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Neos Air Flight Cancelation and Delay Compensation

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Has your Neos Air flight been delayed or canceled? If you’re trying to figure out how much compensation you’re owed, or if you even qualify for a refund, keep reading, because in this guide, we’re going to explain it all. You’ll discover your passenger rights and how much you can get refunded or compensated when you experience a flight disruption with Neos Air.

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Neos Air Flight Cancelation and Delay Compensation
Anton Radchenko
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Last Updated: June 18, 2024

Understanding your rights

Because Neos is an Italian airline, you can get compensated for flight disruptions if you were on a flight operating inside the EU. Your rights are protected by EU 261 - a law designed by the European Commission to protect passengers departing from European airports.

Here’s how you’re protected under EU 261

  • Airlines are required to compensate you up to €600 per passenger regardless of your ticket price
  • Flight disruptions up to 3 years old can still be eligible for compensation.
  • You’re entitled to compensation for flight delays in excess of 3 hours
  • You have the right to a full refund if you’ve had a delay lasting more than 5 hours
  • You have a right to reimbursement for any expenses that you had to make as a result of the delay 
  • You’re entitled to compensation for flight cancellations announced less than 14 days prior to your departure.
  • Airlines are required to supply food, drink, and hotel accommodation to passengers free of charge if the delays are longer than 2 hours for flights shorter than 1,500 km and at least 3 hours for other flights.
  • You’re entitled to compensation for denied boarding due to overbooking.
  • If you missed a connecting flight because of a delay, and you arrived at your destination more than 3 hours late, then you are also entitled to compensation from the airline.

What to do if your Neos flight is canceled or delayed

First and foremost, stay calm and ask a Neos agent to help you get on another flight. If you’ve tried this then:

  1. Ask why the flight has been canceled or delayed
  2. Record this information somewhere so you can find it later
  3. Take photos of the information boards
  4. Keep all your receipts for essential purchases including your booking number and vouchers
  5. Ask for essentials like food and drink 

While you wait, you can also check to see if your flight is eligible for compensation.Check compensation

Neos Air delayed flight compensation

How do you know if you’re eligible for delayed flight compensation? 

If you arrived in excess of 3 hours late to your destination, then you may be eligible for compensation. Start by asking Neos what caused the delay. If it was due to extraordinary circumstances like dangerous weather, political unrest, etc. then Neos will not be required to compensate you.

But no matter what caused the delay, Neos must still provide you with food, drink, and/or hotel stay.

Also, be careful if you’re offered vouchers. Always read the fine print and ask questions before you accept one because the time frame for you to use the voucher can be very short. It’s also important to note that if you accept a voucher or sign any release paperwork you will no longer be eligible for compensation.

Neos Air flight delay compensation

How do I know if I’m eligible for Neos Air cancellation compensation?

You’re eligible for compensation if your flight was canceled fewer than 14 days before your date of departure and if the cancellation was caused by something within the airline’s control.

So, if Neos Air gives you more than 14 days advance notice that your flight is canceled, then you won’t be eligible for compensation. In this situation however, Neos must provide you with an alternative flight or give you a refund if you choose not to take the trip.

If the seats on your replacement flight are upgraded, then you should not be asked to pay anything extra. At the same time, if your seats were downgraded on the replacement flight, then Neos has to pay you for the price difference.

Note: If Neos offers a replacement flight with approximately the same arrival time as your original flight, and you decide not to take it, there is a chance that you could lose the right to get both compensation and a ticket refund. 

In most cases, you can reject alternative flight offerings and still receive a refund in full if the replacement flight arrives 3 or more hours later than your initial scheduled arrival time.

What conditions have to met to get Neos Air flight compensation

Whether you have a cancellation or a delay, the following conditions must be met for you to be eligible for Neos compensation.

  1. Your flight must be flying within the EU.
  2. The flight disruption caused Neos Air and not caused by conditions outside the airline’s control.
  3. You must have documents that support your booking and the disruption
  4. You must have completed check-in at the appropriate time
  5. You must submit your flight disruption claim within the deadline 

What makes a flight cancellation ineligible for a refund

A flight cancellation will be ineligible for a refund if it was caused by extraordinary circumstances including the following.

