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Wizz Air Review: Prices, Experience, Baggage Size & Is Wizz Air safe

Wizz Air Review: Prices, Experience, Baggage Size & Is Wizz Air safe
Anca Galateanu
Written By Anca Galateanu
Last Updated: April 22, 2024

This is an honest unbiased review of Wizz Air airline. AirAdvisor is not paid to write this review. AirAdvisor is not affiliated with Wizz Air airline.

The Hungarian budget airline is one of the most popular choices in Europe for passengers looking to purchase cheap flights. But how cheap are tickets, and how good is the Wizz Air experience once you get on board? In this Wizz Air review, we'll give you all the information you need before purchasing a ticket with this low-cost carrier.

Reviews of Wizz Air by Passengers

If you’re asking yourself “is Wizz Air a good airline”, have a look at what other passengers think of the airline. In the image below we’ve compiled Wizz Airlines reviews scores by clients left on several review websites. Check out the Wizzair rating of each and decide for yourself.

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Pros of Flying With Wizz Air:

  • Cheap fares
  • Wide range of destinations
  • Efficient online booking process
  • Loyalty program with exclusive deals and discounts

Tip: watch price escalation when adding bags or other add ons.

Cons of Flying With Wizz Air:

  • No open seating when boarding flights
  • First time flyers travelling on a base fare face additional charges since cabin size bag is not included in base fare (only personal item is covered, aka purse)
  • Sometimes hectic boarding process is observed
  • Limited in-flight amenities and entertainment options
  • Additional fees for checked baggage and changes to flights
  • No loyalty points or rewards are offered to occasional flyers

Wizz Air On Time Performance Compared

top 10 aircraft operators


Wizz Air Booking Tickets on Website

Wizz Air Review - Booking Tickets and Check-in

You currently have multiple ways of purchasing Wizz Air tickets:

  • Wizz Air website
  • Wizz Air app
  • Phone
  • Travel Agency
  • Comparison websites

The cheapest way to purchase the tickets is either through the Wizz Air website or the mobile app. Purchasing them directly from Wizz Air via phone call will add a tax of 15 euros or pounds, depending on where you are calling from.

Buying your tickets from third parties, like travel agencies and flight comparison websites, will also incur extra charges.

Keep in mind that although Wizz Air tickets are cheap, you will have to pay extra if you want to bring a carry on bag, priority boarding, checked luggage or want to select your own seat (if you want a bigger leg room, for example). The prices depend on a flight, but if you are among the Wizz Air frequent travelers, you should definitely sign-up for the Wizz Air Discount Club.

One more thing worth mentioning is that you can also purchase travel insurance directly during the booking process.

Wizz air

Wizz Air Additional Charges

If you've never flown Wizz Air before, here's a list of all the other costs you might incur when booking a ticket.

  • Wizz Priority - ‎€5 – ‎€60 online and through the call center or €30 at the airport
  • Wizz Discount club - €39.99 for a standard membership or €69.99 for group membership
  • Assigned seat - €4.00 – ‎€60.00
  • Wizz Flex - €5.00 – ‎€20.00

Check out all the fees on the airline's website.

Wizz Air Baggage Policy

Wizz Air Check-In

You can check-in yourself online for free, or do it at the airport for a fee.

Online check-in for Wizz Air flights is open 30 days up to 3 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart if you also purchase a seat with your booking. If not, it opens 48 hours before departure. If you do your check-in online you will receive your boarding passes immediately. You can either print them or use the Wizz Air app to show them at the airport.

Wizz Air Baggage Policy

Like all budget airlines, Wizz Air allows you to bring only one bag as a free carry-on. So, it can be either a backpack, purse, etc. (CAREFUL: check backpack dimentions in-advance, as Wizz Air allows really small bag for free). So, if you're a woman with both a purse and a laptop bag, you have a problem. You're only allowed to bring one of those for free.

If you want two carry-on bags, you will need to purchase Wizz Priority.

The bag fees depend on the weight of your checked bag. It's worth noting that by purchasing a Wizz Discount Club membership, you can save some money on checked bags. It's usually 5 euros per bag.

Here are the allowed dimensions for each type of baggage:

  • carry-on bag: 40 x 30 x 20 cm, 10kg max weight (the bag must fit under the seat in front of you)
  • trolley bag: 55 x 40 x 23 cm, 10kg max weight (it must be able to fit in the overhead bins)
  • checked-in bag: 149 x 119 x 171 cm, max weight is 10kg, 20kg, 26kg or 32kg, depending on your purchase (you can check-in up to 6 bags)

The fees for checked-in bags range from 5 euros to 119,5 euros, depending on weight, season, distance, etc.

You can also transport sporting equipment, like skis, golf bags, diving gear, etc. For more information on this, go to Wizz Air's website.

Wizz Air Airport Experience

Your Wizz Air airport experience will depend on where you are flying from. The more flights Wizz air operates from the airport, the busier the check-in and checked baggage counters will be. Remember that you will have to pay extra if you also want do to your Wizz Air check-in at the airport.

