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TOM 4534 Flight Delayed Compensation

If you are traveling with TUI Airways from London Airport (LGW) to Tenerife South Airport (TFS) and your flight TOM 4534 is arriving late, you could be entitled to flight delay compensation. If the delay is 3 hours or longer, the Regulation EU EC261/ 2004 obliges TUI to pay Indemnification for Flight TOM4534.

With the free flight checker for flight TOM4534, the AirAdvisor team can tell you if your delayed flight circumstances meet the criteria for a refund.


Compensation for Cancelled Flight TOM 4534

If your flight TOM 4534 gets cancelled when you depart from London Gatwick Airport (LGW) to Tenerife (TFS) you might be eligible for a compensation claim of 400€ if your flight with TUI qualifies. 

Often, passengers complain that TUI Airways frequently declines their flight cancellation compensation claims when they handle the process without professional legal assistance. With AirAdvisor, this scenario is unlikely to occur. Moreover, AirAdvisor can help you to greatly improve the chances for a successful compensation with risk-free and zero fee.

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TOM 4534 Flight Delay Compensation Rights 

 Flight TOM4534 Passenger Rights

Passenger Right to Get a Refund for Cancelled Flight TOM 4534 

The law requires TUI Airways to answer your request if you submit for a refund in case of cancelled TOM 4534 flight, of your London Gatwick Airport to Tenerife ticket and to indemnify you for any additional expenses as a direct result of the disruption (overnight stay in London).

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Flight TOM4534 Compensation Tips

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Meet TUI Airways

Established in 1961, TUI Airways is a British airline that boasts of being the world's largest charter airline, transporting over 11.3 million passengers in 2022. Their fleet comprises 60 aircraft in total, flying to around 100 destinations with around 10,000 employees. The airline is the 4th-largest in the UK and the world's 10th-largest by route pairings, with a total of 61,213 flights as of 2022. TUI Airways' commitment to safety and premium customer experience sets them apart in the aviation industry.

London Gatwick: The Details

Second busiest in both the UK and London, Gatwick Airport consistently appears on travel itineraries, especially for passengers flying low-cost carriers, unlike its neighbour Heathrow. Located in Crawley, West Sussex, it’s not uncommon for Gatwick to welcome more than 40 million travellers each year. With 2 terminals and a single operational runway, this airport is quite efficient. Although there are actually 2 runways here, due to their close proximity to each other, they can’t be used at the same time. Luckily, plans for expansion will make this an official two-runway airport by the end of 2025. Inside, the North and South terminals are loaded with enticing restaurants, convenient shops, and anything else you might need for a pleasant journey.

Tenerife South Airport Information

Tenerife South Airport, also known as Tenerife South–Reina Sofía Airport, has been in operation since 1978 and is located on the picturesque Tenerife Island. As the second busiest airport in the Canary Islands, it serves hundreds of international destinations, among the most popular being the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany. Over 150 airline companies operate at its facilities, with passenger numbers reaching over 11 million in 2019. With over 70,000 movements and 2,188 tonnes of cargo, Tenerife South Airport is a major hub for tourism and commerce in the region.


TUI Compensation London to Tenerife flight TOM 4534: Questions and Answers


What do I do if flight TOM 4534 from London to Tenerife is delayed?

Once you find the reason for the delay, you can then submit a claim for compensation risk-free with the AirAdvisor which will help you get a flight refund from TUI Airways.

Remember, there is no risk on your part as we work on a No-Fee basis if No-Win.


Am I eligible for compensation if my flight TOM 4534 to Tenerife with TUI arrived 2 hours late?

You might be eligible for a compensation of 400€ if flight TOM 4534 is cancelled by TUI Airways or delayed 3 hours or longer at arrival.


If flight TOM 4534 is delayed, how much is the compensation?

UE 261 Regulation from 2004 says that each passenger is entitled to 400€ in compensation if flight TOM 4534 from London Gatwick Airport (LGW) to Tenerife South Airport (TFS) is delayed by 3 hours or more at arrival.


In what other ways I can refer to flight TOM4534 differently?

The TOM4534 TUI Airways flight is referred also to as TOM 4534, BY4534, and BY 4534.