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When a Delta Air Lines flight is canceled or delayed, it means passenger disruptions. We’ve put together a Delta Air Lines canceled flights list so that it’s easy to verify your compensation eligibility. You just need your Delta flight number to check.

Cancelations and delays, unfortunately, happen all the time, so we’ll provide some real and recent data on the chances of having one of your Delta Air Lines flights canceled today and the worst US airports for travel interruptions. Plus, we’ll dive into common reasons for Delta Air Lines' canceled flights and how to minimize your likelihood of encountering these annoyances.

For Delta Air Lines, both delayed and canceled flights increased in 2022 over 2023. This was primarily due to extreme weather conditions, although many flights to Tel Aviv were also canceled in 2023 due to the ongoing conflict.

Below is a summary of Delta Air Lines flight cancelations and delays from our research into the top US airlines. To qualify, a delay has to be 15 minutes or more.


Total Delta Air Lines Flights

Delta Air Lines Canceled Flights

Delta Air Lines Delayed Flights

2022 (January 1 to December 31)


10,309 (1.42%)

108,257 (14.88%)

2023 (January 1 to June 30)


5,432 (1.55%)

63,453 (18.07%)

How Often Are Delta Air Lines Flights Canceled or Delayed? 

When we take the weighted average (adjusting for only 6 months of data from 2023), we find that the chance of having your Delta Air Lines flight canceled is 1.46%. On the other hand, the likelihood of a Delta delayed flight is 15.9%

In easier-to-understand terms, on average, 3 out of every 200 Delta flights are canceled, and 16 out of 100 flights encounter a delay.

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What to Do When Delta Air Lines Cancels Flights

Based on legislation for flights leaving from Europe or the UK, your Delta flight might qualify for compensation. Check the Delta Air Lines flight numbers below to see if your flight has triggered the EU 261 Regulation. Then, at least, you know that you have a good chance at a payout for your inconvenience.

It’s also important not to let the disruption ruin your trip. Seek a replacement flight ASAP to salvage your plans. 

Some Reasons for Flight Cancelations 

While we’ve established that only 1.46% of Delta flights are canceled on average, if you’re among the unlucky few, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why is Delta Air Lines canceling flights?” The causes can vary. These are some explanations as to why you had your Delta Air Lines flights canceled: 

  • Low airline staff levels. 
  • Unsafe flying weather, including hurricanes, severe storms, flooding, and other natural disasters.
  • Ground crew, baggage handler, and mechanic strikes also limit staff.
  • Mechanical or plane maintenance issues.
  • Empty planes can make it cost-prohibitive to operate the flight.

Airports with The Most Cancelations and Delays

Due to severe storms in the summer of 2023, Delta was forced to cancel hundreds of flights, and more than 1,000 more were severely delayed. The airports most affected by this were in the New York area, as the entire Northeastern US was bombarded with rain and high winds.

We have set a baseline for Delta Air Lines flight cancelations (1.46%) and delays (15.9%), so here are some busy airports that skew higher than average (in some cases much higher). You may want to avoid them if possible. And remember, it’s always possible to file a Delta Air Lines complaint if you feel you’ve been treated unfairly at one of these airports or others.

The following data is from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics:


Delta Air Lines Flights Canceled 2022

Delta Air Lines Flights Canceled 2023

Delta Air Lines Flights Delayed 2022

Delta Air Lines Flights Delayed 2023

Newark Liberty










New York JFK





Orlando International





Dallas/Fort Worth





Chicago Midway





As you can see, these 6 airports have Delta Air Lines flight delays and cancelations above the company’s average. New York’s LaGuardia is the worst offender for cancelations and for delays, it’s Orlando International Airport. 

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Tips to Avoid Delta Air Lines Canceled Flights

To avoid booking yourself on one of the Delta Air Lines flight numbers that are canceled, here are a few things to try:

  • Try to avoid the airports with the most Delta Air Lines canceled flights, specifically LaGuardia and Newark.
  • Fly early. You’re less likely to encounter a cancelation resulting from previous delays or mechanical issues experienced with your plane before it gets to you.
  • Don’t connect. While it may not be possible when flying internationally, opt for Delta Air Lines long-haul flights rather than connections. 
  • Stay informed. Keep checking the Delta Air Lines canceled flights list and the departures section of your airport to make sure your flight is still on track. Keep your Delta Air Lines flight codes handy - you’ll need them.

List of Delta Air Lines Flight Number Cancelations

Select Delta Air Lines flight that was delayed or cancelled to learn about your passenger rights and what to do when such disruption occurs. Our team at AirAdvisor is happy to help with any compensation or refund claims against Delta Air Lines on No-Win, No-Fee basis. We have been helping passengers since 2017.

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