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A Delayed LO3 Flight: Reimbursement

Flight disruptions at either WAW or ORD Airport are never fun. In cases when your LO 3 journey is delayed arriving in Chicago, Germany, by more than 3 hours, LOT Polish Airlines has a legal obligation, based on the EU261/2004 Regulation, to provide remuneration. You do this for flight LO3 by filing a compensation claim for a delayed flight with the airline.

If you are unclear about how to get flight delay compensation for LO3, AirAdvisor has you covered. First, consult our free LO3 flight checker to start the process. Let us help you deal with the LOT Polish Airlines red tape to increase the odds of a favourable LO 3 delay claim outcome.


Compensation Qualification for an LO 3 Flight Cancellation

Flight cancellations definitely impact your travel plans to Chicago. But if you’re stranded at Warsaw Chopin Airport and unable to land at Chicago O'Hare International Airport, don’t panic. It’s possible to claim up to 600€ for the disruption from LOT Polish Airlines to soften the blow. Although there are certain stipulations to this flight LO3 payout, AirAdvisor makes it easy to sort through the LOT Polish Airlines cancellation claim process. We can answer all the questions you have relating to how to submit an LO 3 cancellation claim.

Does my flight LO3 qualify for reimbursement

Reimbursement for LOT Polish Airlines LO3: Passenger’s Rights and Process Summary

LOT Polish Airlines LO 3 to Chicago Passenger Rights

LOT Polish Airlines Flight LO3 is Cancelled: Passengers’ Right to Claim a Refund

In short, LOT Polish Airlines must cover the cost of your cancelled flight from Warsaw Airport (WAW) to Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD). This is done as an LO3 flight refund, and LOT Polish Airlines is also mandated to cover any supplementary costs, like a hotel stay at Warsaw Chopin Airport, that you experience as a direct result of the LO3 cancellation.


LOT Polish Airlines LO 3 Flight Map from Warsaw to Chicago

LO 3 flight compensation tips

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LOT Polish Airlines – Need to Know

LOT Polish Airlines, founded in 1928, is the pride of Poland as its national flag carrier. A member of IATA and Star Alliance, LOT is one of the 12 oldest airlines in the world with a fleet of around 80 aircraft, making it the 18th largest operator in Europe. Its hub at Warsaw Chopin Airport connects passengers to over 120 destinations. As one of Europe's most traveled carriers, providing great service to its almost 9 million yearly passengers is part of their long-standing tradition.

Introducing Warsaw Airport

Named in honor of the famous Polish composer Frédéric Chopin, Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland’s largest, is roughly 10 km (6 mi) from the heart of the city. First opened in 1934, it has since become one of the biggest and busiest Central European airports. The airport welcomes nearly 10,000 flights per month and does so using its two runways and just one terminal. A model of efficiency, this airport connects up to 14 million travellers annually to destinations in over 50 countries. Its convenient location and impressive passenger flow make Warsaw’s Chopin Airport an essential gateway for anyone visiting or passing through Poland’s capital.

Pertinent Chicago International Airport O'Hare Info

Chicago O'Hare International Airport, also known by its IATA code ORD, has been a hub for air travel since its opening in 1944. As the world's fourth-busiest airport, ORD welcomes millions of travelers each year to its vast 7,627-acre campus located just 27 km away from the city's Loop district. From ORD, visitors have access to an impressive 214 destinations, making it a convenient starting point for any journey. With passenger volume exceeding 68 million and over 700,000 aircraft movements in 2022, O'Hare is undoubtedly a valuable asset to the aviation industry. Additionally, it handled more than 2 million metric tons of cargo that same year.


Answers to Common Questions Regarding Interruptions to Flight LO3 from Warsaw Chopin Airport to Chicago O'Hare International Airport


Always check with the LOT Polish Airlines staff on the ground what the specific reason was for the LO3 delay. Next, you can submit your compensation claim with us totally risk-free.


My flight delay from Warsaw to Chicago with LOT Polish Airlines was 2 hours. Can I get any compensation?

Since flight LO3 didn’t incur the minimum 3-hour delay, in this case, you wouldn’t qualify for any compensation from LOT Polish Airlines.


How much money can I get when my LO 3 flight is delayed arriving at Chicago Airport?

Remember that the minimum delay required on flight LO3 is 3 hours. Provided this is the case, the UE 261 Regulation says that LOT Polish Airlines must pay you 600€, assuming the reason for the delay qualifies.


How else should I expect to see my LOT Polish Airlines flight LO 3 referenced?

Typically, this flight from Warsaw Chopin Airport to Chicago O'Hare International Airport / Franz Josef Strauß Airport is referenced as LO 3 or LO3. You can also see it as LOT3 and LOT 3.