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Delayed or Cancelled Flight FR6025: How to Qualify for Compensation or Refund

If you arrive at the Henri Coandă International Airport and happen to see your flight FR6025 status: Delayed or Cancelled, don’t get upset - we are here to help. Learn your passenger rights below in case your flight FR6025 heading to Athens was disrupted.
Ryanair - FR6025 (RYR6025)
250 €
Henri Coandă International Airport (OTP)
Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport (ATH)
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Last Updated: June 02, 2023

A Delayed FR6025 Flight: Reimbursement

Flight disruptions at either OTP or ATH Airport are never fun. In cases when your FR 6025 journey is delayed arriving in Athens, Germany, by more than 3 hours, Ryanair has a legal obligation, based on the EU261/2004 Regulation, to provide remuneration. You do this for flight FR6025 by filing a compensation claim for a delayed flight with the airline.

If you are unclear about how to get flight delay compensation for FR6025, AirAdvisor has you covered. First, consult our free FR6025 flight checker to start the process. Let us help you deal with the Ryanair red tape to increase the odds of a favourable FR 6025 delay claim outcome.


Compensation Qualification for an FR 6025 Flight Cancellation

Flight cancellations definitely impact your travel plans to Athens. But if you’re stranded at Henri Coandă International Airport and unable to land at Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, don’t panic. It’s possible to claim up to 250€ for the disruption from Ryanair to soften the blow. Although there are certain stipulations to this flight FR6025 payout, AirAdvisor makes it easy to sort through the Ryanair cancellation claim process. We can answer all the questions you have relating to how to submit an FR 6025 cancellation claim.

Does my flight FR6025 qualify for reimbursement

Reimbursement for Ryanair FR6025: Passenger’s Rights and Process Summary

Ryanair FR 6025 to Athens Passenger Rights

Ryanair Flight FR6025 is Cancelled: Passengers’ Right to Claim a Refund

In short, Ryanair must cover the cost of your cancelled flight from Bucharest Airport (OTP) to Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport (ATH). This is done as an FR6025 flight refund, and Ryanair is also mandated to cover any supplementary costs, like a hotel stay at Henri Coandă International Airport, that you experience as a direct result of the FR6025 cancellation.


Ryanair FR 6025 Flight Map from Bucharest to Athens

FR 6025 flight compensation tips

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Ryanair Revealed

Ryanair is an Irish ultra low-cost carrier that has been revolutionizing air travel since its inception in 1984. Headquartered in Dublin, Ryanair is Europe's largest budget airline with a fleet of over 540 planes that fly to 225 destinations across more than 40 countries. With 19,000 employees, Ryanair is also one of the world's highest-rated environmental airlines. As of March 2023, Ryanair boasts an impressive 87% on-time performance, 88% customer satisfaction, and a 93% load factor. Its commitment to efficiency, affordability, and sustainability has made Ryanair a leader in the aviation industry.

Bucharest Airport (OTP): Get the Facts

Bucharest's Henri Coandă International Airport is the busiest in Romania and serves as a major gateway to the country's capital. Located just 16.5 km from downtown Bucharest, the airport was first opened in 1970 and has since undergone several renovations and expansions. With two runways, 104 check-in counters, and 38 boarding gates, Henri Coandă handles an impressive amount of passenger flow each year. As of 2022, the airport has seen over 12 million passengers and 120,000 aircraft movements, serving as a base for popular low-cost airlines Ryanair, Wizz Air, Animawings, and Air Bucharest. Overall, Henri Coandă International Airport plays a vital role in connecting travelers to Romania and beyond.

The Ins and Outs of "Eleftherios Venizelos" Airport

As the largest international airport in Greece, Athens Airport (ATH) is a hub for Aegean Airlines and Greek airlines. It opened on March 28, 2001 and has been a member of Group 1 of Airports Council International since then. In the first three months of 2023, the airport has seen almost 1.5 million passengers. With almost 97,000 total flights and over 22 million passengers in 2022, Athens Airport is an important gateway to and from Greece. Its modern terminal facilities and efficient passenger flow make it a top airport for travelers.


Answers to Common Questions Regarding Interruptions to Flight FR6025 from Henri Coandă International Airport to Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport

What are the recommended steps when my FR 6025 flight to Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport is delayed?

Always check with the Ryanair staff on the ground what the specific reason was for the FR6025 delay. Next, you can submit your compensation claim with us totally risk-free.

My flight delay from Bucharest to Athens with Ryanair was 2 hours. Can I get any compensation?

Since flight FR6025 didn’t incur the minimum 3-hour delay, in this case, you wouldn’t qualify for any compensation from Ryanair .

How much money can I get when my FR 6025 flight is delayed arriving at Athens Airport?

Remember that the minimum delay required on flight FR6025 is 3 hours. Provided this is the case, the UE 261 Regulation says that Ryanair must pay you 250€, assuming the reason for the delay qualifies.

How else should I expect to see my Ryanair flight FR 6025 referenced?

Typically, this flight from Henri Coandă International Airport to Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport / Franz Josef Strauß Airport is referenced as FR 6025 or FR6025. You can also see it as RYR6025 and RYR 6025.


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Ionut Dorin from Romania (Ryanair FR 6025 Flight cancellation)
September 8, 2020, 10:10 am

i Have the return ticket as well in this sum which was canceled

CRISTINA-ADRIANA from Romania (Ryanair FR 6025 Flight cancellation)
June 13, 2020, 5:33 pm

COVID 19 pandemic restrictions

Caty Diana from Romania (Ryanair FR 6025 Flight delay)
October 21, 2020, 8:06 am

The hour of departure was changed from 12.55 to 19.50 without any further notice or any email as I received before when the comapany changed even this 12.55 (when I bought the ticket it was 19.50, the departure and it was changed and I received a mail). It s obvious the Greek Traffic controlors perturbed the schedule but the problem is that I wasnt announced in any way (e mail or phone) by the company I bought directly the tichets and I stayed for 7 hours in the airport plus the 2 hours as I came before my flight, politically correct as I am.

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