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Aer Lingus Lost Baggage Compensation: How to Claim Reimbursement for Damaged & Delayed Bags

Aer Lingus Lost Baggage Compensation: How to Claim Reimbursement for Damaged & Delayed Bags

Joanna Teljeur
Written By Joanna Teljeur
Last Updated: April 22, 2024

Claim up to approximately €1,599 for delayed, lost, or damaged baggage!

Did you know that in 2022, over 4 million bags were lost, delayed, or damaged globally. While 2022 was a particularly bad year for baggage mishandling, the problem persists. So in this article, we’ll explain your rights, what to do, and how to claim compensation for delayed, damaged, or lost Aer Lingus baggage.

Key Points

  1. Claim for up to approximately €1599 in compensation for Aer Lingus baggage mishandling issues.
  2. The Montreal Convention is the international treaty that governs your rights when it comes to baggage mishandling.
  3. In order to successfully claim compensation for lost baggage, you must file reports within specific time frames.

What Are My Lost Baggage Rights with Aer Lingus

As an air passenger, your rights regarding lost baggage are governed by the Montreal Convention.

The Montreal Convention is an international treaty that states that airlines are required to compensate passengers for damaged, delayed, and lost baggage up to approximately €1,599. This figure is determined by the use of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) which is a combined value of several different currencies. Baggage is set at 1,288 SDRs.

What Causes Aer Lingus Lost Baggage

Lost baggage could be a result of many things including general staffing shortages, outdated technology, or mechanical problems. Most baggage goes missing during transfers.

Aer Lingus Lost Baggage

Aer Lingus Lost Baggage

If your baggage is missing when you get to your final destination, file a report immediately with Aer Lingus. You can do this at the kiosks or online using the Aer Lingus form.

You’ll be given a File Reference Number or Property Irregularity Report number (PIR) when you make your report.  It’s very important to keep this number handy because you will need it to track the status of your lost baggage and to claim compensation later on.


Most airlines will consider a bag delayed until it is missing for 21 days, at which point it will be considered officially lost.

What Happens After Making an Aer Lingus Lost Baggage Report

After you file your report, you can trace the status of your lost baggage using the PIR number you were given. If your bags are located, Aer Lingus will forward them to you at the address you provided in your report. 

Lost baggage after 72 hours

If 72 hours passes and your luggage hasn’t been returned to you, then Aer Lingus asks that you complete a form where you list the contents of your lost baggage. They require this additional information to help them locate your belongings.

Essential Purchases

Understandably, you might need to buy some essentials because of your missing or damaged baggage. The most important thing to remember, when making these purchases, is to keep track of all your receipts and to keep your spending as low as possible.

When your baggage is returned, you can file a compensation claim for these expenses or if your baggage is lost (after 21 days) you can add these receipts as part of your Aer Lingus lost baggage claim.

When to Make an Aer Lingus Lost Baggage Compensation Claim

As mentioned above, your missing baggage is considered delayed until 21 days have passed, at which point you can file a lost baggage compensation claim. When you file your claim, you will need your PIR number along with all your receipts from essential purchases, as well as your flight information, and an official photo ID.

After you send in your information, you just have to wait for an airline representative to get in touch with you about your claim status.

When to make an Aer Lingus lost baggage compensation claim

How Much Aer Lingus Baggage Compensation Can I Get

In accordance with the Montreal Convention rules, Aer Lingus is required to compensate you up to approximately €1,599 for your lost, damaged, or delayed baggage. But don’t expect them to automatically pay you this amount. The claim process can take some time and you will only receive compensation if you reported your lost baggage and filed your claim within the correct time frames.

Aer Lingus Damaged Baggage

What happens if your checked baggage is damaged after an Aer Lingus flight? Well first, make sure you report the damage immediately at the Aer Lingus baggage reclaim area. 

When you make a report, you’re alerting the airline about your damaged bags and giving them a chance to rectify the problem. Whether you do this in person or online, you will be given an Property Irregularity Report number which you will need to use later in order to file a compensation claim.

If you have left the airport or if you didn’t notice the damage until later, you can still report the damage within 7 days. Do not skip this step because if you do, you will not be eligible for compensation.


Always take photos of your damaged baggage because it will help you with your compensation claim.

How to Claim Aer Lingus Damaged Baggage Compensation

After you have made your report, you have 7 days to file a compensation claim. It’s important to note that you will not be compensated for poorly packed or fragile items or for baggage that was already compromised before your flight.

What you’ll need to file your claim

  • Your PIR number
  • Booking reference number
  • Bag tags
  • Receipts (from any essential purchases you had to make)

How long does it take to process compensation claims

Because there are no set times for airlines to process baggage claims, you might have to wait as long as a month or more to receive the decision from Aer Lingus. You can always try to follow up with the airline to check the status of your claim or use your PIR number to track the status on the Aer Lingus site.


You can be compensated for your Aer Lingus damaged and lost baggage. While the process can undoubtedly be frustrating, you can get the amount you’re owed if you are diligent about filing your report and claim within the correct time frames. Just be organized and stay patient!

Need help with the claims process? At AirAdvisor, we’re hoping to offer baggage claim services sometime in the near future, but in the meantime we’d love to help you get compensated for Aer Lingus flight cancellations and delays.

We assume all legal costs

All you have to do is submit the application and wait for the compensation to be received

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