teljeur
Last Updated: April 22, 2024

Lost baggage can spell disaster for business and holiday travellers alike. It’s usually caused by outdated technology and staffing shortages, and it tends to occur most often during transfers. Whatever the causes, if you’ve had your baggage lost during a Virgin Atlantic flight, you can receive compensation even for delayed and damaged bags. So keep reading, because we’re going to walk you through the steps you should take to get the compensation you deserve. 

Key Points

  1. You can be compensated up to approximately £1,395 for lost baggage if you travelled internationally on a Virgin Atlantic flight.
  2. If you’ve taken a domestic flight with Virgin, then you could claim up to £1,000 in compensation.
  3. You’re protected by the Civil Aviation Authority for domestic flights, and the Montreal Convention if you fly internationally.

Lost Baggage Virgin Atlantic

Lost Baggage Virgin Atlantic: What Steps to Take

So your checked bags didn’t show up on the baggage carousel. Now what? If you follow the steps below, not only will you be able to find your lost baggage more quickly, but you can also increase your chances of claiming compensation from Virgin.

Step #1: Report your lost baggage

The most important thing to do is to report your lost luggage at the airport. Just find the Virgin Atlantic Baggage counter in the reclaim area, and an agent will help you complete a Property Irregularity Report, also known as a PIR or a Missing Baggage Report. Be sure to keep a copy as well as the number (10-digits). You will need this later.

Step #2: Trace your Virgin lost baggage

After you finish the report, use the number to track the status of your bags. Someone from the airline will contact you when your baggage has been found, and you can decide on a time for delivery. Otherwise, just keep an eye on the status of your lost baggage.


If you need to contact Virgin Atlantic about your baggage, you can email them:



Step #3: Buy any essentials you need

When you’re away from home, it makes sense that you would need to buy personal hygiene items and clothing while your bags are missing. Virgin Atlantic realises this too, which is why you should make sure to keep your spending to items you really need and hold onto any receipts from these purchases. 

Step #4: File a compensation claim

If Virgin has found your baggage, then you can start the compensation claim for the items you had to buy because of your lost baggage. 

If your baggage is still lost, then keep tracing your baggage and wait for someone to contact you. 

If 21 days pass, and your baggage is still missing, then you should submit a compensation claim using the same form. 

Virgin Atlantic Baggage Claim Timeframes

Whether your baggage was lost or damaged, you must complete the compensation claim within the following periods of time or Virgin will deny your claim.

Virgin Atlantic Baggage Claim Timeframes

How To Get Compensation for Damaged Baggage

If Virgin has damaged your checked baggage and you hope to get the compensation you deserve, then you must report your damage immediately and ideally at the Virgin Baggage desk at the airport. As with lost baggage, you will be asked to complete a Property Irregularity Report. Again, keep a copy and the number as you will need both for your compensation claim.

Sometimes, you won’t notice the damage until later. If this is the case, then take the time to either return to the airport or navigate to Virgin Atlantic’s site to file the report online. It’s also a good idea to take photos of the damage. The more evidence you have, the better your chances of getting compensated by Virgin

File a Damaged Baggage Claim

If you’ve filed a report about your damaged baggage, then you can make your compensation claim. Virgin will ask you to upload copies of receipts as well as information about the bag and the contents that sustained the damage. You will also need to provide the PIR number and information about your flight.

Virgin Atlantic, as well as many other airlines, will not provide you compensation for cash, fragile items, documents, or jewellery. Likewise you won’t be compensated if the damage was caused by inadequate packing or poorly made suitcases, small cuts or scratches, or regular signs of wear.

Virgin Damaged Baggage Compensation Claim

How Much Will I Be Compensated 

For delayed, lost, or damaged baggage, the airline’s liability limits are set by the Civil Aviation Authority for domestic flights. This means that you could get as much as £1,000 from Virgin.

If your baggage was mishandled on an international flight, then these limits are set by the Montreal Convention which states that Virgin must compensate you up to £1,395 for damaged, delayed, or lost baggage 

Be advised though that these amounts are not automatic payments. Passengers must take all the steps outlined above in order to get compensated by the airline.

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