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Lufthansa Lost Baggage Compensation: How to Claim Reimbursement for Delayed or Damaged Bags

Lufthansa Lost Baggage Compensation: How to Claim Reimbursement for Delayed or Damaged Bags

Joanna Teljeur
Written By Joanna Teljeur
Last Updated: April 22, 2024

Claim up to approximately €1,599 for delayed, lost, or damaged baggage!

In 2022, more than 4 million bags were lost, delayed, or damaged globally according to SITA. Even with digitally automated baggage reflight systems, Lufthansa and other airlines still struggle with mishandled baggage. So, if you choose to check your baggage on a Lufthansa flight, remember that if it goes missing or sustains any damage, you can still receive compensation if you follow the right steps!

Key Points

  1. You could receive up to approximately €1599 in compensation for delayed, damaged, or lost baggage.
  2. Your lost baggage compensation rights are enforced by the laws of the Montreal Convention
  3. If you want to claim compensation for baggage mishandling, you need to follow specific steps within certain time frames or Lufthansa could deny your claim.

What are My Delayed Baggage Rights with Lufthansa

If you’ve had any baggage mishandling issues while traveling with Lufthansa, your rights are protected by the Montreal Convention.

The Montreal Convention states that airlines must compensate you for damaged, lost, and delayed baggage up to approximately €1,599.

What Causes Lufthansa Delayed Baggage

If your baggage was delayed or lost on a Lufthansa flight, it could be the result of general staffing shortages, outdated technology, or mechanical problems.

Lufthansa lost baggage

How to Handle Lufthansa Delayed Baggage

As soon as you realize that your bags are missing, you need to file a report as soon as possible. You can file a report with Lufthansa Customer Service or online by using their dedicated delayed baggage page.

When you make the report, you’ll be given a File Reference Number - sometimes called a Property Irregularity Report Number either by the Lufthansa agent or via email if you made the report digitally. Keep this number handy because you will need it to track the status of your delayed baggage as well as to file a compensation claim.

Lufthansa will then work to locate your delayed baggage, and when it is found, they will forward it to you at the address you provided when you made the delayed baggage report.


If you have more than one delayed bag, then you should create a separate report for each one.

How Much Time Do I Have to Report Delayed Baggage

You should report your delayed baggage at the airport as soon as you realize it is missing. If you need to file the report online, then you have 3 days from the date you arrived to do this.

If you cannot make your report on the site because it’s not functioning properly, then you should contact Lufthansa’s delayed baggage office at the airport.

What Happens After I Make my Lufthansa Delayed Baggage Report

Once you make the report, you can track the status of your baggage and wait for someone from the airline to contact you.

If 5 days have passed and your delayed baggage still hasn’t been located, then you will need to give Lufthansa additional details about your luggage and the contents. You can do this by revisiting their baggage status page and completing the section for your baggage contents.

What Will Lufthansa Pay for Essential Purchases

If you’ve had to buy any necessary items as a result of your delayed baggage, then Lufthansa will reimburse you for your expenses. Lufthansa states that they will reimburse you 50% for reusable purchases like clothing and 100% for single use items like toiletries.

Try to keep your spending as low as possible, and keep track of all your receipts for these purchases so you can submit them for reimbursement.

How long can I claim compensation for essential purchases

As long as you made a delayed baggage report, you have up to 2 years from the time of your flight to claim for reimbursement.

When to Claim for Lufthansa Delayed Baggage Compensation

If your delayed baggage hasn’t been returned to you after 21 days of making your report, then your bags are considered officially lost and you can file a claim for compensation. You have up to 2 years to do this. Remember that with Lufthansa, you must have also completed the baggage contents list after your baggage was missing for 5 days.

When to Claim for Lufthansa Delayed Baggage Compensation

How To File Lost and Delayed Baggage Compensation Claim

If 21 days have passed, or if you wish to request reimbursement for essential items, then you can begin the baggage claim process on Lufthansa’s claims page.

Documents needed for your claim

  1. Property Irregularity Report (PIR) info and code
  2. Your passport or other official photo ID
  3. Bag tag
  4. Boarding pass or flight itinerary
  5. Receipts for essential purchases

How Much Compensation Can I Get

As we stated above, you can receive up to approximately €1,599 for your lost, damaged, or delayed baggage as long as you filed your report within the right time frames.

When Will Lufthansa Process Lost and Delayed Baggage Claims

Unfortunately, there are no set time frames for the airline to process claims. Because of this, the claim process can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months.

What to Do About Lufthansa Damaged Baggage

If you find that your baggage has been damaged, you must make a report as soon as possible. You will receive a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) to complete and a PIR number that you should keep so you can use it to file a compensation claim.

If you only notice the damage after you leave the airport, then you have 7 days from your flight to make a written report with the airline. It’s also a good idea to take photos of the damage as this will help support your claim.

Lufthansa delayed baggage compensation

How To Claim for Damaged Baggage

You can file a compensation claim for your damaged baggage as long as you filed your report within the appropriate time period of 7 days.

Lufthansa will require a damage assessment for:

  • The value of your baggage
  • Amount of damage

You can also provide the airline with receipts to prove the value of your bags. Just remember that when calculating the amount of compensation owed to you, Lufthansa will deduct 15% of the value for each year that you used the baggage.

What won’t be covered in a damaged baggage claim

As with most airlines, Lufthansa will not pay for damages caused by faulty luggage or improper packing. Likewise, the airline will not compensate you for damage to fragile items or perishables.


If you’ve had damaged, lost, or delayed baggage problems after flying with Lufthansa, don’t panic, because you can still get the compensation you’re owed. The key is to make claims and reports within the proper time frames, stay organized, and remember to be patient.

Need help with the claims process? At AirAdvisor, we’re hoping to offer baggage claim services sometime in the near future, but in the meantime we’d love to help you get compensated for Lufthansa flight cancellations and delays.

Early claims have an 72% higher chance of payout

Act now before your claim expires

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