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Flight OS376 Trip Reimbursement for a Delay

In the event that you land at Vienna International Airport from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with a delay, you may have a right to claim compensation from Austrian Airlines. This right for flight OS 376 is based on the UE 261 Regulation from 2004 and generally applies if your arrival at VIE Airport (not your departure from Amsterdam Airport) is delayed more than 3 hours.

First, confirm if your OS376 journey from Amsterdam to Vienna qualifies for flight delay compensation from Austrian Airlines using our free flight checker. Then, to significantly improve your chances of a successful OS 376 compensation claim, use AirAdvisor’s platform and expertise.


Flight OS 376 Trip Reimbursement for a Cancellation

A complete cancellation of your flight from Amsterdam Airport (AMS) to Vienna International Airport may also qualify for compensation from Austrian Airlines of 250€

This OS376 flight cancellation reimbursement from Austrian Airlines is subject to terms and conditions, and there is no one better to assist you with the OS 376 claim process than AirAdvisor. When your flight travelling from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Vienna Airport leaves you stranded, we’re here to help.

Make a Compensation Claim with Austrian Airlines for Delay When Landing at Vienna International Airport

OS 376 Travel Reimbursement: My Passenger Rights and the Process to Follow

My Austrian Airlines OS 376 Passenger Rights

Flight OS 376 Cancelled: Your Right to a Reimbursement

Being grounded at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol without a way to get to Vienna because your flight OS376 is cancelled is frustrating. Legally, Austrian Airlines needs to issue a refund for a cancelled OS376 flight to Vienna International Airport. You may also qualify for reimbursement from Austrian Airlines for associated costs, like hotel rooms, that are a direct result of the OS 376 cancellation.


Route Map from Amsterdam (AMS) to Vienna (VIE) for Austrian Airlines Flight OS376


Useful Compensation Tips for Flight OS 376

Use the AirAdvisor Free OS 376 Claim Eligibility Checker

Austrian Airlines at a Glance

As the flag carrier of Austria, Austrian Airlines has been a leading airline in the aviation industry since its founding in 1957. With destinations spanning over 130 locations and a fleet size of 65, the airline has transported over 305 million passengers and counting. Headquartered in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austrian Airlines is a part of the Lufthansa Group and is focused on serving Central and Eastern Europe. With around 220 flights operated daily and over 6000 employees, Austrian Airlines provides professional services and high-quality experiences to all its passengers.

Schiphol Airport - A Snapshot

The Netherlands’ hub, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, ranks third in Europe in terms of passenger volume and transported more than 71 million passengers in 2019 alone. As many as 120 domestic and international airlines operate from its hub, providing flights to nearly 320 destinations across the globe. Popular Dutch carriers, like KLM and Correndon Dutch Airlines, run flights frequently from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, which provides a generally seamless travel experience. Some of the top European routes from Amsterdam are to Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona, Istanbul, and Rome.

An Introduction to Vienna Airport (VIE)

Vienna International Airport, situated 11 miles (18km) from central Vienna, is the largest airport in Austria and an essential hub for travel within Europe. With four terminal buildings, the airport caters to extensive passenger flow, providing travelers with a full range of associated services. It's worth noting that Vienna Airport is one of few airports in Europe to be quoted on the stock exchange, attesting to its size and importance. In 2021, the airport served 10.4 million passengers and facilitated 111,567 flight movements, and saw 261,229 tonnes of cargo. With excellent connections to European destinations, Vienna International Airport is critical for people travelling to and from Europe.


Flight OS 376 Reimbursement for Trips from Amsterdam to Vienna: Answers to Common Questions


What process do I follow when flight OS376 to Vienna International Airport (VIE) experiences a delay?

Once you land at Vienna International Airport, speak with Austrian Airlines staff to confirm the exact reason why flight OS 376 had a delay. Armed with this information relating to flight OS376, head to AirAdvisor to file a risk-free compensation claim because there’s no charge unless you win.


What if my flight from Amsterdam AMS to Vienna VIE is 2 hours late? Can I claim reimbursement?

Since the required threshold for OS376 flight delay compensation is 3 hours, a 2-hour delay upon arrival at Vienna Airport (VIE) would not qualify for any compensation.


What kind of payment can I expect to receive from Austrian Airlines when flight OS376 has a delay?

When you meet the minimum 3-hour threshold, a flight OS 376 delay can qualify for payment of 250€ from Austrian Airlines. This is based on EU Regulation 261.


How is this air journey from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Vienna International Airport typically referenced?

This Austrian Airlines flight may be noted as OS376 or OS 376. It may also be referenced as AUA376 or AUA 376.