The busier airports will also have reserved counters for Wizz Air priority passengers. By taking advantage of this feature, your airport check-in will go much faster. On the downside, you will have to pay extra, but honestly we advice to pay for it and avoid the real headache.

Since Wizz Air is a low-cost carrier, there's no special lounge that you can use while waiting in the airport. So, before you board, you can either wait near the gate or visit one of the airport's restaurants or shops, or just pay to access lounge of your choice.

Wizz Air Boarding

Wizz Air Boarding

The boarding process is pretty straightforward. While full-service airlines split passengers into several boarding groups, based on their location in the plane, Wizz Air, like other low-cost airlines, splits all travelers into 2 groups based on priority status. Boarding will first be available to Wizz Priority customers first.

As soon as you will arrive near the gate, you will probably start seeing a line forming. If you do have Wizz priority boarding, you shouldn't worry about joining it. Those are usually passengers who don't have Wizz air priority boarding, and they usually start queueing as soon as they get to the gate.

Once boarding is opened, a second line will form on the left side. This is reserved for passengers who have priority status. Once you are at the gate, you will have to present both your boarding pass and your passport or ID card to ground staff.

Again, depending on the airport, the plane is either connected to the terminal or not. In case of the latter, you'll either have to walk to the plane or take a shuttle bus.

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Wizz Air Review - Airplane Interior

Almost all Wizz Air planes have fairly simple interiors. Nothing really stands out apart from how crammed together all the rows are.

Wizz Air has notoriously small leg room, although it's a bit bigger than other budget airlines. For extra leg room, buy seats that are either on the first row or on the wings, next to the emergency exits.

Wizz Air Seat Space: Pay Extra to Enjoy Your Flight

Speaking of seats, Wizz Air boasts only leather seats. The downside is that most of the airplanes have rather hard seats, so you start to get numb after 1-2 hours of flight.

If you're taller than 1,75m (or 5ft 9in), you're going to be pretty uncomfortable for the entire flight duration. Your knees will constantly touch the back of the seat in front of you, and if you try to spread your legs left and right, you'll be hitting your neighbors.

If you can afford it, purchase one of the seats with extra legroom. If not, at least go for one of the aisle seats. These allow you to stretch your legs from time to time. This is even more important if your flight is longer than 2 hours.

Wizz Air In-Flight Service

Wizz Air In-Flight Service

Don't expect a free meal on Wizz Air flights because you won't get one. In fact, you shouldn't even expect a free glass of water when you fly Wizz Air.

Anything you want to serve onboard, you will have to pay for. A water bottle costs 3 euros, same as a coffee or a cup of tea. If you want to eat something, snacks start from 2 euros and sandwiches from 5. This is comparable to other airline inflight prices.

Besides these, you can also purchase perfumes, make-up, watches, sunglasses, or even Wizz Air products.

If you do buy something to eat, it's worth mentioning that the tray tables are rather small, so always be careful, or you might end up spilling your drink over your phone while trying to eat some chips.

Compared to many budget airlines, Wizz Air flight attendants are a big plus. Most of the time, they are smiling and eager to help with anything you need. If compared to other more established airlines, Wizz Air flight crews are typially young and friendly.

Wizz Air Flight Disruptions: When to expect and Compensation

Because it is a low-cost airline with over 1100 routes and 153 planes, you can sometimes expect to encounter a flight delay or even cancellation. Their cancelation rate in late 2022 was 6,5%, which is just the European average.

Generally, if your outbound flight is early in the morning, you shouldn't experience any disruptions, but you might expect a delay if your flight is in the afternoon or evening. You might expect that delay of first plane might arrive late causing slide in schedule.

Note: you should know that you are entitled to compensation if your Wizz Air flight is canceled or delayed, according to the EU passenger right law.

Depending on the flight distance, you are entitled to anywhere between 250 and 600 euros for Wizz Air delayed flights or cancelled flights. Additionally, you are also entitled to receive free food and water and even hotel accommodations if an overnight stay is required.

How to make a Wizz Air Complaint

To make a complaint, simply go to Wizz Air's website and fill out their form.

Dealing with Wizz Air to obtain compensation or refund is a challenge. So if you want to avoid a headache, AirAdvisor team can help. We have handled more than 108,000 claims since 2017, majority of which are Wizz Air. You can submit your claim with AirAdvisor risk-free, because we work based on No-Win, No-Fee and will make sure Wizz Air pays your claim. We work with Wizz Air on a daily basis, so we deffinitelly know how to help your Wizz Air claim.

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Wizz Air Customer Service

There are currently a couple of ways to contact the airline's customer service:

  1. Online chat - available 24/7
  2. Call center - available in 10+ languages

Besides these, you also have an extensive FAQ section where you should find all the information you require.

Wizz Air Review - Conclusion

Wizz Air is a fairly good carrier, but like most budget airlines, it has some downsides. Yes, we know about a lot of complaints and negative experiences, but given the volume of Wizz Air business it is expected from a low cost airline.

Even if the tickets are cheap, you will need to purchase extra services to make your flight experience more comfortable. You don't get anything for free on the flight, not even a glass of water, the legroom is rather small, and the seats are uncomfortable.

