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Our website is fully launched!

Our website is fully launched!

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Dear Clients and Guests,

We are glad to announce a full launch of our website! Obviously, we will not stop working on its improvements and updates. 

We thank our clients for being with us during the pre-launch stage and we are excited to welcome new clients and guests!

Our team hopes that flight disruptions will pass you by, however, if a flight delayflight cancellation or denied boarding happens to you, then we kindly invite you to spend 2 mins of your time for filling out our form so we could collect the compensation for you. Only 2 minutes, no risk and no payment.

Did you know that as an air passenger, you are protected by EC261 Regulation? Learn about your rights according to the Regulation on our website. We believe that knowing the right information will help you to keep calm in any flight disruption situation. 

If you have any comments regarding work of our service, please do not hesitate to let us know about this. Our goal is to make our services better for you every day.


AirAdvisor’s team

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We'll help you get compensation for last 3 years, if your flight was delayed, cancelled or if you were denied boarding.

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