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Claiming Passenger Compensation or Repayment if Your IB 1005 Journey is Delayed or Cancelled

If you arrive at the Barcelona International Airport and happen to see your flight IB1005 status: Delayed or Cancelled, don’t get upset - we are here to help. Learn your passenger rights below in case your flight IB1005 heading to Madrid was disrupted.
Iberia Airlines - IB1005 (IBE1005)
250 €
Barcelona International Airport (BCN)
Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport (MAD)
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Last Updated: April 19, 2023

Flight IB 1005 Delay of Trip Compensation

Let’s assume that you arrive late from Barcelona International Airport to Madrid Airport on flight IB1005. What recourse exists to claim flight delay compensation from Iberia Airlines? Subject to a minimum 3-hour delay in arriving at Madrid Airport (MAD), Iberia is legally obligated to provide compensation for the IB 1005 flight delay due to the EU 261/2004 Regulation.

Unsure of your compensation entitlement from Iberia Airlines? Use AirAdvisor’s free IB1005 flight checker to confirm. Plus, AirAdvisor is the ideal partner when you claim compensation for a flight delay against Iberia. Benefit from our experience to increase the odds of a favourable IB1005 claim result.


Flight IB1005 Trip Cancellation Repayment

No one enjoys having their flight from Barcelona (BCN) Airport to Madrid (MAD) Airport cancelled. In cases when flight IB 1005 never gets off the ground, it may entitle you to a 250€ payout from Iberia.

When flight IB 1005 is cancelled, getting Iberia Airlines to honour their legal obligation for your Barcelona to Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport can be challenging. That’s why AirAdvisor’s multitude of experience with cancelled flights like IB 1005 is an asset you want in your corner.

 Submitting your Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport Flight Delay Compensation Claim Against Iberia

IB1005 Travel Compensation: Your Rights as a Passenger and Process

Know Your Iberia IB1005 Passenger Rights

Cancellation of Flight IB1005: A Passenger’s Entitlement to a Refund Claim

Stuck at Barcelona International Airport due to an IB1005 cancellation? You should expect a refund from Iberia Airlines. The airline is legally required to provide a refund in case of cancelled flight IB1005, which was supposed to take you to Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport. Supplementary expenses, like the cost of Barcelona Airport (BCN) overnight accommodation, may also be reimbursed by Iberia.


Route Outline from BCN (Barcelona) to MAD (Madrid) of Iberia Flight IB 1005


Useful Tips to Get Compensation for IB1005 Flight Disruptions

AirAdvisor has a Free Claim Eligibility Checker Tool for Flight IB1005

About Iberia Airlines

Based in Spain, Iberia Airlines is a leader in the aviation industry and has been since its founding in 1927 and currently flies over 22 million air passengers annually to 120 destinations worldwide. With an extensive network of connections, it serves both leisure and business passengers, as well as cargo operations through its own fleet of more than 80 Airbus and ATR aircraft. Despite the significant competition, Iberia continues to offer competitive prices and routes based in Europe to North and South America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Barcelona Airport: The Low-down

Among the busiest airports in the world, Barcelona International Airport maintains its status as a major gateway to Europe and started transporting commercial travelers in 1927. Today it has two terminals, 4 runways, and provides services to roughly 40 million customers every year. Often simply called El Prat, Barcelona Airport is the operational base of Vueling, which is Spain’s biggest airline. The airport also features on the routes of 60 additional airlines. In total, Barcelona Airport (BCN) has non-stop flights that reach five continents and nearly 200 exciting destinations.

Get To Know Madrid-Barajas Airport

As the busiest airport in Spain and the fifth-largest on the continent, Madrid Airport can get you where you need to go. In all, the 90 airlines that land here will take you to 63 countries and countless cities across the globe. A hub of air travel since opening in 1931, the airport is located approximately 15 kilometers northeast of central Madrid and is an important gateway to the rest of Europe and beyond. The airport features four terminals, with Terminal 4 being the largest one, and more than 60 million travellers pass through the airport every year. In addition to airline traffic, its extensive cargo infrastructure allows for the handling of over 450 tons of freight each day.


Flight IB1005 Compensation for Trips from Barcelona Airport (BCN) to Madrid Airport (MAD): FAQs

How does the process work to claim compensation when my IB 1005 flight to Madrid Airport experiences an unplanned delay?

Upon landing at the Airport in Madrid, head immediately to the Iberia Airlines representatives and ask them to confirm exactly why flight IB1005 experienced a delay. Then, proceed to file a risk-free compensation claim for IB 1005 with Air Advisor. It’s risk-free because if you don’t win, you don’t pay a fee.

When my IB1005 flight arrives at Madrid Airport 2 hours behind schedule, what can I claim?

The minimum required flight IB 1005 delay threshold is 3 hours in order to be eligible to receive flight delay compensation. A Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport arrival delay of only 2 hours wouldn’t trigger any compensation. 

What amount of remuneration should I expect to get from Iberia when flight IB1005 encounters a delay?

A minimum 3-hour delay can entitle you to a 250€ payment from Iberia Airlines due to the UE 261 Regulation.

In what ways is my Iberia flight from BCN (Barcelona Airport) to MAD (Madrid Airport) typically referenced?

The iterations include IBE1005/IBE 1005 and IB1005/IB 1005.


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Flight Compensation Calculator

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