On the plus side, besides the cheap tickets, the staff is friendly and always ready to help, and the checked-in baggage fees are smaller compared to full-service airlines.

You should know that Wizz Air has better score when it comes to passenger rights claims, if compared with other low cost airlines.

All in all, Wizz Air is a great choice if you can pack light and want to save money when you travel. In such a case, you could probably get to almost any major city in Europe for around 10-20 euros. Otherwise, just plan to pay for some add-ons and check if such price makes sense for you.

However, if you want a comfortable experience and can book your flight months in advance, it might actually be cheaper to go with a full-service airline.

Add-on: Wizz Air App Review

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Wizz Air

About Wizz Air

Wizz Air is a Hungarian low-cost carrier that began operations in the early 2000s. Since its launch, the company has been steadily expanding its presence across Europe by offering competitive fares with unparalleled service. Wizz Air isn’t shy about providing value and expansiveness to their customers; they now offer routes to more than 145 destinations across 43 countries in Europe and the Middle East. 

Wizz Air is certified as a 3-Star low-cost airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes seats, buy onboard food & beverages, cabin cleanliness etc., and service rating is for both cabin staff and ground staff. 

Apart from offering great savings on flights, they have also maintained their commitment to customer satisfaction through various initiatives like a discount program for frequent flyers. Additionally, their aircraft operates at a smaller carbon footprint for environmental consciousness, making them a more attractive pick for the eco-conscious traveler.

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Wizz Air Review : Questions and Answers

Is Wizz Air safe?

Yes, Wizz Air is safe to fly. Wizz Air has no recorded accidents and no fatalities. Wizz Air has been ranked in Top 20 safest low cost airlines. Wizz Air is not on a EU Air Safety Blacklist. Wizz has a fleet of new airplanes, average age of 4.7 years. However, we have identified few recorded flight safety incidents, less than that that of other similar airlines.

Are Wizz Air flights really cheap?

Yes, Wizz Air offers very affordable flights, which makes them a great option for budget-conscious travelers. Additionally, the airline runs regular online sales with even more discounted rates available. Furthermore, flights can be booked months in advance to get the best deals possible.

How uncomfortable is Wizz Air?

If you pick a standard seat, the legroom is rather small. Additionally, the seats are rather hard, so don't expect to have a very comfortable flight. If possible, purchase a seat with extra legroom, especially if your flight time is over 2 hours. Otherwise, ou will feel very stiff

Does Wizz Air give free water?

No, you have to pay for everything you want to serve during a flight, including water. The price of a water bottle is 2 euros.

Can I take a 10kg bag on Wizz Air for free?

You can take only one free bag with you, as long as it fits under your seat and has a max weight of 10 kg. If you want to bring a trolley too, you will need to purchase Wizz Priority.

Why people do not like Wizz Air?

There are a few reasons why some people may not enjoy flying with Wizz Air. Firstly, the airline has been known to have frequent flight delays and cancellations. Additionally, their customer service is not always up to par, leaving passengers feeling frustrated. Finally, the airline has been known to overbook flights, which can cause inconvenience for travelers.

Have Wizz Air ever crashed?

Wizz Air has not had any reported crashes. The airline has a good safety record and is compliant with all safety regulations.

Does Wizz Air fly Boeing or Airbus?

As of early 2023, Wizz Air has a fleet of over 150 ultramodern Airbus A320 family aircraft.

Does Wizz Air cancel flights often?

Yes, Wizz Air has been known to have frequent cancellations. According to an interview given by the Wizz Air CEO in October 2022, Wizz Air cancelled 6,5% of their flights, which is also the European average.

Will Wizz Air automatically refund Cancelled flights?

No. You will have to submit a claim. For a better chance of success, you can submit your claim via Air Advisor. Our team of legal experts will fight for your rights.

Is Wizz Air food free?

No. If you want to eat something during your flight you will have to purchase it. Snack prices start from 2 euros and sandwiches from 5 euros. 

How can I avoid Wizz Air baggage fees?

The easiest way to avoid baggage fees is to only bring one small bag with you. It needs to be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you and weigh less than 10 kg.

Where is the best place to sit on a Wizz Air plane?

The best place to sit on a Wizz Air plane depends on the type of aircraft being used. Generally, the best seats are those near the front of the aircraft as they offer more legroom and an unobstructed view out of the window. If you're looking for extra legroom, choose a seat in exit rows or bulkhead seats. On some planes, the seats by the wings may provide a smoother ride due to their location.

How old are Wizz Air planes?

The Wizz Air fleet is fairly new. The average age of their aircraft is only 5 years.

Does Wizz Air run on time?

Most flights run on time. However, some flights are delayed or even cancelled. In such a case, you could be owed compensation. Our calculator can help you determine how much you are owed by the airline.

How to get a good seat on Wizz Air without paying?

The best way to get a good seat on Wizz Air without paying is to book early. Wizz Air assigns seats starting from the front of the aircraft, so if you book early, you'll have a better chance of getting a good seat. You can also check in online to choose your seat, but be aware that there is a fee for this service.

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