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Compensation for BA 906 Flight Delay

Flight delay compensation may be available if your British Airways flight BA 906 departing from London Heathrow Airport (LHR) and traveling to Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA) experiences a delayed arrival. This is covered by Regulation EU EC261/ 2004 which requires British Airways to pay indemnification if the delay in flight arriving in Frankfurt is more than 3 hours.

Our free flight checker for flight BA906 can help you verify if you are eligible to receive compensation from British Airways for your flight BA 906 if your circumstances meet the criteria, and the AirAdvisor professional team can assist you in this process.


Compensation for Cancelled BA 906 Flight 

If your British Airways flight BA 906 from London Heathrow Airport to Frankfurt am Main International Airport gets cancelled, you may be eligible for a claim of 250€ if the specific circumstances of your flight qualify. 

British Airways may often deny flight cancellation compensation requests made by clients without professional legal assistance, but with AirAdvisor claims, this is unlikely to happen.

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Cancelled flight BA 906: eligible for a refund

In the event of cancelled flight BA 906, British Airways must legally meet your demand for a ticket reimbursement from London to Frankfurt, as well as compensate you for any additional costs incurred as a result of the disruption, such as an overnight stay in London.

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Meet British Airways

As one of the most respected airlines in the world, British Airways currently has over 600 routes connecting over 200 domestic and international destinations. In particular, British Airways flies to some of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, Central America, Europe, and South America. The airline's main base is located at London Heathrow Airport, and it currently has more than 270 planes in its fleet. These planes routinely carry well over 40 million travellers in a given year.

Heathrow at a Glance

London Heathrow Airport is located in Greater London, only 15 miles from the city center. It places second when judging Europe’s busiest airports, used by almost 100 international airlines and handling up to 75 million air passengers yearly. Two runways, four terminals, hundreds of gates, and 1,300 flights per day on average make Heathrow a bustling airport at any hour of the day. Popular cities to visit from Heathrow include Doha, Dubai, Dublin, and New York.

Frankfurt am Main International Airport - Description

Frankfurt am Main International Airport, identified by its IATA code FRA, is a pivotal hub for the entire industry of air travel. Located in Frankfurt, a major global financial center, it has grown to become Germany's main international airport, bustling with passengers all throughout the year. The impressive site covers a staggering 2,300 hectares of land, making it one of the largest airports in the world. With two massive passenger terminals capable of handling 65 million passengers per annum, four runways and numerous logistic and maintenance facilities, Frankfurt Airport plays a crucial role in the connectivity of the world. With almost a staggering 70 million passengers handled in 2018, Frankfurt Airport has set new records to establish itself as one of the busiest airports in Europe.


FAQs about compensation for British Airways flight BA 906 from London to Frankfurt 


What steps should be taken if flight BA 906 from London to Frankfurt gets delayed?

Inquire with the airline about the cause of the delay and submit a claim for compensation risk-free. AirAdvisor's skilled team can assist you in pursuing your claim even with British Airways. We have a No-Win, No-Fee policy, so there is no risk for you.


Can I receive compensation if my flight BA 906 arrived at Frankfurt Airport 2 hours late?

Regulation EU EC261/ 2004 does not provide compensation for delays of less than 3 hours on flight BA 906. But, in the situation your flight is cancelled, or the delay is longer than 3 hours, you may be eligible for flight delay compensation of up to 250€.


Is there a specific amount of compensation I can receive for the delay of my flight BA 906?

Under UE 261 Regulation from 2004, a delay of 3 hours or longer of Frankfurt flight BA 906 entitles you to claim compensation for delayed flight of 250€.


Are there any alternative names for flight BA906?

The British Airways flight may also be known as BA906, BAW906, BA 906, or BAW 906.