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Have you had your Wizz Air flights cancelled today? What about delayed? We know that travel interruptions are never fun, so we’ve put together a comprehensive Wizz Air cancelled flights list. We also explore how often these disruptions happen, the root causes, and delve into some of the worst airports and routes that result in Wizz Air flight delays or cancellations.

To get started, here is the information on Wizz Air’s reliability from our larger study of the top European airlines:


Total Wizz Air Flights

Wizz Air Cancelled Flights

Wizz Air Delayed Flights

2022 (January 1 to December 31)




2023 (January 1 to September 30)




The Frequency of Wizz Air Flight Cancellations and Delays 

There’s no sugar-coating the fact that Wizz Air’s delay percentages are high. Since our figures don’t include the complete data from 2023, we’ll use a weighted average of both years. Your overall chances of a Wizz Air delayed flight are 32.8%. For cancellations, that number is 2.02%.

In practical terms, that means that 2 out of 100 Wizz Air flights are likely to get cancelled - not the worst odds in the world. But the news is worse for delays: more than 3 out of 10 Wizz Air flights encounter a delay of at least 15 minutes. 

Although 15 minutes may not sound like much, in 2022, Wizz Air had the worst average delay length of airlines in the UK. The number was over 46 minutes, as reported by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

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What Do You Do When Wizz Air Cancels Your Flight?

Have a plan. Try to re-book another flight the same day to be able to continue your travels. If that’s not possible, know that you may be entitled to certain rights for a Wizz Air cancelled flight. The fastest ways to find out are by checking the Wizz Air cancelled flights list at the end of the page or by using our free flight checker. Then, if you think you qualify for the rights afforded to you by EU/UK Regulation 261 (or even if you just want to double-check), start your claim with AirAdvisor today.

Flight Cancellations - The Typical Causes

To help you understand why Wizz Air flights today get cancelled, these are the common reasons:

  • Insufficient Wizz Air staff, including strikes.
  • Inclement weather that affects flying, landing, or takeoff.
  • Strikes by any of the support services, such as baggage handling, ground crew, and mechanics. 
  • Problems with planes. This can be due to poor maintenance, mechanical problems, or even damage.
  • Too few passengers. Airlines may need to cancel flights when they have too many unsold seats.

Wizz Air Hub with the Most Travel Interruptions

Wizz Air flights encounter the most delays at London's Gatwick Airport. While these delays (and some subsequent cancellations) can happen for several reasons, as we mentioned above, at Gatwick, the leading cause for Wizz Air flight delays recently was air traffic control (ATC) issues. It’s safe to say that Gatwick flights won’t generate very many positive Wizz Air reviews.

In fact, if you’re wondering which European airport has the most ATC-related delays overall in 2023, according to the CAA, that’s Gatwick.

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Wizz Air Routes to Avoid

You won’t be shocked to hear that the most delayed Wizz Air routes feature Gatwick Airport heavily, often resulting in complaints to Wizz Air by passengers. From CAA data, here are the “heavy-hitters:”

Wizz Air Flight Origin

Wizz Air Flight Destination

Chances of a Delayed Flight

London Gatwick



London Gatwick



London Gatwick



London Luton

Sham El-Sheikh


London Gatwick



As you can see, these delay percentages are well above the Wizz Air flight weighted average of 32.8%. While you may need to book these routes due to convenience or cost, just factor the high likelihood of delays into your travel plans.

How to Minimize Wizz Air Cancelled Flights

You obviously want to be among the 98% of Wizz Air passengers that don’t experience a cancelled flight. Here are some tips to try and increase the chances your flight takes off as promised:

  • Simply put, avoid Gatwick. While flights in and out of London might be necessary, Wizz Air also flies from London Luton, so that’s likely a better bet.
  • Don’t rely on connections. Opt for direct Wizz Air flights to your destination whenever possible. A missed connection can quickly have a negative ripple effect on your itinerary. 
  • Fly in the morning (and as early as possible). Planes get delayed throughout the day, so if you have a late afternoon or evening flight, chances are good the plane has already picked up a delay or two.
  • Check and re-check. Keep up-to-date on your flight’s status via the airline’s website and departure airport. You can also use your Wizz Air flight number to confirm the disruption in our list of Wizz Air flights cancelled today.

List of Disruptions Sorted by Wizz Air Flight Numbers

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