  • Weather conditions
  • Airport-related disruptions like an airport strike
  • Technical issues with the aircraft
  • Political unrest
  • Natural disasters
  • Operational problems

PRO TIP: An airline strike is treated differently from an airport strike. If Neos workers go on strike, you could still be eligible for compensation.

What is the time limit to make compensation claims

You have up to six years to contact Neos Air and collect your compensation and ticket refunds.

How much can you get in compensation from Neos Air 

Table shows values in Euros as specified in EC 261. To find out how much compensation you’re owed, use our free compensation check.


All flights under 1,500 km

Up to €250 per person

Internal EU flights over 1,500 km

Up to €400 per person

Non-internal EU flights between 1,500 - 3,500 km

Up to €400 per person

Non-internal EU flights over 3,500 km

Up to €600 per person

Claim your compensation with AirAdvisor and get up to €600. Find out how much you’re owed today!Check eligibility

About Neos

Headquartered in Lombardy, Italy, Neos provides flights to Europe with a focus on souther European countries.

People Also Asked

What should I do if my Neos flight is canceled?

First, confirm why the flight was canceled. Then, collect your receipts for any additional expenses so you can file it for reimbursement later. You can also ask the airline to provide you with food and refreshments if there is a delay of 3 hours or more for your rescheduled flight. 

If your replacement flight is departing the next day, the airline must provide hotel accommodation and transportation. Finally, use our free online compensation calculator to check if you are eligible for compensation and submit a Neos air refund for cancellation.

What if I cancel my Neos air flight? Can I get a refund?

If Neos air cancels the flight, they must refund you the price of the ticket. But if you decide to voluntarily cancel your scheduled flight, you are not entitled to a refund. Neos air cancellation policy is restrictive, unless you have a flexible fare, which allows you to reschedule your flight to a later date with minimal cost.

Note: Regardless of ticket type, passengers have the right to request a refund amount for airport taxes and fees as part of a cancellation refund.

Do I also get my money back if Neos air canceled a flight due to Covid-19?

If Neos air canceled a flight due to Covid-19, passengers are entitled to a reimbursement as part of flight cancellation rights. If Neos air attempts to reimburse your canceled flight with a voucher, always be cautious and read the fine print before accepting it. Instead, apply for a refund. If your refund claim is rejected, AirAdvisor’s team of lawyers can help enforce your claim.

Can I get a refund from Neos?

If you decide to forgo your Neos air flight, unless it was booked under an adaptable and refundable fare plan, chances are that you won't receive a refund. However, if Neos canceled your flight because of circumstances beyond their control, then a full or partial refund should be granted without any problems.

How long does a flight delay have to be for Neos to compensate me?

Your Neos air flight must be delayed for 3 hours or more, but there are certain rules on how flight delay compensation is calculated. In some cases, the amount of compensation may depend on the period of delay and flight distance. Use AirAdvisor’s flight delay compensation calculator to check your Neos air flight.

How long does it take to get Neos air flight delay compensation?

By law, it should not take more than 1 month to pay compensation for your flight delay, however on average it takes Neos air approx 2-3 months to verify a claim and process payment. In some cases, Neos air might delay payment or ignore requests to try to avoid the payment. If this is the case, then AirAdvisor would be able to help.

How do I claim flight delay compensation with Neos air?

AirAdvisor is here to help you get compensation for your flight delay or cancellation. Our highly-skilled team of legal and travel professionals will ensure that your claim process goes smoothly so that you can secure what's rightfully yours!  

How much time do I have to file a Neos claim?

The time limit for filing a compensation claim can vary based on the laws of the country where you departed or arrived. In general, travelers have a period of up to three years from the flight date to submit a claim, but some countries may have a shorter time frame like 1 or 2 years. AirAdvisor can help you determine if your Neos air claim is still within the time limit.

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Alexander from Canada (Neos NO 141 Flight delay)
November 30, 2019, 6:43 pm

I flew in NO0141 from Male Velana to Milan MXP, scheduled to depart at 10.15, instead departing over 5 hours later due to technical issues with their planes (according to the flight stewards) . Due to the delay, I arrived at the airport much earlier than necessary (I was not provided with an email notifying me) but I missed my ride as well asvaluable layover time in Milan to conduct business. According to Reg. EC 261/04 I am entitled to a compensation amount of 600 Euros based on the flight distance and the number of hours the flight was delayed

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