AirAdvisor Launches New 2023 Airport Ranking - Top 10 Revealed

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AirAdvisor Launches New 2023 Airport Ranking

Introducing the comprehensive AirAdvisor Airport Score! It’s a global ranking of the world’s best airports, and we bet you’re wondering which airport came out on top. The coveted top spot on our list goes to Athens International Airport.

Now, finding out how airports stack up has never been easier! Finally, all the information you need is in one place. Our team spent weeks compiling information on pertinent airports for US and UK-based travelers, and the conclusions we found might surprise you.

Looking at meaningful criteria, such as punctuality of flights from 2022 and 2023 data and overall customer experience based on Google Reviews, passengers get an in-depth view of 23 different air hubs across North America and Europe. Transfer distance and cost, shopping options, and the airport’s Skytrax rating were also taken into consideration.

Just amassing tons of data on each category wasn’t enough; we needed to further refine the data by weighting each criterion. Punctuality (the chances of your flight arriving on time) and overall customer experience were deemed the most important and assigned a 40% weight each. To make up the total score, the remaining weights are transfer cost (8%), shopping experience (5%), transfer distance (4%), and Skytrax rating (3%).

As well as learning which are the best airports in 2023, passengers can also look at the top airports for individual criteria since different things are important to different people. You don’t need to look any further to learn the strengths and weaknesses of these 23 commonly used airports.

Have a read of our AirAdvisor World’s Best Airports in 2023 post to find out who scored the best (and worst). Next time you fly, you’ll know exactly what you’re in for!

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